Top 10 Strongest Trap Team Skylanders

Hey guys! This list will be about the top 10 best trap team skylanders. Hope you guys enjoy it.

The Top Ten

1 Wallop

Of course! Wallop is awesome. Most people say that he is the leader of the trap team. His Attack 1 for the game is very cool. Buy the upgrade that he can turn into Traptrum mode. At that minute, you will think Wallop is awesome!

2 Lob Star

Lob Star is awesome for his attacks Starshooter, Boiling Temper which shoots stars faster and the Lob Star Roll it is awesome. Lob Star is a ninja lobster. You see the black part that looks like the mouth is actually a mask.

3 Krypt King

His broadsword is awesome. His the Swarm is the most attack I like about Krypt King. If you buy the Haunted Sword, it is cool. He can even control his broadsword. And if you hit enemies with the Haunted Sword, They will freeze. Buy Krypt King now!

Krypt King is GREAT I love the bees and all his other attacks. I don't have him but my friends do he's my favourite just before Wallop

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4 Blastermind

His mind control is AWESOME!

5 Wildfire

He's a golden lion, appearance check he has the lion form gameplay check he's the best character in trap team check, and by the way snap shot is the leader of the trap team not wallop

Yea its either Snap Shot or Wallop for the leader

Wildfire is a powerful lion. It's shield is awesome!

Snap shot is the leader of the trap team.
I killed Kaos with snap shot level 1.

6 Snapshot
7 Jawbreaker

Jawbreaker is awesome! Beware if you are close to Jawbreaker, he might knock you away!

I can use Jolt Haymaker to damage persephone's dummies from the spawning point of the Skylander Academy. If that's not op, then I don't know what is.

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8 Short Cut

He looks great and I know he may not be that good but I love his attacks

9 Tuff Luck V 1 Comment
10 Enigma

Actually this guy is my favourite I'm really glad he made the top ten!

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The Contenders

11 Bushwack V 2 Comments
12 Tread head
13 Chopper
14 Ghost Roaster
15 Food Fight V 1 Comment
16 Thunderbolt
17 Rocky Roll

Dudes this needs to number 1

18 Knight Light
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