Top 10 Strongest Touhou Characters


The Top Ten

1 Scarlet Flandre

She may look like a 5 year old vampire loli but her power is literally the destruction of anything

Best Loli Vampire, yet the strongest (can destroy everything. Wait, not destroy, erase them from existance)

2 Yakumo Yukari

Shes a lot stronger than anyone, me personally would have hecatia as no.2 and Yukari as number 1 because no Yukari, no Gensokyo. Flandre can't access the outside world nor mess with the boundaries of literally everything. So... #notanopinionjustfacts

She literally can destroy Gensokyo if she wants to

3 Izayoi Sakuya
4 Knowledge Patchouli
5 Komeiji Koishi
6 Hecatia Lapislazuli

She is very powerful, no doubt about it!

She Can Solo Most of Verse even Kirby

ZUN himself actually confirmed, that Hecatia is the most powerful Touhou character.

7 Scarlet Remilia
8 Reiuji Ytsuho (Okuu)
9 Meiling Hong
10 Kirisame Marisa

The Contenders

11 Hakurei Reimu
12 Namazu
13 Clownpiece
14 Yakumo Ran
15 Hoshiguma Yuugi
16 Rumia
17 Daiyousei
18 Mystia
19 Nightbug
20 Cirno
21 Sumireko Usami
22 Yuyuko Saigyouji
23 Mokou Fujiwara
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1. Scarlet Flandre
2. Yakumo Yukari
3. Komeiji Koishi
1. Scarlet Flandre
2. Yakumo Yukari
3. Reiuji Ytsuho (Okuu)


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