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Rayquaza is a Legendary Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise. It lives in the ozone layer, and frequently stops battles with Kyogre and Groudon, two other Legendaries.


With base stats of 105/180/100/180/100/115 in its mega evolved form, it has the highest total base stat number of 780. Not only are these stats extremely well rounded on the defensive side, it's an offensive powerhouse that can also hold any other item like a life orb for example. It also has the Delta Stream ability which completely negates all fly type weaknesses, meaning it's only weak to ice (2x), dragon, and fairy all while keeping the flying type resistances.

The base stats of Mega Rayquaza already make it a top tier Pokemon. The fact that it can hold any other item and also has the Delta Stream ability pushes it to the top in my opinion.

In my opinion, this Pokemon is so much better than Arceus, not only because it has more stat total than Arceus when mega evolved but also because this Pokemon can mega evolve without a mega stone, which means it can hold any items while in it's mega form like Life Orb, unlike the other mega Pokemon which needs mega stone. Plus, Rayquaza also has Delta Stream as it's mega form's ability which can remove Rayquaza's flying typing's weakness to Rock and Ice. Further more, Arceus is also placed in Anything Goes tier for Pokemon Showdown, all of the reasons are from what I just mention, though, Pokemon Showdown has different battle system than normal Pokemon games does but it's still worth mentioning to be honest. But this is just my opinion, I just wanna tell you guys the reason why this Pokemon is so much better than Arceus, so, I hope you respect my opinion. - Hoenn4Ever

Technically Mega Rayquaza IS the strongest Pokemon with base stats (tied with Mewtwo's mega forms) at a total of 780! That's tons compared to most Pokemon. It's too OP that it was banned from the banned tier from Smogon. The ONLY Pokemon in the Anything Goes tier only. Mega Rayquaza is a beast in the competitive point of view. It has an ability that cancels out all flying type weaknesses (Ice, rock and electric), it doesn't need a mega stone to mega evolve, so it can hold an item AND be mega, it has access to dragon ascent, which is one of the most powerful moves in the game. Rayquaza can be physical, or special, it has a large move pool, and like I said, amazing stats. It may not be my all time favourite Pokemon, but it is the strongest by stats, mega, moves, and ability. Tiers? More like. Tears.

Rayquaza is the best pokemon, no questions asked. It's sad to see that the strongest reasoning for it is that "it has a strong hyper beam" when there's so much more. First off, it's tied with Mewtwo's megas for highest base stats, but it doesn't even need to hold a mega stone. This allows it to hold a focus sash or something, which will allow it to win nearly any 1v1 with its 180 base attack and sp. attack, which can tear through nearly anything with a stab draco meteor or dragon ascent. Its ability delta stream is also an INSANELY good defensive ability. Surely a stone edge or thunder can kill it, right? Nope. Delta Stream removes all flying weaknesses, which allows it to shrug off electric and ground. It's still weak to dragon, fairy, and ice, but its movepool contains iron head, which only probably only mega mawile can live, and can easily destroy ice with fighting and fire moves. Speaking of fire, it also gets access to the move with the highest damage in the game (excluding ...more - Seanpai

Rayquaza, with Dragon Ascent, Draco Meteor and Earthquake can knock out ANY Pokemon except a select few in TWO HITS.

The select few? Skarmory and Lugia. That's what swords dance is for.

Arceus? 1-shot with Dragon Ascent, otherwise Earthquake.
Mewtwo? 1-shot.
Primal Groudon? 2-shot with Earthquake.
Any dragon except Mega Altaria? 1-shot with Draco Meteor. That means Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Reshiram, Zekrom, Kyurem, you name it.

Now let's look at defences. It has one immunity, 6 resists with Delta Stream including a 4x resist, and 3 weaknesses. Meaning? To kill it you need Ice, Fairy or Dragon.

Dragon dies to Draco Meteor. Ice

It is mega Pokemon that is super strong. It can take on Groudon and kyogere. It doesn't hold a mega stone so you can put on another item like rocky helmet or left overs. Its ability makes it so the ability of Groudon, and kyogere useless. It also weakens all super affective moves. Its weaknesses are ice and fairy and dragon. It is the strongest dragon and is fast so one shooting other dragons is not a problem. Ice types get weakened by the ability and than raqauza has its amazing special attack flame thrower. That leaves fairy. If you ask me it was made because dragons were so op and some thing needed to be done. But with generally bad phisacll defense you can get off a good flying type move like dragon accent and then dragon dance after to bring back stats to original strength. It has no flaws except not the best defense, but if you have the speed and the strength, witch raqauza does, then you one shot every thing and you can never be touched. Also it has an amazing move set. Water, ...more

It's got the same base stats as Mewtwo and is a dragon type it is all ready an amazingly strong Pokemon but when it really shines is it's mega evolution it doesn't even need a mega stone and it's wind can blow away sunlight I mean it has an attack stat of 180. If you thought groudon and kyogre where strong this thing awoke killed both of them went of to get deoxy and came out with not a scratch on him.

Oh come on, you guys all know that Rayquaza is the most powerful pokemon. It can beat almost all Pokemon with powerful moves like Dragon Ascent. Do NOT get me started on it's Hyper Beam. It can also defeat Arceus, provided it doesn't use it's cowardly life plates. This Pokemon is already strong, with it's Mega Evolution, it RULES. Hell, it even had to be banned in the competitive tier.

Rayquaza is a BEAST. The wiki even states that Kyogre and Groudon are two of the strongest pokemon, and Rayquaza quells their arguments, thus, Rayquaza has to be stronger than them. Just look at him. HE IS A BEAST. Plus, his moves are great. Usually 1-hit kills even the Elite 4 and above

I think it's the strongest first I think that because dragon types are the strongest and it's a legendary 2 I checked a website where it says all the stats for all the Pokemons and rayquaza had the best third the best Pokemon game voted was emerald and the legendary if the game is rayquaza so yeah I'm pretty sure this is the strongest stronger than Mewtwo and arceus

Amazing Pokemon! Rayquaza has amazing stats and amazing moves. Arceus would totally lose to this guy! In a Japanese episode, they said it was the top Pokemon. Best Pokemon, should be number 1

Rayquaza is a boss. Imagine a Pokemon who lived in the ozone layer able to stop the creator of ocean kyogre and the creator of land groudon and he is able to stop them both at the same time. Me and my friend had a battle 1-6 I only use rayquaza against 4 legends and 2 starters my rayquaza's moves are fly, outrage, hyper beam and recover and you can get him in a game without event. You need events to get arceus right. So overall best Pokemon evah!

I remember in pokemon emerald I had a level 79 rayquaza and I got it to level 100 by taking it to the pokemon league and when I got it to level 84 I could take it by itself I would repeatedly go to the pokemon league with one pokemon my Rayquaza and just keep dominating the pokemon league

I think he's the strongest for these reasons 1.he defeated primal Groudon and primal Kyogre 2.legendary 3.Can mega evolve just because he swallowed a meteor and knows dragon accent 4.He beat 2 legendary Pokemon as dragon type which is weak to most types and kyogre knew ice beam

Has the highest best of all pokemon when mega evolved, and it can still hold an item. Its ability powers up all flying type moves, as well as the STAB it gets from using them. This leads its signature move to one shot almost everything that doesn't resist it. Only problem is that ice type moves will probably one shot it

I'm going to say this once they made a ranking just for ray also not to mention rayquaza's ability delta stream make ice and electric type moves less effective AND also give immunity to all weather effects and also it's IS the strongest dragon type and for crying out loud THEY MADE RAY JUST AS POWERFUL AS MEWTWO

This thing has its own tier. Arceus, does not. You wanna know what that tier is called? Anything Goes. As in no rules or limitations. Because Rayquaza will decimate anything you throw at it. If you are battling Mega Rayquaza, then just run away, like your Arceus will.

If you have played Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire, you should know that mega Rayquaza is THE strongest Pokemon. Very few things in the Pokemon world can put a fight to this monster, not even ice types rival it as it is insanely fast and has a huge attack stat to destroy everything in its way. Using this mon is easy mode in any battle.

Come on guys, any Pokemon with 150 base Attack and Special Attack and base 95 Speed should be Top 5 EASILY! (By the way, anyone that doesn't know what "Base Stats" are, shouldn't even be ranking this list! )

Mega Rayquaza is the strongest Pokemon ever. It is not 4x weak to ice anymore because of it's ability, Delta Stream! It has a Base Stat Total of 780, tied with Mega Mewtwo X and Y. But Mega Rayquaza does not need an item to mega evolve, so you can give it whatever you want. It is too powerful for the other Pokemon. It got banned from the tier that Mega Mewtwo and Arceus are in. It was too Op for their tier, and is now a tier above them. I think it is clear that the true God of Pokemon is Rayquaza. Vote for Rayquaza, the strongst Pokemon ever.

Rayquaza is awesome. No lie. He should be at number 1 or 2 because he's as strong as groudon and kyogre combined. And dragon and steel are my two favorite types. The only thing that has beat the level 50 rayquaza is my level 100 rayquaza

Mega Rayquaza has 780 best (rivaling Mega Mewtwo's), including twin base power 180 offenses (rivaling Deoxys-A's), awesome ability that eliminates it's flying weaknesses, great movepool to destroy anything it desires and doesn't even need a mega stone so it can use items to abuse it's already sky high qualities even further. Quite frankly, it isn't even a contest. Nothing compares to Mega Rayquaza.

Rayquaza is epic! Teach it draco meteor and hyper beam and it's practically invincible! Also it isn't affected by weather, controls groudon and kyogre and has just 3 weaknesses. also it looks very badass and its shiny sprite is too damn cool.. it has to be number 1.

It's a super ancient Pokemon... What could be more experienced and powerful as that... It can even hug the sun... Who could be more tougher than he is... Any Pokemon would toasted if they'd go near the sun... Come on everyone rayquaza is the best

First of all if it were a Mega Evolved It would BLOW OUT arceus and Rayquaza not Mega Evolved would beat him and he has access to thunderbolt and Arceus lost his lightning play SO THERE little lama Pokemon you are not a god more like an ordinary lama