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361 Armaldo Armaldo

I love this Pokemon! He is the best! Also I love its type!

Armaldo is a physical attacking BEAST!

362 Seismitoad Seismitoad

Kick him out

363 Marshadow Marshadow Marshadow is a Fighting/Ghost-type Mythical Pokémon introduced in Generation VII. It is not known to evolve into or from any other Pokémon.

How could you do that! Should be in top ten. Whoever done that must be stoopid

My favorite Pokemon, ubers, cute, is a marshmallow, fighting and ghost=best type combination

364 Mesprit Mesprit
365 Cranidos
366 Raticate Raticate

He's just the best

The Pokemon is very cute

367 Machoke Machoke

Come On! He's strong! You could see his blood vessels!

368 Hitmonlee Hitmonlee
369 Miltank Miltank

Smack e'm good... Ham e'm good.

Miltank should be number because she can regain power by sucking her own pink chichis laugh out loud

370 Leavanny Leavanny
371 Wingull Wingull


Wingull is bae I got shiny wingull. #inSun #WingullisBest #OneSweapChampian

372 Volcarona Volcarona

It's a bug on FIAAHH! Who doesn't like that? It's a great addition to my team!

It is low because everything is drawed at 0% DOES ANYONE LOOK FOR GOODNESS SAKE

Damn you guys, how the HELL is Volcarona this low?

He has the signature move, Fiery Dance, and with Quiver Dance?

It's the strongest Pokemon EVAH

What the hell volcorana is a legendary and he's super strong he's a bug on FIAH how is that not cool

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373 Munchlax Munchlax

Sitting and eating there LIKE A BOSS!

Munchlax and Snorlax rock!

374 Cofagrigus
375 Unfezant Unfezant

Ash used it. It got poisoned and it still fought. And won!

I have a better than normal of it that can do 120 damage

I have unfezant in my team. Kinda good.

376 Ludicolo Ludicolo

It has very good typing it is water and grass

This thing is so stupid and very weak shouldn't be on the list

377 Drowzee Drowzee

Only here because it can send things to sleep and stuff. Drowzees may have low attack level, but a Drowzee and a Charizard combined will OWN you!

You mean hypno? And charizard can be beat SO easily, and drowzee sucks because he hasn't evolved, even with eviolite

According to my brother Drowzees are so good

No it won't

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378 Ryperior

How is this so low; rock wrecker can make kids cry

379 Crustle V 2 Comments
380 Koffing Koffing

What a weird name!

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