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441 Magmortar Magmortar

It has cannons for arms! It took out rhyperior with one hit!

How is a magmar ahead of this beast? It's better then charizard BEFORE you DISLIKE think about, charizard barely made it out with magmortars pre-evelution, so imagine what magmoratar would do to charizard

442 Cinccino V 2 Comments
443 Froakie Froakie

He my favourite pokemon, he is so cute

In Pokemon Y I get a 1 hit kill with his water atack


444 Ponyta Ponyta

Much pony

445 Delcatty Delcatty

Dellcaty is so so cute and is quiet powerful

I am being honest it is adorable but when it was level 100 and I faced a level 29 Pokemon my first attack did not beat it😢. Game Freak MAKE IT MORE POWERFUL. Delcatty is still my favorite Pokemon besides Blaziken though.

446 Plusle Plusle

I have a Plusle and it can kill a Gengar in just a couple of hits!

You said a couple

447 Bulpix

Fire kick isn't a thing, can't learn fore punch, and the others aren't very excluding flamethrower.

Bulpix is a fire type. IT is one of the cuttest Pokemon it has moves like flame thrower, flame wheel, fire tornado, flare bllids and fire punch/kick

V 3 Comments
448 Hariyama Hariyama

I believe

449 Reuniclus

Better than the last 25

450 Pidgeotto

Super fast awesome flying Pokemon



451 Gigalith Gigalith

This can do 120 damage to the oppenent Pokemon. Should be in rank 10.

452 Yanmega Yanmega
453 Chartoise

It's not even a real Pokemon! It's just some half blastoffs half charizard thing created by fans!

454 Mega Medicham

Pure Power is really just a great ability, makes Mega Medicham a dominant force in the OU metagame.

The best Pokémon in the whole entire universe and it is a good Pokémon that can mega evolve to mega Medicham

455 Mega Aerodactyl

Same thing it's horrible

456 Linoone Linoone


457 Sableye Sableye
458 Manectric Manectric

Manetric is awesome he should not be 371!

Most Amazing electric Pokemon
should be top 75

459 Magneton Magneton
460 Pineco
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