Top 10 Strongest Pokemon

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381 Kangaskhan Kangaskhan

Mega kangaskhan OP

so cool

382 Froakie Froakie

He my favourite pokemon, he is so cute

In Pokemon Y I get a 1 hit kill with his water atack


383 Golem

Golem is one of the heaviest Pokemon ever. It also has a powerful rock wrecker move

It should be in top 75

384 Minun Minun

Very cute and negative.


385 Flabebe V 1 Comment
386 Reuniclus

Better than the last 25

387 Basculin Basculin
388 Mega Latias

Why is it number 201! It is a mega! It looks so cool and it is a lendary! It is super strong!

V 2 Comments
389 Mega Aggron

Base 140 Attack and base 230 Defense. It's not something to laugh at.

390 Mega Luxray

When this comes out, it will be banned from Uber. Mega Luxray for the win!

The first comment is right

It's my favourite pokemon

391 Lavasaurus V 1 Comment
392 Lombre Lombre

LAWLUP! And who didn't love Brook's Lombre! With Water Grass Fire can't hurt him/her!

393 Manectric Manectric

Best pokemon ever - benfarley01

Manetric is awesome he should not be 371!

Most Amazing electric Pokemon
should be top 75

394 Nosepass Nosepass

If you use him right, he is absurdly powerful. shouldn't exist

Nosepass! bla

395 Dustox Dustox
396 Prinplup Prinplup

He look like a beast

He is pretty decent. I have beaten a zeckrom EX with it

Dang dude

397 Mega Sableye

It has no weakness,it is very defensive,it knows different moves that smashes all other Pokemons

V 2 Comments
398 Graveler Graveler

You get to fight with a turd if shiny.

399 Slowking Slowking


400 Shinx Shinx

To op for words killed my mega pidgeot in one hit

Shinx is a super cute Pokemon.

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