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481 Plusle Plusle

I have a Plusle and it can kill a Gengar in just a couple of hits!

You said a couple

482 Wooper
483 Bulpix

Fire kick isn't a thing, can't learn fore punch, and the others aren't very excluding flamethrower.

Bulpix is a fire type. IT is one of the cuttest Pokemon it has moves like flame thrower, flame wheel, fire tornado, flare bllids and fire punch/kick

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484 Hariyama Hariyama

I believe

485 Reuniclus

Better than the last 25

486 Pidgeotto

Super fast awesome flying Pokemon



487 Gigalith Gigalith

This can do 120 damage to the oppenent Pokemon. Should be in rank 10.

488 Yanmega Yanmega
489 Chartoise

It's not even a real Pokemon! It's just some half blastoffs half charizard thing created by fans!

490 Mega Gardevoir Mega Gardevoir

I think mega gardevoir is a beast with its fairy/psychic. Please add it!

I think mega mega gardevoir is the strongest because on the card it sais 30 damage for each energy attached to all your pokemon and there are 20 energys so you can basically do 600 damage to your opponent which can beat arceus in one hit!


Sooo good

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491 Mega Medicham

Pure Power is really just a great ability, makes Mega Medicham a dominant force in the OU metagame.

The best Pokémon in the whole entire universe and it is a good Pokémon that can mega evolve to mega Medicham

492 Mega Aerodactyl

Same thing it's horrible

493 Linoone Linoone


494 Sableye Sableye
495 Musharna Musharna

What you haven't got Musharna in your list. Are you guys kidding Musharna is an awesome Drowsing Pokemon which evolves from Munna. In an episode it had made the Pokemons of an entire town asleep So get him added in your list.

496 Dustox Dustox
497 Shiftry Shiftry
498 Mega Heracross

So strong he kills his self

499 Gothitelle Gothitelle

Gothitelle can kill a Pokemon from two heads when you flip a coin

500 Stunfisk

He can do the flop better than Arceus

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