Top 10 Strongest Real Steel World Robot Boxing Robots

On this list i will show you the strongest robots of real steel wrb game

The Top Ten

1 Zeus

He's the absolute best, OP, My favorite robot in the Game

I agree he’s op I want to get Zeus in the game OP also my favorite robot he looks so cool and his special attack at ultra is so powerful in the game


Zeus is the big boss of real steel wrb game and he is the strongest robot in the game he have a black body and has the show stopper ability and I also like him - Haekalhakim

2 Touchdown

Touchdown is my favourite robot he is wrb 2 robot you have to defeat him in order to fight zeus I like him with his uranium core that like what iron man has and he is big and very strong - Haekalhakim

Touch down is a giant football robot he should be in the movie he’s totally the best he is better then tackle but tackle can defeat him easily so I smashed ZEUS first try with touchdown he is powerful he is like iron man he is opposite team to tackle they both have number 10 so I think they are on teams or maby not in real steel champions I smash everybody with my legend touch down I full upgrade him I think he should be in real steel 2 so maby he could defeat Zeus in round 1 then he becomes king of the ring maby but I don’t know than he might get defeated by atom and he should defeat midas maby but I don’t know he is a good robot he should become the king of the stadium to the king of the ring so that’s touch down pretty good lol so yeah he should be the champion touchdown.

3 Tri Gore


Tri gore is the boss of wrb gold and he is a triceratop like robot because his head is like triceratop head and he is very big and very strong he also very dangerous if you fight him without an upgrade - Haekalhakim

4 Atom

Best one

Atom is the best
Every ome should vote for him

And als the people's champion

2nd if there had been another ten seconds zues's head would be in the trash compacter

5 Asura

He's very strong and scary,but anyways Like him,and he's the strongest robot of all.

he's cool

In the game I beat touchdown easily with asura

Asura his very scary robot with four arms and big body and strong appearance he also has a head of an tiger he is wrb 2 robot I like him and he is very dangerous - Haekalhakim

6 Fiend

Fiend is an Chinese robot that has horn in his head I thing his appearance is so fiercing and menacing and with a spiky big hand he is a dangerous robot to fight with - Haekalhakim

7 Crimson Carnage

This robot is an unique robot with an spiky ball in his right hand and weird head but he is very strong and big he is an wrb 2 robot and he is the strongest robot in the game along side with fiend and touchdown - Haekalhakim

8 Midas

Midas is the boss of underworld 1 tier and he his one of the robot in the game that come from the actual movie he has a mohawk hair and his ability to healing is making him very strong - Haekalhakim

9 Metro

Metro is the boss of underworld 2 tier and he has a weird but scary look with a slash hammer attach to his left arm and his big hand on right this robot will destroy you if you doesn't has an upgrade on your robot - Haekalhakim

10 Gold Atom

He defeated she's

The Contenders

11 Noisy Boy

He is very strong robot for me and He breaks his opponent's arm's and head He is coolest robot in real steal wrb

I like how he ripes of his enemys arms an head

12 Twin Cities

Twin cities is the wrb 1 tier boss he has 2 heads like in the actual movie and he has the show stopper ability he is very strong and dangerous and deadly if you fight him without an upgrade you will destroyed by this two headed tyrant - Haekalhakim

13 Gold Midas

Metro is a god I don't know what your talking about him being in 8 he's better than Midas he should be at least 5 or 4 or in front of midas

14 Rorin
15 Psytron

He is really cool and he strikes like me when I box with my friends

16 Red Beret

He can get up to level 509 when star 5 he is so powerful you can get him in events.

17 Ambush

He is the most skill and a fighter I bet if he was still alive he could have changed the fight against zeus

18 Drago

He is in the live events store and he is crazy powerful, he is the strongest and I bet if he was in the movie, he would knock zeus's head clean off.

19 Dead Lord

He is a very powerful robot inthe wrb

20 Scorpion

He is very scary and he also has a deadly sting.

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