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401 Toxicroak Toxicroak

He is well better than arceus

402 Pangoro Pangoro

PANCHAM IS THE BEST, but 4 some weird reason he is not on this list. So that's why I voted for Pangoro.

mega poy

403 Zangoose Zangoose V 1 Comment
404 Mega Venusaur


405 Mega Gallade Mega Gallade
406 Kommo-o Kommo-o

240 damage cool

407 Mega Altaria Mega Altaria
408 Mega Glalie

I have this pokemon

409 Mega Lopunny
410 Dewgong Dewgong
411 Togedemaru Togedemaru

Even though it looks weak, 510 is a joke. With a speed stat of over 200, that's pretty fast.

412 Lycanroc Lycanroc

Midday form is better

413 Oranguru Oranguru

He's good

414 Shadow Mewtwo
415 Togekiss Togekiss

I go into Ecruteak Gym. I start with Gengar, he uses a move or two then faints. Send out Togetic. Beats everything with Extrasensory. Even its pre evolution is gr8, Togekiss is my flying type in Soulsilver.

Togekiss with the right moves and modest nature can destroy in wifi or anywhere else

Togekiss is so elegant and pretty! Plus with a heart scale it can remember aura sphere and extremespeed how awesome is that?


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416 Crobat Crobat

My go to for a fast poison strategy. In white I hooked him up with toxic, venoshock, confuse ray, and double team. Step 1-Confuse. Step 2-Badly Poison. Step 3-Increase evasiveness while the poison does it's job and confusion keeps the opponent from attacking. Step 4-Knock em out with venoshock after the evasiveness is maxed out. Set for the rest of the battle as long as your not facing poison or steel (But there are 5 more spots in your party for those two types). 60 percent of the time, it works every time. - mikeford

Are you people seriously comparing this awesome beast to a dunsparce right now? This thing is the best it learns a variety of moves all types flying poison Pschic and even bug (I think) and it has very few weaknesses I used one on my team it is useless as sub at but boy when it gets to this thing it becomes beast. Fun fact mine evolved into Cro-bat the level after it evolved in golbat that's how friendly this Pokemon is also I personally think poison types are really cool and great for your fly Pokemon hope this changes your mind on crobat

I go nowhere without this pimp in my party. Rediculous speed and a decently high attack plus all the status effects he can pump out make him a really strong contender. #1 for me

A base of 120 dang

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417 Aerodactyl Aerodactyl

Best fossil Pokemon ever, it looks awesome and it's attacks are awesome

It is named after the dinosaur Pterodactyl.

It's the strongest dragon type ever

It's quite fast~ - Teravolt1422

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418 Staraptor Staraptor

Brave Bird and Close Combat with Fly and Roost it is nearly invincible, come on people!

Brave Bird, Close Combat, Fly, and Quick attack. It's OP It's a great sweeper with quick attack to take out anyone who survives white barely any HP left after Brave Bird.

All these scrubs thinking fly and quick attack is a good moveset. U turn roost double edge and brave bird with reckless

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419 Chikorita Chikorita

I think this a joke but I'm gonna give this Pokemon props

Its my favourite for sure!

Maybe not the strongest but it is my favorite... -_- don't judge


420 Dunsparce

Vote for this or I'll Sparce you! You can't beat this raging energy land snake. With good HP, and a wide array of moves to use, you have to be a skilled pro to battle with him, but his ability lets him annihilate all others. He isn't easy to find, but when you find him your problems with battling are over. He has many Tm possibles, HGSS move Tutors, and egg moves. Without relying on pure power, you can kill everyone else raising this pokemon properly. Serene Grace is THE BEST ability ever. He has better defense than BGlissey and avoids all the weaknesses of Togekiss. Jirachi, Meloetta, and Shaymin are ledgendary, so he is your best Serene Grace option. Raised right, a team of six I have has NEVER lost a battle to anyone. Take that, Hitmonster(trainer with Hitmonlees, Hitmonchans, and Hitmontops), Burnie(Charizard, Reshiram, Salamance, Camerupt, Moltres, and Volcarona), Rockconcert(Exploud, Rhyperior, Terrakion, Bastiondon, Mr. Mime, and Tyranitar) Souleater (Chandelure, Froslass, ...more

Sad part is I've actually been killed by this Pokemon before

It will annihilate Arceus and will take over the universe! - sri007venkat


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