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61 Latios Latios

You can hack him so he can have the ability wonder guard. He is one of the two only Pokemon who is psychic and dragon. His recover pisses people off. He is just cool looking

He is the best laugh out loud

He is super fast people vote him and get him to at least top ten please

Reason why rayqauza should be number 1
1.It has been proven that rayqauza is the best Pokemon
2.he could one shot Latinos and any other Pokemon with the right move
3.VERY high power

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62 Alakazam Alakazam Alakazam was first shown in game freaks Pokemon Red & Green (Blue for outside of Japan) version. Alakazam is the final evolution of the Abra line. It evolves from Kadabra when traded. It is a pure psychic type. It is said to have an IQ of 5000 and is a human like Pokemon. It has high special attack more.

I have an Alakazam that I raised from a level 7 Abra on Fire Red to a level 100 on Pokemon Black 2 without any cheats or rare candies and I have yet to lose with it. Easy top 5

The best. Nothing else to say

Large move pool with moves like Focus Blast to combat Dark Types, with mega stats and a move for every Pokemon, it's a crime to say Alakazam isn't in at LEAST the top ten.

IQ over 5,000
Never forgets what he learns

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63 Shuckle Shuckle

Interesting Fact. I heard that the highest possible amount to damage a Pokemon is a whopping 481,266,036! Shuckle is the only Pokemon to pull this off. - ShyGuy86

Shackle can do more than 5,300,000 so why isn't shuckle at 64th place but charizard normal form is in 4th place this is a joke of a list

Shuckle has best defense and is strongest. Shuckle faces Combee in triple battle. Shuckle gets Helping Hand from both of his teammates. His teammates both have Flower Gift and the weather is sunny. Shuckle holds a Metronome and gets hit bay a Power Trick and gets Skill Swap to give it 6 attack boots at any time. Shuckle must perform Defense Curl and then 5 turns of Rollout. If Rollout hits for the 5th straight time it's a Critical Hit! Combee's HP lowers massilvely... Combee wil get hit with 481,266,000 damage

Power trick this thing up and it will have higher attack stat than will be higher than mega mewtwo X

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64 Sceptile Sceptile

Sceptile is my favorite Pokemon and he has tremendous speed and attack, however his defense is weak

He cannot be defeated with attacks like leaf storm, x-scizors, outrage earthquake, acrobatics rock slide and brick break

I can't believe Sceptile is ranked higher than Blaziken. Both deserve equal ranks.

His speed and atk is good

Why ash don't use it?
what wrong is gone with him

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65 Blaziken Blaziken Blaziken, known in Japan as Bashāmo, is a Fire/Fighting Type Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise .

Blaziken is a chicken. That is impossible to cook. Which means it's invincible.

How is blaziken 50 it learn mirror move, flare blitz, blast burn, overheat. He can beat all dragon type legendary pokemon easily. The legends will use dragon type moves on him, move reflected by mirror move, legend dead. But for kyurem flare blitze, ta-the all dragon type legends dead. IT SHOULD BE NO. 1 NOT 50

You've never played competitive, have you? Agreed that Blaziken should be higher than 50, but Blast burn is one of the LEAST viable moves. If it uses Blast Burn, it's at the risk of being left vulnerable. I'm sick of seeing "hyper beam" and "blast burn" on this list. - Seanpai

Blaziken kicks butt, plain and simple it can learna lot super strong moves

He so powerfully he hits me I can't battle

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66 Spheal Spheal

Spheal is love. Spheal is life.

Just look at that cuteness. It's cuteness will completely disarm anyone who tries to attack it. Just one cute little "Spheal! " and they'll d'aww themselves while it disembowels them.

Screw this list

Like, most powerful pokemon EVER. But seriously, it is sooo cute. Life is a spheal.

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67 Magcargo Magcargo

It is like a molten lava, but its attack cannot be like its shape

This Pokemon is so hot you shouldn't even be able to catch it. The Pokeball should melt in mid air before it reaches him. Ash would literally be ash if he was even within range to throw a Pokeball at Magcargo. As soon as you start a fight with this guy your Pokemon would instantly faint and die from Magcargos heat. Then too the trainer would die if they haven't already. Magcargo could destroy every other Pokemon without even doing anything.

top 40

PU tier

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68 Umbreon Umbreon

This eeveelution is the most defensive of all the eeveelutions, but it can learn great moves like foul play, that benefit from the enemies attack rather than your own.
Teach it toxic. I'm serious. While you moonlight your hp back every second turn, enemy pokemon slowly fade away. Arceus is a joke! Ahem.

Also. Keep it away from bugs and fighting pokemon.

Umbreon may not be legendary but he is fast, strong, and a tuff opponent. They can see very well in the dark and they have yellow rings on their bodies that make them easy to see. They even have control over their yellow rings so they can pick when they glow and not.

My favorite evolution o f eevee. He can KO Mewtwo!

He's quik slik and has awesome stack strategys.

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69 Blitzle

Why is this equestrian abomination even on this list? It should not even be the top 200!

How is this strong - 1507563

It's an adorable wittle horsey! Plus its super fast. It can destroy anything (except arceus) with it's cuteness! :3

Cute, yes. strong, no. - Teravolt1422

70 Shadow Arceus

There's this one time where Shadow Arceus killed everyone.

I think he should be number one because if arceus and shadow arceus had a fight that would surely cause the end of humanity and they would both die

Another thing I think 1 one should be arceus which he is

2 darkrai

3 cresselia

It's my favorite pokemon not my favorite but my favorite agency shadow mew two it's a close battle races would win.

I don't think this exists~ - Teravolt1422

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71 Mega Charizard X

It can beat any Pokemon in just one hit.I got him and he is better than every Pokemon because it can do 300 damage.

I agree with you because it will not take that much damage to its self and three hundred damage to the other players active Pokemon.

It can do 300 damage and kill any Pokemon in ONE hit.It should be number one.


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72 Zoura

You spelled it wrong. - Goatworlds

Zoura Is Awesome!

Talk about adorable! Xoxoxoxox

It's Zorua.

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73 Happiny Happiny

Well it is very strong as the anime proves

I love donphan it is a clown and I have one in oras

Give me luck, happiny!


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74 MissingNo

Best Pokemon ever, created by us the gamers.

Arceus? God? Don't make me laugh. It can be caught and CONTROLLED by a MORTAL. Missingno. you can catch, but it can screw your game into where a new game fixes nothing. If you have it, go ahead and book a grave for your game.

Enough SAID

Arceus? God? Don't make me laugh. It can be caught and CONTROLLED by a MORTAL. Missingno. You can catch, but it can screw your game into where a new game fixes nothing. If you have it, go ahead and book a grave for your game.

Has a weird name

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75 Wobbuffet Wobbuffet

The ulitmate Pokemon! It's like a punching bag that if you hit it will come and hit you in the face two times as hard as it was hit. Also it's design is cool.

It's so epic it was banned from competitive battling! It's the ultimate troll Pokemon xDD It's counter attack thing is aweshum!

It's counter attack helps it to save it from any attack


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76 Greninja Greninja Greninja is a Water/Dark type Pokemon introduced in Gen 6. It is the evolved form of Frogadier and the final evolve form of the water starter Froakie. Aside from the usual Torrent ability all Water starters have (Which raises the power of its Water moves), it also the the ability Protean, which changes more.

Amazing with its hidden ability protein, it will change its type to what ever the type of move it's using! Not to mention its incredible speed!

-Has the best ability protean : can change its type on the move used. Strongest move is water shuriken really strong as a multiple hit move. Is said to be the fastest Pokemon

Even though it's popular on super smash bros, I still think it should not be this high. I know that Raichu is better

Best pokmon

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77 Empoleon Empoleon Empoleon is a large, navy blue, penguin-like Pokémon. It has a wide, yellow beak with three pointed horns that form a trident-shaped crest and small, blue eyes. Large horns are a symbol of leadership and strength for Empoleon. There is a blue marking resembling a crown over its eyes and a white, lacy more.

The Emperor of all, Empoleon can beat up any Pokemon with it's powerful moves in 1 attack. Plus, it only has one immune, two normal, and three weaknesses, Which means that the rest are his resistance. So it will arceus forever to try to defeat Empoleon.

Come on people, surf, ice beam, iron defense, and hydro cannon. It can beat infernape with hydro cannon, and torterra with 4x effective ice beam!

Empoleon is absolutely AWESOME he can't get hurt by poison moves and he can beat any starter if trained properly. Empoleons special attack combined with hydro cannon get defeat any pokemon. Sure fighting can kill an empoleon in about 2 hits but empoleons speed and special attack will one hit ko the fighting types before they have a chance to attack

I love empoleon. Favourite and powerful.

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78 Blissey Blissey

On top of having over 700 HP at lvl 100, Blissey has and can learn uber strong moves. And just when people think they have Blissey beat, it just uses softboiled and then the opponent loses all hope.


Legend says no one has ever seen this pokemon fainted.

But Chansey is better with an eviolite

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79 Slaking Slaking

Are you kidding me number 75? This thing is a non legendary and it's got the stats of 670. Sure it's got truant but you can mix that with one of your Pokemon using something like simple beam on it and BOOM truant is gone. This thing is a bulky tank even if you don't use anything to take it's ability away. I'm not voting for legendary Pokemon because well. We expect them to be strong but when you find slakoth in the forest you think it's a stupid Pokemon. Then you train it and it's like a legendary without the long 48 to 64 levels of pain of evolving. Plus it was made when the game had double battles so it can be useful. He's a wonderful Pokemon and it's great with focus punch because once you set it up and a person switches Pokemon, nothing survives. Slaking is a great Pokemon and way better then charizard being called "Strong" when something like this could beat it. It's not as cool looking but don't judge on looks because stat wise, this thing is great.

Slaking has the highest stats of all non legendary pokemon! He has huge HP stats! Super strong! - sharkfin1997

Slaking is great with his high stats and great variety of moves he can learn. But he will sometimes mindlessly loaf around making it difficult but his stats make up for it

448 Hp when maxed?! And the attack and defense are very big!

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80 Genesect Genesect

Genesect was created by Team Plasma to be the the strongest pokemon in the world! It also has a huge cannon on it's back and it's signature move can change type! - sharkfin1997

Genesect was as Pokemon that lived 400 million years before humans. This Pokemon was later then recreated by humans and had different kinds of Canon's on its back. Fire, electric, water, and ice.

They are able to fly in the air cause they have a flying from. They are also cool because sense they are made from steel they can't be effected by poison types.

Genesect may be weak to fire (being bug and steel), but it is my fastest Pokemon. It is even faster than my level 100 plasma deoxys!

Ye big BUZZ!

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