Strongest WWE Wrestlers of 2014

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John Cena John Felix Anthony Cena Jr. (/ˈsiːnə/; born April 23, 1977) is an American professional wrestler, rapper, actor, and reality television show host signed to WWE, where he is assigned to the SmackDown brand. more.

He is my best player. Never give up.

He is the most entertaining and powerful wrestler in WWE who cares much about his Fans.

Brock lesnar was beaten down by John Cena and was going to win but that idiot seth rollins interfered and brock lesnar won by under taker because undertaker was old if he would have been young brock lesnar was a kid for him

Hustle, Respect and Loyalty and never give up... What a passion I just love him and he is the best and he will be the best forever. He is hardworking, strongest, best, classic, etc. I am his true fan

Roman Reigns Leati Joseph "Joe" Anoa'i (Roman Reigns) was born on May 25, 1985. He is an American professional wrestler and former professional Canadian football player. more.

Roman is overall one of the best wrestlers. He made an amazing return at TLC, pretty much destroying Seth and Big Show. And going back to a match a few months ago, he was beat by Rybaxel due to a disqualification, and then destroyed them afterwards. The sheer power in Roman is unbelievable, at this point, I don't think anyone can stop him.

Roman reins is going to face Brock lesnar at wrestlemania but I now roman reins is going to beat Brock lesnar as if he is beating his own son. Did you see how roman reins won Seth Rollins and Kane while he was on his own. So I now that he can and he will defeat Brock lesnar

He is boss did you see TLC when he returned superman punched and speared big show and superman punched Seth Rollins what a return!

He is one of shield and it should be. He a superman who gives superman punch and he is Roman Reigns

Brock Lesnar Brock Edward Lesnar is an American professional wrestler and former amateur wrestler, professional American football player, and mixed martial artist who is currently signed to WWE.

He is the best because he ends the streak - kormo

He is also the best because he is the WWE World Heavy Weight Champion. - subhashsahu

Get Cena out of the top ten

Brock lesnar is the beast he is the real deal for all who John Cena roman reigns and many other are better than him so you are an idiot. And for all people who that The Undertaker was old and he could not measure to him at wrestlemania a few years ago 2002-2003 when they went one on one lesnar also picked the win. This man is a machine he bench 700 pound squat and dead left 1000 pound he crossline people like toys he suplex belly to belly to the big show. And for the credit no one in the WWE has big show like that way he is one scary freaky supernatural human being and that is Paul heyman and many others calling the beast

Roshan I love brock because he beats big show and the rock and john and brock broke hbk arm and henry arm

Big E Langston Ettore Ewen is an American professional wrestler and former powerlifter and American football player who is currently performing under the ring name Big E.

Big e is strong he's throws around 240 pounds like its nothing he also can bench up to 530 and squats bout 589 and deadlifts 800

Why the hell is CM Punk and daniel bryan in the list of strongest wrestler.

You are a fool

You defeated (the Shield)

Undertaker Mark William Calaway (born March 24, 1965), better known by his ring name The Undertaker, is an American semi-retired professional wrestler currently signed to WWE, where he has worked since 1990, making him the company's longest tenured in-ring performer . Calaway began his wrestling career with World more.

He is a pro man a pro

He should be top 3 because he has an undefeated streak even though he lost it to lesnar.

He is a legend

I like him very much he is so powerful wrestler of all time

Batista David Michael "Dave" Bautista Jr. is an American actor and former professional mixed martial artist and professional wrestler.

I like batista bomb why are you leave WWE

Batista beat John Cena twice

Batista is strongest man

Batista beat the John Cena twice the power bomb

Ryback Ryback Allen Reeves is an American professional wrestler that performs in wrestling shows on the indy circuit. He is a former WWE superstar and Intercontinental Champion.

When Ryback first started, we saw him lift weights against Mark Henry. Ryback would have won the contest, if Mark wouldn't have pushed the weights down on his neck.

Ryback will kill Brock Lesnar.

I think if anyone has great strength after cena and brock lesnar its ryback.

Ryback is a strong guy

Sheamus Stephen Farrelly is an Irish professional wrestler and actor. He is currently signed to the American professional wrestling promotion WWE, where he performs under the ring name Sheamus.

Sheamus does the brogue kick and I think he is the wrestler and the strongest wrestler

You look stupid very very stupid

You are the great white and the great wrestler

Why did you change

Randy Orton Randal Keith "Randy" Orton is an American professional wrestler and actor who is signed with WWE, where he is a member of the SmackDown brand. He is a 12-time world champion, having held the WWE World Championship eight times and the World Heavyweight Championship four times.

I like his's pose - lussy

Randy, is a amazing fighter. I like Randy. Randy is a confident man

You're the best player in WWE you are the one who can beat everyone

Eat, bite, beat lesnar the one, the only one, and for ever the one

Antonio Cesaro

He is probably the fifth after Lesnar, Big Show, Mark Henry, Big E, and maybe Ryback... But he is half of their size and has an insane amount of endurance. If you vote for anyone that isn't one of these 5 (with some exceptions), you are a complete dumbass. Cesaro is the strongest pound-for-pound wrestler of all time.

Why is he not no1? He picked Big Show up and threw him over top rope?... Rey is above him. what

Some people don't know what strongest means...

This guy could probably thro around lesnar

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CM Punk Phillip Jack "Phil" Brooks, also known by the ring name CM Punk, is an American comic book writer, actor, upcoming mixed martial artist and retired professional wrestler who is signed with the Ultimate Fighting Championship. more.

You are the best WWE wrestler in the world. We love you and give more votes

He is my favourite he is the strongest

CM Punk is the best in the world I Like him
Your great fan my nick name is CM Punk

He is best and tough star in WWE I miss him now days.

Mark Henry Mark Jerrold Henry is an American powerlifter, Olympic weightlifter, strongman, and professional wrestler who is currently signed to WWE.

Mark Henry is the best player he is the best

He's the Worlds Strongest Man!


He is so strong no one can beat his headbutt
If he is losing to everyone nowadays it is because he is old and injured

Rey Mysterio Óscar Gutiérrez, better known by the ring name Rey Mysterio, is a Mexican-American professional wrestler who currently works for Lucha Underground.

Don't you think this guy is really strong for him to be short with great skills. he is indeed strong he is short and mighty he is a very experienced wrestler he is my best and always be. always defeating giants. he has gone one on one with undertaker. he nearly won the match but there was a distraction by Batista

He is short but he is very flexible and very energetic. He can beat many superstars in wwe but not Roman Reigns. He is nothing in front of Roman Reigns.

So great with skills but his not strong but awesome he can beat giants like mark and big show so good

He is the most active player in WWE history

The Great Khali Dalip Singh Rana, better known by his ring name The Great Khali, is an Indian promoter, actor, powerlifter and professional wrestler best known for his time with WWE.

Sagar great khali is so strong but he is not brave many members will do him fool so please see every where and fight no one can beat khali but his opponent will beat his leg so he will lose the matches

The Great Khali is the strongest wrestler in WWE.

Our Indian the best

Best always, no one can unlike

Daniel Bryan Bryan Lloyd Danielson is an American professional wrestler best known for his tenure in WWE under the ring name Daniel Bryan. He is the current WWE champion.

He needs to be number one because he is the WWE world heavyweight champion - noahjg9

Crazy but fun to watch

He is an a+ player. Yes yes

Yes yes you beat the ugly authority

Bray Wyatt Windham Lawrence Rotunda is an American professional wrestler signed to WWE, where he performs under the ring name Bray Wyatt and is the leader of The Wyatt Family.

Best character in years.

He is nothing but ya he look like a ass hole

Dummest an in the universeee

Jey Uso

I don't see you anymore

Hulk Hogan Terry Gene Bollea, better known by his ring name Hulk Hogan, is an American professional wrestler, actor, television personality, entrepreneur and rock bassist.

What you gonna do when hulkamania runs wil on you

Jimmy Uso

I love the USPS kick

Triple H Paul Michael Levesque, better known by his ring name Triple H, is an American semi-retired professional wrestler, corporate executive, and actor.

Worst player I saw ever

Triple h is idol of pedigreat

Real badest man in the world

Kane Glenn Thomas Jacobs is an American professional wrestler, insurer, and actor. He works for WWE, and is best known by his ring name Kane.

Kane is brothers to undertaker so he should know some moves and I think chokeslam is one of the winners

He is the best wrestler the evil please wear the mask again

He should e in top 5

I Like Mask Kane

Dolph Ziggler Nicholas Theodore "Nick" Nemeth, best known by the ring name Dolph Ziggler, is an American professional wrestler, stand-up comedian, and actor.

You are the man who one standing who defeated four dangerous man

The show off is the only awesome one! - EK2002

You won survivor series

The show off is the best

Big Show Paul Randall Wight, Jr. is an American professional wrestler and actor, better known by his ring name Big Show.

He is my favourite and no one can beat him

He is the best forever well-done in your career big man

I swear that I thought he was gonna beat brock lesnar in royal rumble but he lost in 1 second!

He is my favourite too. I think he is best

Luke Harper Jon Huber is an American professional wrestler signed to WWE, where he performs under the ring name Luke Harper.
Kurt Angle Kurt Steven Angle is an American professional wrestler, actor and former amateur wrestler currently signed to professional wrestling promotion WWE, where he was the on-screen general manager of the Raw brand and an occasional wrestler.
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