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301 Porygon-Z Porygon-Z

Hello, people, this boss can sweep and deal 70% more damage to almost all dragon Pokemon and legends? Even thought it dies after sweeping a few Pokemon, it still is OP.

302 Popplio Popplio

I fee like it will end up with and amazing evolution and be really strong. And as an added bonus it's super cute!

Probably... I feel like it's going to be the strongest

It is the cutest.

Lol it beat litten and rowlet

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303 Rowlet Rowlet V 3 Comments
304 Liepard Liepard

Lots of people think that Liepard is just another weak cat Pokemon but like Colress I disagree, its actually really strong if you give it a chance. While its defense is low its still really amazing. The Liepard that I have is actually really strong and has a great move set consisting of Dark pulse, Hone Claws, Toxic and Giga Impact while also holding the dread plate. Liepard is my favourite Pokemon and I hope that someday it gets a mega evolution, it deserves more love than the hate it gets.

Great Pokemon really strong

Sweep ender:
1.get HA liepard (prankster)
2.teach it thunder wave
3.foul play
4.focus sash
You're welcome

305 Tropius Tropius

Should Be Way Higher Up On The List, It Kicks Butt!

4x weakness to ice, lower defenses, and underwelming attack and speed. Really

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306 Clefable Clefable

Even better than clefairy and can use METRONOME! the best move

Metranome shouldn't be why it would be so high up. It's unaware and magic gaurd.

Clefable can learn meteor mash, moonblast and also,yeah

Togekiss, golduck gyrsdos alakazam where are they? they are too super.I am not commenting about clefeble but where are those Pokemons and how can any body tell clefeble should be ranked 11 it can also be more powerful or the worst.

307 Cradily Cradily


308 Crawdaunt Crawdaunt


309 Furfrou Furfrou

Furfrou is totally worthless except for its DUMB hair which looks even more like throw-up

Never heard of fur coat? Doubles defenses. This puts furfrou's defense at about 140 base. Yeah, it's bad.

Furfrou sucks charizard is number 1

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310 Mega Diancie V 2 Comments
311 Toucannon Toucannon
312 Dhelmise Dhelmise Dhelmise is a Dual Type Ghost/Grass Pokèmon introduced in Generation VII. It not know to evolve into or from any other Pokemon.

Dhelmise has stab from anchor shot and his attacks are very powerful when he can lay then down. His huge attack compliments his defenses nicely and his moveset is varied, so as well as being my second favourite of all time, I think he is one of the strongest too.

I don't know he's rare - IHateOnions

313 Maractus Maractus


314 Azelf Azelf

It's a great pokemon

315 Bronzong Bronzong

Bronzong is alright, For fairy types at least...

316 Lickitung Lickitung

Cutest Pokemon they ever made or ever will make. It's impossible to hate.

No it is known to be the 2nd ugliest Pokemon but ugliest Pokemon is its evolved form Lickilicky

i hate it

317 Togetic Togetic

Creepy winged dude sweeps like a boss!


Tog épée is cute

318 Chatot Chatot

It's hyper voice is really strong. If you are depending on defense, then use mirror move. This little parrot may be small, but it may be stronger than you think it it!

I heard Chatter makes you record your voice then play it in battle. I'd say "Curse you Trainer, you're too powerful! "

319 Marowak Marowak

It's so obvious where Marowak's name came from. Marrow is the stuff inside a bone, and wak is WHACK.

320 Cranidos
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