Top 10 Strongest Real Steel World Robot Boxing Robots

The Top Ten
1 Zeus

He's OP and can beat mos bots put in front of him.

He is an easy killer with the spring fist and can punch his way to the top

Zeus can defeat Midas

2 Tri Gore

This guy throws bots up in the air and rattles their bones. Do no try teasing him! Or else you will die!

3 Touchdown

This guy has the Bruce strength of 10 hulks and 50 hulk busters is there really anything else to say

4 Crimson Carnage
5 Fiend
6 Atom

Atom is durable and can adapt to bots and enemies quickly. So if you take a bot that is stronger than Zeus, give Atom 5 rounds. On the 5th round. I am telling that Atom will win that round.

Atom has been the best robot since real steel came out and ambush sucks he got beaten by a freaking bull why isn't Atom the strongest Atom even beat Zeus everyone should VOTE FOR ATOM!

I think he is supposed to be the strongest of all robots because he crushed Zeus in the final battle in the movie and plus he is my favorite robot in the movie.

Atom just killed Zeus in the last round. He was also the first robot to survive Zeus's killing blows for the first round. He may be small, but Atom can land a punch harder than any bot.

7 Noisy Boy

Noisy Boy is also Real advance real steel, unfortunately, he didn't get his chance in the movie, otherwise, he would manage to compete with Zeus with no problem. one of the strongest robots if not the strongest, no doubt about it.

The coolest looking robot no challange
his attacks are op and he is a robot samurai and samurai's are super cool and he is a robot samurai which is even cooler!

I like him. He's the best. He looks aggressive . Smart, Good moves and Powerful.

He is purple I mean you can't beat purple, he is op and I think noisy boy is the strongest coolest and best robot in Real Steel No Doubt he's super awesome

8 Gold Atom
9 Midas

I like this dude, he has a nice finisher and he looks awesome too, anyone who can beat noisy boy has talent.

10 Asura

Asura has 4 arms w/ hands that can open and close and a mouth that can do the same. He also has an amazing signature move so...

He has the most brute force and is a beast when it comes to fighting!

He be my favorite

The Contenders
11 Twin Cities
12 Ambush
13 Gold Midas
14 Metro
15 Drago

He is in the live events store and he is crazy powerful, he is the strongest and I bet if he was in the movie, he would knock zeus's head clean off.

He's an awesome robot dude and he even breathes fire!

16 Hollow Jack
17 Scorpion

He is very scary and he also has a deadly sting.

18 Juggernaut
19 Rorin
20 Dead Lord
21 Wildfire
22 Red Beret

He can get up to level 509 when star 5 he is so powerful you can get him in events.

23 Psytron

He is really cool and he strikes like me when I box with my friends

24 Ambush Real Steel
25 Phantom
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