Strongest Prince of Persia Characters

Which are the strongest characters? Come to know in this list.

The Top Ten

1 Dark Prince

He is the best character for killing warriors and hard villains

Best and great powers

Besides the normal prince this is best.
Best in the prince of Persia series because a fantastic name beyond the rest

2 Dahaka

I'd think dahaka is the strongest creature, because it has a strength of breaking a mountain into sand.

He is killing spree

3 Prince
4 Vizier
5 Kaileena / Empress of Time
6 Mahasti
7 Zurvan
8 Twin Warriors
9 Sand King / the Prince's Father
10 Gollum

The Contenders

11 Ratash

Ratash is the strongest one as he is a djinn and cannot be killed by any ordinary sword. He is more stronger due to his magical powers and gigantic size especially when he is fully transformed in 'the final climb'.

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