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421 Palpitoad Palpitoad

Ashes palpi toad is underrated

422 Diggersby Diggersby

This monster has huge power as it's hidden ability. Attach a choice band to it and it has a higher attack stat than a Mega Mawile could have. Just give it a move that can hit any type and you'll have an unstoppable rabbit

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423 Meowstic Meowstic

Such Godcat
Much Psychic
Wow Meowstic
So cute/cool

The Creator
The Destroyer

Meowstic is my favorite Pokemon!

Best Pokemon That Ever Existed, Other Then Noivern...


424 Roggenrola Roggenrola V 1 Comment
425 Woobat V 2 Comments
426 Scraggy Scraggy

Wonderful feet

427 Beartic Beartic

He is a really strong ice bear he really should be high

428 Skuntank Skuntank

He is so cool he's my favorite Pokemon I love him so much he is in Pokemon amie

429 Togepi Togepi Togepi (トゲピー, Togepy) is an 2nd generation Pokemon from the franchise of the same name created by Satoshi Tajiri, Togepi is an cute Fairy type Pokemon (originally Normal type prior to Generation VI) that can use an special move called Metronome which can cause different effects, despite common more.

Togepi is not better than togekiss (if he's on this list)

My TOGEPI hellped me get all the. Badges and beat the eleat four with his psychic powers

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430 Steelix Steelix

He is rook type and very strong Pokemon

The most powerful steel and rock Pokemon

He does 100 damage I have him


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431 Trubbish

Trubbish is acute Pokemon in the world and powerful Pokemon in the worls

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432 Dugtrio Dugtrio

It is so strong. even electro's explosion does not affect.

Yes it does...

433 Cacnea

Stop this to evolve then poof you got an awesome attacks

434 Deino V 2 Comments
435 Lairon

No it can't look at it's attack compared to their defenses. Good luck.

Has amazing attacks. Can beat zekrom and ariceus with on amazing move

436 Slugma Slugma

Slugmas pokedex says he's HOTTER THAN THE SUN and he's all so rock and fire I know that means slugma is terrible on water Pokemon. But he's HOTTER THAN THE SUN!


437 Litwick Litwick

Id say best ghost Pokemon but if I'm wrong its because I don't know Pokemon that well

So cute and fancy!

438 Wynaut Wynaut

Hey blabber mouth under me be quite and you spelled because wrong genius

You spelled quiet wrong genius

He can block all attacks and is hard to catch becase he's only found in safari zone

Whynant is in the 300s?
Why is'nt he top 20

Why not?!

439 Klinklang Klinklang

My best Pokemon 150 hp

Meh he's alright

440 Donphan Donphan

Awesome Pokemon

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