Top 10 Strongest Wizard101 Attack Spells

The Top Ten Strongest Wizard101 Attack Spells

1 Sun Serpent

Got to say that is a VERY strong spell ps. It is over time.

2 Avenging Fossil
3 Storm Owl

Damage-wise, of course this is the strongest (excluding Heck Hound, Thunderstorm, Storm Hound, and all of those things). - PseudoRidge

4 Sirens
5 Lord of Winter

This is not a spell, it's a monster

6 Sabertooth
7 Celestial Calendar
8 Spinysaur
9 Dr. Von's Monster
10 HeckHound

The Contenders

11 Rain of Fire
12 Tempest
13 Leviathan
14 Storm Lord
15 Fire Dragon
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