Bill Goldberg


Goldberg has not lost a single match in his career in the WCW or the WWE that was ever conducted without a foul play. He is undisputed when the match is one on one and played fair. Within a single year, he defeated every single superstar in the WWE including Brock Lesnar. Actually, if you tune into YouTube, you can see Brock running. The man can still do a back-flip at this age. His record of 173-0 in the WCW reigns supreme. The streak would not have broken if that wrestler hadn't shocked him with an electric rod during the match. At this particular match, he knocked down everyone in the locker room who tried to bring him down. Then, this man made a foul move with an electric rod and that is how Kevin Nash won.

Just take a look at Wikipedia and witness Goldberg's matches in WCW and WWE and then vote. That is how you do justice to any man or any sport and not by voting for one's favourite wrestler without knowing what others have accomplished. It is Goldberg all the way.

He jachhammed each and every wrestler. He is the first wrestler to definitely hogan in those days. He definitely legends like rock, stonecold. Sting, brock. He definitely each wrestler wit in just 2 min... And has biggest strek of 183-0. Undertaker is just 20-0 he lifted every giant. Even legends like rock, stonecold, h, hbk, hogan couldn't touch him. He was most powerful that he bet 10 wrestlers at a time when he was attacked. No wrestler on the world can touch him

Goldberg Goldberg... Feel the power of goldberg. No one can beat him. He can lift anyone just like that. His moves are unexpected. If you wanna have a proof for his power go ahead and ask brock lesner, undertaker, kane, austin, bret hart ha ha ha who is the strongest man?

Ok so here is the thing goldberg has so much energy in each cell of his body that that even though he has such huge bulging physique he can move really well and can punch, kick, smash, anything you name it. Whereas other wrestlers may have bulging physique the cannot move their body very well or punch with as much strength that is why in my opinion he is one of the most complete wrestlers I have ever seen in my life. Period.

Goldberg is the greatest wrestler ever born in WWE ever he jackhammerd every body who comes infront of him and dominate brock lesnar that no body has done in their entire carrier of WWE, SO "PLEASE WAKE UP AND LOOK AT BILL GOLDBERG THE NAME IS BILL GOLDBERG"Name is enough for other wrestlers no stats only and only BILL GOLDBERG, THANKS

Bill is the strongest wrestler of all time! HE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE AT THE TOP OF THE LIST! He did not lose even a single match (the 3-4 matches he lose in his career were because of outer distraction by other wrestlers! I mean, are you KIDDING ME? He defeated the stronger wrestlers like SCOTT STEINER and TEST at the same time in a triple threat match, where they both used to team work against him. It was just as "two on one" match even though Goldberg won. Goldberg MUST BE AT THE TOP OF THE LIST!

Goldberg is the strongest ever wrestler in the face of WWE. There's no one who can beat him and there's everyone that he can beat. John Cena is more of a made out to be superstar. But, bill comes from a tremendous strength and vigor.

WWE released bill because he refused to lose his matches for creating their story lines. He knew only how to win and beat down other, thanks to his gigantic power. - mohitchauhan

Someone said that once he bench presses 700 pounds raw and when his friends are gonna add extra weight he told them "that's enough" with boring voice that looks like he could bench more than that. What a man. He could also squat and deadlift 800 pounds and did flipping good mornings with 425 pounds said in an interview

Yes... The strongest wrestler is Bill Goldberg, no doubt. His spear and Jackhammer are fatal and absorb almost all stamina of any opponent.

He is the most powerful ever in WWE can bench press 600-750 pound. He beats the rock, brock lesnar, hulk hogan, etc. - subhashsahu

Did you see that Suplex on the Bigshow at wcw it's amazing watch it in youtube

strongest guy ever in wrestling history, love he s catch phrase you are next
what a beast
, greatest spear ever on christian

His strength and in the ring ability is unmatched by any other, he jackhammered each and every single guy he faced with such ease, he military pressed scott stiener (285lbs) 5 times, he military pressed batista (320lbs) and brock lesnar (295lbs). He could lift ANY wrestler, ANYtime, ANYwhere.

In wrestling world brock lesner is best but goldberg is a greater than brock lesner because goldberg beat him for world heavyweight champion ship...

strongest and toughest competeter ever

Jackhammered Big Show with only one arm. And he's taken out people weighing more than 350 pounds.

I'm big fan of goldberg other wrestlers are nothing the father of all is bill goldberg

bill goldberg is strongest wwe wrestler ever
did you saw the jackhammer given to big the giant

Your stupid because he should be strongest wrestler in the world that's not enough you don't know about know about him that much he can even Brock. Goldberg he is not popular because he got retired in 2004 and had quit WWE and went to a job that he can find. He can even spear and ribs break in half so shut up

Bill Goldberg has an amazing strength even Brock Lesnar was afraid of him. Roman reigns spears Brock Lesnar three times but Lesnar can still stands when Goldberg gave him a single spear Lesnar can't stand

I think he is most powerful wrestler in the world.

Bill Goldberg jack hammered big show, Mark Henry, Alexander rusev, Brock lesnar, and could jackhammer giant Gonzalez and ultimate warrior. He should face great kali and Mark Henry, the rock and big e. Langston in a six threat match and he should jackhammer both big e. Along with the rock. And spear great kali and Mark Henry at wrestle mania 34 and win the heavyweight championship. He can bench 750 pounds, people. Not 605 that's more like Brock lesnars benching wight. He's the most powerful WWE and strongman ever. You can take giant Gonzalez, the great kali, and Bruno samartino, Andre the giant and they still don't equal this mega powerhouse bill Goldberg. And no Brock lesnar can do 650 to 655 pounds. But Bill Goldberg is one of the most remembered legends out of the WWE. His streak is more then The Undertakers streaks. Impossible to beat Goldberg unless you're Brock lesnar. Because he is a destroyer that can bench almost 700/790 pounds. So that's why you people believe he is stronger ...more

I think he should be number 1 because everyone knows how he could military press men heavier than him, he did it to batista (320lbs) and brock lesnar (295lbs), wherease he himself weighed 280lbs.
I wonder if cena or ryback could do it.

Cena's strength depends on his shoulders. He lifts people using his shoulders. But Bill Goldberg can carry people using only his hands. He can close line the big show with one hand and make him fall. So this makes Goldberg the strongest.

He is absolutley best wrestler in WWE history with 173-0... None has escaped from him so easy. He can beat up to 10 wrestler at the same time. Therefore he is one that cannot be defeated. I wish he came back... He is peoples champions... My champion...