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21 Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End

Having checked the ban lists of every update for the past 10 years, I can confirm that this card has been flat out banned for AT LEAST a decade. That means something

This card is so overpowered that it is banned.

This card is op

It's half the yata-garasu lock, not letting your opponent do anything

22 Dragon Master Knight

Best card in my deck, I have some card called hex something which lets me use as fusion material instead of having to summon blue eyes ultimate in its place

This card works great and like the other person said it's not as good as exodia or the god cards but with a lot of dragon monsters it's attack gets REALLY high!

How can blue eyes ultimate dragon be stronger that this card when you have to tribute that card to make this card.

Awesome card

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23 Harpie's Feather Duster

I have this on its fun to use

24 Heavy Storm

They should un-ban this card! It's great to use against people who are too dependent on the back row, including pendulum zones

Banned but removes all spell 7 trap cards on the field.

25 Kuriboh

Kuriboh is the best card in yugioh

Yeah he is so powerful he can jump and point his ferocious claws at the opponent

I don't thank he is the 24th strongest card unless you have the right spell cards

Yami: I sacrifice Yugi, to summon Kuriboh! (totally worth it)

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26 Red Eyes Darkness Dragon

Best card for every dragon type monster in your graveyard you gain 300 attack perfect if you use D. Tribe then dispose of those cards to your graveyard.

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27 Majestic Red Dragon

I have this card and I honestly think it is the best card because it can't be destroyed by card kills all the defense mode cards on the field whats cooler than that

I agree that the majestic red dragon is an awesome card and that it should be put in the top 20 not top 30

I have a majestic red dragon

Sow cool

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28 Lava Golem

I don't know wt card is this

WHAT the heck is this doing all the way down here?!?!.for 1 this card has 3000 atk points that's the same as b.e.w.d(blue eyes). Its one of the ultimate cards only downside is that it damages you every turn you weild it.

29 Shooting Quasar Dragon

It's the strongest synchro monster in game, it has 4000 atk and definitely, it can attack at lest 2 times in a turn also once per turn you can negate a card or effect activation and destroy the card, if you can destroy it he will leave you a present a shooting star dragon

Amazing in correct deck

I have one of those and I a the same guy as before in the red nova dragon comment

Its one of the best cards not 28th it should be in the top 5

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30 Red Dragon Archfiend

It is an ultimate monster. The attack power of 3000 is immense as it is stronger then any card I have ever witnessed. Its effect is awesome because if you synchro summon Red Dragon Archfiend and your opponent has several set monsters then you could attack one monster and the rest would be destroyed so in one turn you can have an advantage over your opponent even though you the last turn he had much more cards on the field than you.

31 Monster Reborn

This spell card is probably the greatest, no wonder it's banned from tournaments. Monster Reincarnation needs to have a better card effect to replace Monster Reborn.

Sometimes when I play my monsters that I have get destroyed and when I draw this I never lose.

Monster Reborn kicks ass

I have this card and its butiful

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32 Judgment Dragon

Easy to get out all you need is 4 lightsworn monsters with different names in your grave, pay 1000 life points to destroy all other cards on the field. One of the best nuke cards in the game.

This is The most powerful Card ever. This card destroy any Card in a blink of an eye. If you have more than 3000 life point in 3 turns your oponent can say godbye to The duel. Not even The Egyptian gods stand agains him.

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33 The Creator

Don't even have to be in your hand to win in your deck.

34 Magic Cylinder

Basically if you can end the game with an attack while it's face down well your screwed

I can destroy my opponents live points with this card

This card is the trap card ever, no doubt about it.

35 Divine Serpent

Infinite attack and infinite defense
Once you have this card on the field you cannot lose

On YGOPro, my Orichalcos OTK deck is practically unbeatable. I've only been able to get Serpent out twice, but when I did, it was invulnerable to all, and I won the game in one turn. Totally reccomend using a deck of this nature.

On YGOPro, my Orichalcos OTK deck is practically unbeatable. I've only gotten Serpent out twice, but when I did, it was invulnerable to all, and I won in a turn. Totally reccomend using a deck of this nature.

36 Blue Eyes White Dragon

He should be in the top 10 not #54th

Yeah way to go push him up to the top 10

He is the strongest monster without a special ability to help him out.

Its forms the most powerful fusion ever. Neo blue eyes ultimate dragon. Without blue eyes it could never be.

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37 Dark Armed Dragon

This is generally the best dark-typed dragon-typed ever created

Super powerful

Have it love it

38 Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning

Also the 'Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Evening Twilight' is good to, though this card can attack twice instead of just banish one, plus the twilight one is very hard to summon, you have to have an equal number of light and dark monsters in your graveyard then send all of the light or all of the dark to your banished pile or removed from play. So I vote for envoy of the beginning.

Awesome card. For a light and dark deck. Easy to summon, great effects. Good attack

I am so surprised this thing isn't banned. It's so easy to get out and it can either attack twice or banish one card! This thing alone is an excellent reason to use a Chaos deck.

Super easy to summon and can clear the field fast 10/10

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39 Man-Eater Bug

It may be weak in Atk points and definitely points but it's special ability is amazing and also it's more known then the other monsters that have the same effect.

40 Lord of Searing Flames - Uria

Uria can destroy 1 magic or trap card every turn,
And his/her attack and defense is affected by number of continous trap card in graveyard, for those who use a deck with a numerous continous trap card like me..
He is my ace!

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