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341 Kingler Kingler

Kingler has a Guillotine move, its can kill any Pokemon, include legend Pokemon just one move. That's why kingler is one of the best Pokemon ever.

342 Clefairy Clefairy


343 Sandshrew Sandshrew

Best Pokemon in the world! AWESOME!

344 Jynx Jynx

Why do people hate Jynx so much? I know she had a negative past, but it's fixed now. - AnonymousMann

Its great, but its also Miley Cyrus

It's so cool it can do double smack

Jynx is a Psychic and Ice type which makes it have quite a few weaknesses, however due to its great sp attack and passable speed it can actually be a really good sweeper! I always use Jynx in gen 2 and name her Jynxalicious because she blows kisses that puts them boys on rock, rock and they be lining down the block just to watch what Jynx has got! it's about time girlfriend stops making this Pokemon so damn rare in every game! I demand a Pokemon game with Smoochum as a starter

345 Electrode Electrode

Explosion and self-destruct is very strong. with the power of 450.


Electrode has one of the best SPD stats in all of the Pokemon games. 211 Base-Maxed? Geez, this thing is fast.

346 Leafeon Leafeon

Totally cute and powerful!

347 Swalot Swalot

In the anime Swalot is shown to be able to eat very things very large with it's mouth. It is could probably eat any other pokemon and that is better than battling.

348 Growlithe Growlithe

Too cute, I was reluctant for him to evolve, just love Growlithe

My favorite Pokemon of all time, growlithe is way better than arcanine

Because it sucks? Really, arcanine isn't evem that good. Yeah, it has utility with intimidate, but attacking wise... Yeah not so much

I loveé Growlithe his flamethrower is fantatic

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349 Castform Castform

He can change elements- I mean types- AND you get him a level 25!

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350 Uxie Uxie
351 Mega Mawile

Should be in top 10. OP.

Awesome looking

Just a powerful show Pokemon

Mawile is the best pokemon in the intire world it has the highest base attack besides legendarys and sudo legendarys times the 3 times using sowrd dance in its mega form that is a lot of power

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352 Tauros Tauros
353 Mega Magikarp

It's like the best magikarp ever

No such thing as mega magikarp

There's probably no such thing

Is there such thing 😑

354 Mega Alakazam V 1 Comment
355 Thundurus Thundurus

Powerful and irresistible lightning attacks

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356 Mareep Mareep
357 Pyroar

Pyroar is so strong with choice specs, you can use her with STAB Hyper Voice, and when you do, you don't even need to hit grass types with dem fire type moves, cause they just die anyway. WATER TYPES? You outspend and kill. And on ground, rock, and steel types, well, most are physically defensive, not specially, so there is still a good chance of OHKOing it. Let's face it, good speed and special attack is just too much now.

Okay, so when you first start the game Pokemon X/Y and you travel down some of the first few routes, you normally see a cute little Litleo. You may be thinking that this Pokemon isn't very tough, but when your Litleo evolves into Pyroar, you'll know which Pokemon is your best one!

Your Pyroar can learn many great moves that can instantly kill your opponents! Plus, your Pyroar will always stay fabulous, even during battles.

Having a Pyroar on your team won't just make your team incredibly strong, but your other opponents will pass-out over the sight of your monstrous Pokemon. Also, petting your Pyroar is cool, mainly because you can't pet a real flaming lion. Or even just a simple lion.

In fact, I have an amazing Pyroar on my team called Maya. She is by far my strongest and most beautiful Pokemon!

358 Larvesta V 1 Comment
359 Carracosta

I've beaten the top 10 with this guy
His balanced stats and great ability and movepool

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360 Litten Litten

He is quite cute and I love Panthers and cats

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