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101 Electivire

The only thunder Pokemon to not only withstand earthquake but create one also cool abilities such as fire, ice and also thunder punch not the strongest but damn well good enough haha!

He is so strong that he needs two tails to support his awesomeness. Also he is used by Paul in the T.V. series and kicks ashes arse nearly every time. Electivire rules... PERIOD.

Electivire is a super strong Pokemon who has powerful electric types.

He is weak to ground, yes, but he can learn a fighting type move.

What does learning a fighting move matter about being weak to ground? Ground isn't weak to fighting... - Goatworlds

Quote an article about what not to use in competitive: "the only way you'll win is by the opponent laughing so hard at it (electivire) that the timer will run out" before you say that they don't know what they're talking about, that' coming from one of the most popular competitive sceens in pokemon, smogon. Look em up. But really, 95 speed on a mixed attacker? Really?

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102 Noivern Noivern

Noivern is stronger than arceus

Incorrect answer. Flygon can also blow a powerful boomburst move

It uses the move boomburst which is just plain epic cause it's the only Pokemon that can use this move.


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103 Tepig Tepig

Tepig is so weak it is only a basic!

With his cuteness plus his power plus that he recked every gym leader, trainer, elitne fourest, and champion I faced with only him. I'd like to even brag that your a noob if you have an arceus on your team (unless you happen to be Ray Rizzo) and that I be everyone with an arceus on their team with just tepig! I'd say he truly is the strongest IN EXISTENCE!

Aww Tepic is so cute! I chose it in my very first Pokémon game. "Pokemon Black and white! " I love how it looks just like an adorable pig! And also the fact it shoots fire out of its snout!

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104 Crobat Crobat

My go to for a fast poison strategy. In white I hooked him up with toxic, venoshock, confuse ray, and double team. Step 1-Confuse. Step 2-Badly Poison. Step 3-Increase evasiveness while the poison does it's job and confusion keeps the opponent from attacking. Step 4-Knock em out with venoshock after the evasiveness is maxed out. Set for the rest of the battle as long as your not facing poison or steel (But there are 5 more spots in your party for those two types). 60 percent of the time, it works every time. - mikeford

I go nowhere without this pimp in my party. Rediculous speed and a decently high attack plus all the status effects he can pump out make him a really strong contender. #1 for me

I don't know why Crobat's down here it's a great Pokemon that everyone should have on their team!

A base of 120 dang

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105 Swampert Swampert

Swampert was my first pokemon in the first game I ever played when I was a kid I only trained him I beat the entire emerald elite 4 including Wallace with swampert its defense and attack stat are through the roof and it only has one weakness!

He was my first Pokemon I ever trained. I beat the game with him and my little fire type Pokemon :) I mean I LOVE HIM. He is super strong too!

How can you NOT like swampert?!

Best pokemon on the earth

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106 Spiritomb Spiritomb

Ok with wonder guard this thing is prety much unstoppable. This means it only can be killed by like leach seed and status moves like toxic and by than just use dream eater boom back to full health. Unstoppable same goes for sableye

Um HELLO!? Ghost/Dark type, probably the best Pokemon with NO WEAKNESSES! The combination defeats any Pokemon in its way

Its basically Unstoppable! Why is it in the hundreds? It has no weaknesses. Its powerful and has good moves!

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107 Feraligatr Feraligatr

Did a Torchic use flamethrower on your pants charizard fans? Oh, wait you just lied when you voted for Charizard! Don't worry Feraligatr's HYDRO CANNON will put the flames out! :-)

Dude to me feraligatr is the best starter in heartgold and soulsilver and plus it evolves its final form before the other starters it helped me a lot in the Pokemon leage and I beat red using only feraligatr

Its hydro cannon is like EPIC. Its one of the best starters in all of Pokemon. He has an AWESOME design and... He's my favorite Pokemon!

Totodile was my first Pokémon ever and I don't regret my decision. He has become a fully-evolved Feraligatr at level 100, my first Pokémon to hit the milestone. He now sweeps Elite Fours in Platinum, SoulSilver, and White, and he even swept Red once. He may be weak to Electric and Grass, but a good Earthquake or Ice Punch/Ice Fang will teach them not to mess with you. Overall, Feraligatr is just a beast.

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108 Rampardos

Crazy Attack stat even without the benefiting natures. Also, it has a decent move pool. Definitely the best rock type.

Rampardos is a really cool guy. It had just fought with crystal onix and you would not believe that he broke the body of crystal onix a diamond made Pokemon in two pieces. So simply get him ahead guys

Its great at attacking other Pokemon :T it's most likely the best rock Pokemon. He's SUPER COOL. IT CAN DESTROY ANY BIRD Pokemon! Maybe a legendary! :3

It has the second highest base attack in the game.

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109 Dodrio

Dodrio is a terrible pokemon so it deserves to be number 108 in this list. It can barely do much damage to the opposing pokemon and can easily be taken out by almost ALL pokemon so yes. It should be 10th last instead of 108 but still can do a little damage so its good its in 108

Dodrio is the original user or tri-attack. And he's a bird

Without the psyical special split, tri attack was such a good move in him. He still has return and double edge

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110 Swellow Swellow

Here's an idea- Swellow's ability is Guts, which boosts your attack. He has the capability to learn Facade, which doubles in power when you have a status condition. So... Swellow already has high speed and attack. Use protect on the first turn to activate your flame orb, to activate guts, then proceed to demolish everything with your facade boosted attack. That's about 280 damage. A beast in The Never Used Tier (If you don't know, Pokemon are divided into different groups depending On how often they are used.) Thanks Haydunn, one of the NU Kings!

There is one this why this should be number 26 on this list first it is a flying type that is the only on that can use hidden power

Please stop. So many bad memories of swellow sweeps...

In the photo I see ASH

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111 Chesnaught Chesnaught

I have Chesnaught BREAK. Chesnaught is my favourite pokemon. He's sick.

He's is the strongest starter yet

Chesnaught is not a starter! Right?... I have to look this up!

When I battle with it its beast

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112 Dewott

Dewitt uses hydro cannon and boom install arceus kill!

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113 Mega Salamence

Gardevoir (mine named Kristen) defeated M Salamence not mega evolved with a psychic type move.

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114 Lapras Lapras

Lapras is amazing simply because it is adorable, has great stats and is the fastest swimmer

Of course I'm going to choose lapras considering he/she is my favourite pokemon

According to me Lapras is the best pokemon

Fast cool mix magic carp look like a piece a dumb poop

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115 Shedinja

It's great in battle because it can block almost anything. I mean it would have a great place in top 40 but seriously? Why so low?

With Wonder Guard, shedinja can block every move that is not super effective, so it's useable in battle, and worth your time. - FoxfireKira

And status, weather like sand and hail, leech seed, entry hazards, pretty much everything that good players utilize.

This should be at least in the top 50! I use it to battle every time!

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116 Bellsprout V 1 Comment
117 Weavile

The new update it was a good time waster and a little bit more like a good idea to have been a while and I don't have to go home and sleep and I don't think I can be a little too much of an international conference on Monday that he is a good idea to have been a while and I don't think I can be a little too much of an international conference on Monday that he is a great way to get my money back or something like this I have a lot of fun with my life I have a lot of fun with it for a few years ago when it comes out on a Saturday afternoon and I love you so much for me and you can do that to you in a while ago

Speed speed speed speed speed attack typhlosion and maybe kabutops are the only pokemon that are better

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118 Grovyle

Grovyle is just an awesome Pokemon, it's one of my fave.
Defeated 15 trainers in a row with it

Grovyle... such a noble Pokemon! He defeated a dusknoir and helped to save time in mystery dungeon!

Awesome is all I have to say... He helped me win the game!

Yeh I knocked out Rayquaza Groudon and Dialga with him!

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119 Zebstrika

Zebstrika has great speed and attack stats + great moves like thunder wave, and thunder shock! Zebstrika all the way!

Zebstrika has great speek and attack stats. Its totally the best Pokemon. It's my favorite because its like a pikachu, only better!

Like a Pikachu, except better everything! Even the movepools great!

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120 Metapod Metapod

Metapod's harden makes him the best! I think he's the best! It can destroy everything with harden! Sadly he faints every time against a legendary

Metapods harden is enough to make him the best pokemon ever!

I think metapod is the MOST GREATEST Pokemon EVER! Because it canuse destroy every Pokemon with harden!

Funny hack: name metapod: dick, give it harden, thrash, and string shot.

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