Top 10 Strongest Skylanders from Spyro's Adventure


The Top Ten

1 Stealth Elf

Your a little, stupid guy who is so weak.

Your stupid. You attack so bad.

She is super fast and super reflexes with her fang blades
Comes with the 3ds starter pack.
Can throw KNIVES in the 3ds version. - Minemedown

2 Whirlwind + Drobot

May not be the strongest Skylanders, but their ultimate moves destroy EVERYTHING. - Minemedown

You marry in love. HA!

They are beast.Whirlwind is also my favorite skylander

3 Eruptor

You suck and stink like rotten cheese

Yuck! I hate you big,fat body and you are disgusting when you vomit out lava!

Projectile attack: throw lava
Melee attack: ERUPT! - Minemedown

4 Ignitor

Your so evil, l want him to be dead and taken away, nitwit!

He comes with the 3ds starter pack + his blue flames are so strong + Use telekenises on his sword. (In the 3ds version at least. ) - Minemedown

5 Dark Spyro

Absolutely bad-A - lukemcnamara72

You're the best! Your way more stronger than regular Spyro. Don't vote for any Skylander except Dark Spyro.

He is stronger than regular spyro + flies instead of running + jump us and use his dragon breath underneath him
(In the 3ds version at least. ) - Minemedown

6 Trigger Happy

Your bum is as big as a bomb! You take of you pants and wriggle you butt at Delta at the Voice and you do a fart. But Delta just smacks you 2000 times with a rolling pin. Your a nitwit.

Super fast firing + HE HAS A MACHINE GUN! - Minemedown

7 Boomer

Leaves bombs where he runs + throws bombs and dynamite + TROLL SMASH! - Minemedown

Your long nose is ugly and you are in love in Jessie J from the voice but you fail because she thinks your dumb and by the way you are too sexy!

8 Double Trouble

They're the same thing but they both can makes clones of smaller themselves. - Minemedown

9 Stump Smash

He's slow but has both a melee attack and a projectile attack + Hits like a truck + thornback upgrade - Minemedown

10 Ghost Roaster

Stealth elf is weak
This guy is strong and kills almost every villain instantly

Your a bad Skylander

The Contenders

11 Slam Bam

Ooh,la la you have the sexy pants on Chill! Also you are as weak as a poo.

He slides on ice + freezes enimies and then smashes them with his fists - Minemedown

12 Terrafin

Will beat anybody in versus mode

He is superstrong and is unstoppable while he is unders ground his punches are so strong when he is fully upgraded he kicks butt he beat my fully upgraded stealth elf and slam bam

13 Tree Rex
14 Cynder

She's a dragon need I say more. But serious shes fast attacks are not the strongest but shes a very effetive charicter

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