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421 Mega Latias

Why is it number 201! It is a mega! It looks so cool and it is a lendary! It is super strong!

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422 Linoone Linoone


423 Abra Abra V 1 Comment
424 Mega Aggron

Base 140 Attack and base 230 Defense. It's not something to laugh at.

425 Omanyte
426 Mega Luxray

When this comes out, it will be banned from Uber. Mega Luxray for the win!

The first comment is right

427 Lavasaurus V 1 Comment
428 Sableye Sableye
429 Lombre Lombre

LAWLUP! And who didn't love Brook's Lombre! With Water Grass Fire can't hurt him/her!

430 Manectric Manectric

Manetric is awesome he should not be 371!

Most Amazing electric Pokemon
should be top 75

431 Magneton Magneton
432 Nosepass Nosepass

If you use him right, he is absurdly powerful. shouldn't exist

Nosepass! bla

433 Arbok Arbok

Why is the arbok yellow?

Its gold an rare

Stop taunting mw with these shiny pics lol. I don't want to hunt right now


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434 Ursaring Ursaring

Yogi bear,is that you?

435 Venomoth Venomoth
436 Pineco
437 Musharna Musharna

What you haven't got Musharna in your list. Are you guys kidding Musharna is an awesome Drowsing Pokemon which evolves from Munna. In an episode it had made the Pokemons of an entire town asleep So get him added in your list.

438 Dustox Dustox
439 Shiftry Shiftry
440 Mega Heracross

So strong he kills his self

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