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321 Toucannon Toucannon
322 Dhelmise Dhelmise

Dhelmise has stab from anchor shot and his attacks are very powerful when he can lay then down. His huge attack compliments his defenses nicely and his moveset is varied, so as well as being my second favourite of all time, I think he is one of the strongest too.

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323 Chatot

It's hyper voice is really strong. If you are depending on defense, then use mirror move. This little parrot may be small, but it may be stronger than you think it it!

I heard Chatter makes you record your voice then play it in battle. I'd say "Curse you Trainer, you're too powerful! "

324 Marowak

It's so obvious where Marowak's name came from. Marrow is the stuff inside a bone, and wak is WHACK.

325 Cranidos
326 Golurk

Golurk is better then Garchomp. Because it can learn Drain Punch that can heal. It has Rock Polish so now it outspeeds Dynamic Punch and Shadow Punch with No Guard this Pokemon is unbelievable it is so brilliant and take one minute and look at its shiny YOU WILL LOVE IT EVEN MORE!

Extremely strong and can learn Heavy Slam which is helped by it's weight

Think about this one second... Earthquake, ice beam... That's it... Eat defeat.

Best Pokemon ever

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327 Jigglypuff Jigglypuff Jigglypuff, known in Japan as Purin, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

It only has to sing and its game over dude! You don't know what its doing while ya sleep laugh out loud...

Jigglypuff is so cute and very amazing.. Love it...

Were not talking cutness for the coment below wer talking about STRENGTH

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328 Darmanitan
329 Raticate V 2 Comments
330 Machoke

Come On! He's strong! You could see his blood vessels!

331 Hitmonlee
332 Miltank Miltank V 2 Comments
333 Zorua Zorua

It's ability is illusion so it can transform into stuff. So cool

This guy above me is stupid he spelled cool wrong

Its only flaw is that they can't learn transform - Goatworlds

So cute I even have a card

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334 Geodude Geodude

Magnatite can destroy any ground Pokemon and with rollout you don't have to do a thing!
Very strong defense and completely crushes lighting Pokemon!
Doesn't even need to be evolved into some weird looking graveler to be a beast.
Not saying its 1 material, but it should be top 10 or 20. A good Pokemon for anyone and everyone!

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335 Leavanny
336 Wingull Wingull V 1 Comment
337 Monferno

Really cool look. Very cute. The best starter pokemon. Very strong. Even stronger than Electivire. That settles it, Monferno should be between 2 and 5.

338 Volcarona

It's a bug on FIAAHH! Who doesn't like that? It's a great addition to my team!

It is low because everything is drawed at 0% DOES ANYONE LOOK FOR GOODNESS SAKE

Damn you guys, how the HELL is Volcarona this low?

He has the signature move, Fiery Dance, and with Quiver Dance?

It's the strongest Pokemon EVAH

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339 Jynx Jynx

Its great, but its also Miley Cyrus

It's so cool it can do double smack

Jynx is a Psychic and Ice type which makes it have quite a few weaknesses, however due to its great sp attack and passable speed it can actually be a really good sweeper! I always use Jynx in gen 2 and name her Jynxalicious because she blows kisses that puts them boys on rock, rock and they be lining down the block just to watch what Jynx has got! it's about time girlfriend stops making this Pokemon so damn rare in every game! I demand a Pokemon game with Smoochum as a starter

340 Electrode


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