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Mewtwo is a fictional creature from Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon media franchise. It was created by Dr. Fuji in an attempt to clone Mew.


Mewtwo is the strongest because if Mew created all Pokemon (except Dialga, Palkia, Arceus, Azelf, Uxie, Mesprit and Mewtwo) Arceus didn'NT create mewtwo. Mewtwo was created from science. The battle will be Science vs. Nature. In the game, when arceus and mewtwo fight, Mewtwo wins.
Arceus can't learn every move, so he can't copy mewtwo, and mewtwo was proven the most powerful Pokemon.
Mewtwo is much stronger and Arceus is extremely overrated.
Mewtwo would definitely win. Mewtwo can erase and control the minds of humans and Pokemon. Arceus 17 plates would be useless against him because Arceus's multitype is a SPECIAL ABILITY - Mewtwo can block the special abilities of other Pokemon.

MEWTWO is the ultimate. His psychic(which I believe is his ultimate move)
Can defeat anything and everything so easily. Arceus's chances of winning against him is absolute 0. Not only arceus but each and every pokemon in the whole universe kneels to mewtwo's power. He is UNDEFEATABLE. I have taken out the whole team of my friend just using my mewtwo and his team was: arceus, darkrai, rayquaza, mew, dioxys and giratina.
And I see no reason why charizard is second because he is not a legendary nor a good pokemon. He can't even survive water gun while mewtwo can take loads of bug&dark attacks which otherwise ruins all psychics.

Look at one of the top comments for Arceus. "It created the rest of them. " It didn't create Mewtwo. Mewtwo is genetically, historically, and factually the best. There's no reason for that fact to change based on 2nd gen, 3rd gen, or even 100th generation of Pokemon unless someone genetically engineers a Pokemon for the sole purpose of 1-uping Mewtwo. To put icing on the cake, Arceus (woop-dee-doo) even looks lame and its default appearance is over-compensated in an attempt to represent its godliness. I say, name 10 Pokemon you think are superior to Mewtwo, and I'll tell you 10 different ways Mewtwo could ruin them. His Psychic abilities aren't restricted nearly as much as a normal non-unique Pokemon such as say... Alakazam. Mewtwo can mind control anything effortlessly. He can control weather on a global scale. His telepathy is so strong that he can raise a thousand Tauros off the ground in a blink, and then slam them all down. He can produce his own Master Balls out of thin air and ...more

Mewtwo is the strongest Pokemon period.

He had been since the original series and always will be. Most kids these days don't know anything about original Pokemon. Mewtwo was created from the DNA of Mew the ancestor of Pokemon. He was engineered to be the strongest Pokemon in existence. He was too powerful and escaped and his power continued to grow. He now even has two mega evolutions which in the game gives him the best stats of any Pokemon.

Many kids these days think arceus is the strongest but its not. It isn't a god Pokemon either, that's all myth and from what we've seen it can't hardly do anything it's claimed to from its legends. Where ad with Mewtwo we've seen how incredible his power is from his original two movies. He is a badass and can take on any Pokemon and humans. Arceus is a lame goat thing that had problems dealing with a meteor and can't do much without its plates? If Mewtwo and arceus were to fight Mewtwo would win easily. Arceus is not a god Pokemon ...more

Mewtwo is by far better than arceus. First off, it was known for a long time as the Best Pokemon in the game. Take into consideration all generations, not just current. Psychic type was to gen one as dragon was to gens 2-5. It had the highest stat total in the game for a decent time too. Yes, arceus has a better stay total. However, all of its stats have base 120. While that's pretty good, it's not great. Plenty of competitive and normal Pokemon have a higher base stat than it. You can build it however you want, in a way that fits your team, but in reality, it's not the best at filling that role, as it stats aren't the best. Mewtwo on the other hand, it very strong. It can't sort of fill any role like arceus, but it is the best at what it does. Special attacking sweeper. It can learn a variety of moves that it can utilize better than arceus could. Give it a life orb, then laugh as opponents try to counter it. Overall, both are very strong. Mewtwo wins in my books because it can really ...more

The most powerful hands down! His physic powers are second to none. Mewtwo cannot be defeated bye any other Pokemon. Despite what anyone said that mew is the only one that can go toe to toe with him is wrong. The reason why is that Mewtwo is simply a level above mew. Theirs only two Pokemon that stands a chance against him and their names are Deoxys for being one that smashed Rayquaza in the movie and has the special power to transform to speed, attack, and deference. And Jirachi, yes that's right I said Jirachi, for his wish ability to either make him the powerful or Mewtwo the most weakest of all Pokemon. And it's a steel and physic type to make a vary difficult opponent.

Staying faithful to the first movie, Mewtwo is the absolute strongest pokemon in the world. Sure, arceus is beast. But without all the plates he just doesn't quite do it. Arceus may be incredible in meta game, but level 100 mewtwo with the right move pool can wreck almost anything in 1 shot. Surely that counts for something. Also, he gets Bonus points for being awesome. I mean, he's the only pokemon to actually kill people in a movie, and he does it so damn well. Also, mewtwo goes avatar form and wrecks up better than arceus or any pokemon for that matter could ever do. So he gets my vote. So yeah, Go destroy'em Mew2, you have my vote

Now what should I say the name "Mewtwo" is enough to scare anyone. While they say Arceus this and Arceus that, while I say Arceus is nothing but a pokemon who resembles more like a Sheep than a God.. While Mewtwo is just the synonym of God. If any movie is made in the future where they pit Mewtwo against Arceus then it's a disclaimer to all my fellow Arceus lovers that this God is going down, not even Arceus so called bitches in the form of Dialga, Palkia or Giratina can save himself from the brutal ass kicking of his lifetime :D

THE BEST! Mewtwo is the strongest and the greatest Pokemon ever! Screw arceus, the "creator of Pokemon" would be far surpassed by Mewtwo. First of all. Arceus didn't create Mewtwo. Human did! And Humans usually create things a little better than "the creator" has. And yeah, you'd say "well the creator made us and that's why we can make better things" but come on. What we do make is a lot of the time far dangerous and/or bad. And Arceus didn't create man, no only Pokemon. And who control and use and capture and raise and guide Pokemon. HUMANS! Oh and guess what, Mewtwo relatively MADE Pokemon BY CLONING Pokemon MADE ARCEUS BUT MEWTWO MADE THEM BETTER HAHA Yeah!

I think Mewtwo can beat charizard (i like charizard) because he is the one of the first legendary Pokemon yah he is the first legendary Pokemon actually he is the strongest I think it is a tie with arceus or maybe stronger or weaker well I say tie for all the arceus or Mewtwo fans

In the reality of our world, Mewtwo was the first destructive force, and the best. Any true fan of Pokemon will think back to the movie and just be in awe. Raw power and strength just dripping from this Pokemon let you know who is in charge.

Mewtwo holds the best stats to any other known Pokemon, he can read minds, stop any attack, completely take control over humans, learn many attacks, and in a vendetta: clone every other Pokemon's DNA and make an army. Mewtwo may not be a creator, or a dragon; but Mewtwo not only knows Pokemon and Humans, but he is the only Pokemon created for supreme control. My vote is Mewtwo; simply because he has no glaring weaknesses and because all he would need to do is earn Arceus' favor like in Conquest, and he would have his power.

I last saw Pokemon 10 years ago and and the king or the strongest was Mewtwo and Mew came second however this new Arceus seems to be an attempts to create something higher than a king, I don't buy it and until we see prove Arceus go up against Mewtwo I can't change my mind.

Many people believe Arceus is the strongest Pokemon because is the creator of all Pokemon. But Mewtwo isn't Arceus creation. Mewtwo created by humans to be the strongest among all Pokemon. And I really believe Mewtwo is the strongest.

I think Arceus is stronger but stop arguing about it if you keep on you never heard of opinion before because the truth is there is no strongest Pokemon it's an infinite Rock Paper Scissors which there is a winner but no true winner it all depends on 9 things:
Move set
Move pool
Item holding
Personally I think Arceus is stronger but don't argue with me that Mewtwo is better it's my opinion and your opinion is Mewtwo is better it irritates me that Arceus isn't appreciated as the strongest but it's your opinion so stop arguing and saying your right cause you are not and I am not we all have different opinions and Mewtwo would have died from the meteor it's the size of a world

I think mewtwo is the best for beating different types of pokemon, as he can learn almost every move. plus, he has a pretty darn huge sp. atk stat. if that doesn't make the strongest pokemon of all time I don't know what does.

Why the hell is charizard even on this list. Here's how it works. There is much more then just looking cool to your nostalgic/10 year old eyes to be powerful. It has to actually be good. And this is where overpowered legendary Pokemon come into play. THEY ARE MUCH BETTER!

Mewtwo is the strongest Pokemon in the ENTIRE Pokemon universe! It is about or maybe stronger then the orginal mew! Mewtwo was suppose to be the strongest Pokemon in the world! And lets face it arceus is only first cause it is one of the newest Pokemon and properly the only Pokemon you know! Mewtwo FOREVER!

He is awesome in the movie the said he was the strongest pokemon living. He has awesome stats. When you have him as your pokemon he can take almost everything down. Sure he kind off destroyed everything in the movie. But a few years later he comes back as the good guy. Also look at him he looks like he can beat up anything. I'm very glad he's near the top off the list. :D :D :D :D

Mewtwo is evil he was the strongest Pokemon created. Arceus was just a bad attempt of nintendo to top mewtwo but the failed. Mewtwo is made by gene splicing of mew genes and even has some human genes mixed in. Essentially he is a human-Pokemon hybrid and his psychic powers are scary. He can make your head explode and your mind will be sent to eternal damnation (he can create your own hell realm for you poor soul)

To be honest really there are Pokemon capable of standing up to Mewtwo (other than mew and arceus) I'll give you two: Deoxys and Darkrai. If you think about it Deoxys with his many forms can handle most situations while with Darkrai: not to mention that dark type is strong against psychic, can use dark void. If the trainer has other Pokemon. you can try using mean look. Then use dark pulse

Mewtwo can mega evolve. He was created to take over the world, and have enough power to destroy it if he ever wished to. How many movies has Arceus been in, and how many has Mewtwo been in? That's what I thought. Vote Mewtwo. DID I MENTION THOSE DAMN JapanESE TRIED TO KEEP ARCEUS EXCLUSIVE TO JapanESE PLAYERS?!? STILL LIKE ARCEUS?!?!? Mewtwo isn't racist because he hates all people the same. Arceus only likes Asians. - VanguardSoul

Mewtwo is without a single doubt in my mind the strongest. All these new Pokemon are nothing. If I do recall arceus was put down twice in the movies. One by man, second by Pokemon. While in the the Mewtwo movies the worst anyone ever did to him is temporarily disable him. Mew was said to be the God Pokemon in the first place! So a copy of him, designed to be stronger AND no moral caring for life? Easy number one. In the first 5 minutes of the first movie Mewtwo slaughtered his creators with ease. #AllHailMewtwo

We all know that Mewtwo is the strongest Pokemon in the world. See his movie.. He appears in 3 or 4 movies but he never defeated in any movie... Only 2 Pokemon stand up against Mewtwo ( mew, arceus ) and this is hard to say that who will win... Mewtwo also can mega evolve in 2 types. his design like a mixture of human and Pokemon. Mewtwo is the strongest Pokemon in the world...

Mewtwo is the strongest because if its ability its half trainer and half Pokemon and only Pokemon to have a army of its own... (clones he created, he can create clones of any Pokemon and all of them are stronger than the Pokemon them self... ) so challenge Mewtwo and you will find you fighting a stronger urself