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421 Togekiss Togekiss

I go into Ecruteak Gym. I start with Gengar, he uses a move or two then faints. Send out Togetic. Beats everything with Extrasensory. Even its pre evolution is gr8, Togekiss is my flying type in Soulsilver.

Togekiss with the right moves and modest nature can destroy in wifi or anywhere else

Togekiss is so elegant and pretty! Plus with a heart scale it can remember aura sphere and extremespeed how awesome is that?


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422 Crobat Crobat

My go to for a fast poison strategy. In white I hooked him up with toxic, venoshock, confuse ray, and double team. Step 1-Confuse. Step 2-Badly Poison. Step 3-Increase evasiveness while the poison does it's job and confusion keeps the opponent from attacking. Step 4-Knock em out with venoshock after the evasiveness is maxed out. Set for the rest of the battle as long as your not facing poison or steel (But there are 5 more spots in your party for those two types). 60 percent of the time, it works every time. - mikeford

Are you people seriously comparing this awesome beast to a dunsparce right now? This thing is the best it learns a variety of moves all types flying poison Pschic and even bug (I think) and it has very few weaknesses I used one on my team it is useless as sub at but boy when it gets to this thing it becomes beast. Fun fact mine evolved into Cro-bat the level after it evolved in golbat that's how friendly this Pokemon is also I personally think poison types are really cool and great for your fly Pokemon hope this changes your mind on crobat

I go nowhere without this pimp in my party. Rediculous speed and a decently high attack plus all the status effects he can pump out make him a really strong contender. #1 for me

A base of 120 dang

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423 Aerodactyl Aerodactyl

Best fossil Pokemon ever, it looks awesome and it's attacks are awesome

It is named after the dinosaur Pterodactyl.

It's the strongest dragon type ever

It's quite fast~ - Teravolt1422

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424 Staraptor Staraptor

Brave Bird and Close Combat with Fly and Roost it is nearly invincible, come on people!

Brave Bird, Close Combat, Fly, and Quick attack. It's OP It's a great sweeper with quick attack to take out anyone who survives white barely any HP left after Brave Bird.

All these scrubs thinking fly and quick attack is a good moveset. U turn roost double edge and brave bird with reckless

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425 Chikorita Chikorita

I think this a joke but I'm gonna give this Pokemon props

Its my favourite for sure!

Maybe not the strongest but it is my favorite... -_- don't judge


426 Dunsparce

Vote for this or I'll Sparce you! You can't beat this raging energy land snake. With good HP, and a wide array of moves to use, you have to be a skilled pro to battle with him, but his ability lets him annihilate all others. He isn't easy to find, but when you find him your problems with battling are over. He has many Tm possibles, HGSS move Tutors, and egg moves. Without relying on pure power, you can kill everyone else raising this pokemon properly. Serene Grace is THE BEST ability ever. He has better defense than BGlissey and avoids all the weaknesses of Togekiss. Jirachi, Meloetta, and Shaymin are ledgendary, so he is your best Serene Grace option. Raised right, a team of six I have has NEVER lost a battle to anyone. Take that, Hitmonster(trainer with Hitmonlees, Hitmonchans, and Hitmontops), Burnie(Charizard, Reshiram, Salamance, Camerupt, Moltres, and Volcarona), Rockconcert(Exploud, Rhyperior, Terrakion, Bastiondon, Mr. Mime, and Tyranitar) Souleater (Chandelure, Froslass, ...more

Sad part is I've actually been killed by this Pokemon before

It will annihilate Arceus and will take over the universe! - sri007venkat


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427 Shaymin Shaymin

Shaymin is like a super strong grass type Pokemon. Seed Flare kills it's so magnificent too! With good training and a great trainer. It can defeat any Pokemon! It's weakness is ice and fire. Flying and bug types too.

Cute and a awesome Pokemon... Just like me... I love shaymin... The smallest legendary

I love Shaymin! Such a cute Pokemon, and Seed Flare is every Pokemon's worst nightmare. It gives Celebii a run for its money. I had to hack to get mine, but only because I loved it so much. I ruined my Diamond version, but so worth the hacking. Shaymin is the best!

Double forms and the ability to fly as well as an advantage due to its size...i can say that shaymin gets a spot on this list

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428 Chatot Chatot

It's hyper voice is really strong. If you are depending on defense, then use mirror move. This little parrot may be small, but it may be stronger than you think it it!

I heard Chatter makes you record your voice then play it in battle. I'd say "Curse you Trainer, you're too powerful! "

429 Meganium Meganium

Meganium was my first Pokemon (well it evolved from a chikorita) and it can easily KO a Crobat in one hit! Frenzy plant rules!

Most underrated Grass starter

Chikorita is upper than Meganium how?

Worst the absolute worst

430 Aipom Aipom
431 Breloom Breloom

Breloom is one of the only 2 Grass-fighting Pokemon and is also very strong and fast. It's like he's there and then he's not. And his was the first grass-fighting Pokemon. He should be at least in the top 10.

Top 3 Pokemon in ALL regions with CHARIZARD and INFERNAPE

Breloom should be higher, it gets spore, the best sleep move of all time, it's speed could use work but sticky web fixes that, it has a base of 130 attack and technitian, it gets Mach punch for going first, bullet seed for power, rock tomb for it's weakness and power-up-punch for extra attack, its not the best but is should be way higher, there is no other good sporer and in shiny it looks epic

Ability: Techinician. Item: Focus sash. Spore-> Sword dance-> Mach punch or Bullet seed = WIN!

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432 Golurk Golurk

Golurk is better then Garchomp. Because it can learn Drain Punch that can heal. It has Rock Polish so now it outspeeds Dynamic Punch and Shadow Punch with No Guard this Pokemon is unbelievable it is so brilliant and take one minute and look at its shiny YOU WILL LOVE IT EVEN MORE!

Extremely strong and can learn Heavy Slam which is helped by it's weight

Think about this one second... Earthquake, ice beam... That's it... Eat defeat.

Best Pokemon ever

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433 Caterpie Caterpie

Too overpowered. I see this Pokemon too much while competitive battling. It total stats are more than 900. Sure to be in number 1.

Caterpie can take down arceus anytime

Caterpie is like the best, I had 1 in pokemon yellow (gen 1 best gen) and I got him to level 100 and beat mew2.

Too awesome

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434 Jigglypuff Jigglypuff Jigglypuff, known in Japan as Purin, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

It only has to sing and its game over dude! You don't know what its doing while ya sleep laugh out loud...

It draws on people's faces when they are asleep and the ink is going to poison them and kill them

Jigglypuff is so cute and very amazing.. Love it...


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435 Darmanitan Darmanitan
436 Piplup Piplup Piplup is a starter Pokémon in the Sinnoh region. It is the Water-type Starter. It looks like a penguin.

On pokepark 2 I could not defeat piplup for 3 try's! I think he is strong.

Piplup is strong but oshawott is stronger

Piplup is faster and stronger

Piplup best Pokémon ever. Better than charizard - Crabmccrab

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437 Absol Absol Absol is a fictional creature in the Pokémon franchise. It was first introduced in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire.

He helps humans no matter what he warns us about danger wether we listen to not he should be number one

I agree if my absol makes it you can read my story on here

I can't believe you people

You people are STUPID.

Absol is an (absol)ute beast [haha, see what I did there? ] and my absol kills everyone with bite and its only like level 17

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438 Rotom Rotom

You have the best moves and turn into the best shapes

Rotom is are great Pokémon they can change into 5 other forms and they can learn amazing moves.

Awesome Pokémon. Awesome forms.

Kid:Hey rotom can u turn into a roller coaster
Rotom: sure
Kid: WHE

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439 Pichu Pichu Pichu is an Electric type Baby Pokémon introduced in Gen. 2. It evolves into Pikachu. It is in the in undiscovered egg group, since it's a baby Pokémon. It is No. 172 in the Pokedex. It can be called a joke character in Super Smash Bros. Melee, because of its awful stats and weak moves.

Don't get me started on Smash Pichu. Pichu in smash had the ability send the power of all Hell and Satan only by moving it's tail. Also when it squeaks somewhere in this universe and cosmos, galaxies falls apart and withers away. - WarriorCatsHater

I like him because he can learn volt tackle when he hatches. He can evolve to pikachu and then raichu. Reason why no vote for pikachu because it is better to have a hatched Pichu than having a not so much move Pikachu. Yay for Pichu!

Poor Pichu... he's nowhere near the best, but I think he should be between one hundred and two hundred because he is cute, evolves into a decent Pokémon, Pikachu, and then Raichu. - SapphireShiverpool

Smash for the win - 1234567890qwe

Should be #1

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440 Skitty Skitty

It is the 1st high jumper

It is the fastest Pokemon in level 50

Um your kinda wrong by like you know 350 Pokemon

Skitty is the most cutest Pokemon ever

Skitty isn't all bad. In Alpha Sapphire, all you need to do is make it friendly, make sure it has decent IVs, and equip or with the moves:
Sing(Lulls enemies to sleep)
Return(friendship powered)
Disarming Voice(Kill the dark dragons)
Hidden Power(secret base)
Replace hidden power when you have your base, or keep it for attacking.
I defeated the gyms, caught legends, saved the world(twice), and defeated the game with a Skitty at the head of my party.

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