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41 Crush Card Virus

Not a monster but it cripples some of the best decks.

It's so op it's band from the iPad game of Yu-gi-oh

42 Beast King Barbaros
43 The Wicked Avatar

It's affect us that it is 100 points stronger than the strongest monster on the field meaning it is the strongest yugioh monster ever made

This monster is always the strongest on the field no matter what, and on top of that, your opponent can't even activate Spells or Traps until 4 turns after you've summoned it!

Why does this card be at the bottom it is by far the best

This is one of the best cards saying that I have it

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44 Emperor of Thunder - Hammon

Hamon is a really strong card and you can win easily with him cause if you destroy one card you can inflict 1000 damage to your opponents life points

45 Millennium Shield

Just kidding'

46 Red Eyes B. Dragon

The Red Eyes brings potential. Can be the strongest card in yugioh if you help it with supportive cards.

It is may second fave flaming fire ball is explosive when it hits the target

Red eyes and good attack explosives

Awesome and very classic but I wonder why it’s not up there with the rest

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47 Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon

I think this card rocks

Mates this card is a beast and anyone who denies its power really need to experience such overwhelming strength. This card is the raw essence of power. Every deck requires this plus add Lightray Daedalus and you have a extreme battle ground set up for even the most worthy of duelists.

I think this guy looks sick and also it's effect is a pretty good one. I have never lost a match with this card

Galaxy eyes is really awesome his eyes looks like the galaxy and he can tern into neo galaxy eyes😉but I like this one more😃👍 and belongs to kite

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48 Mirror Force

The best trap card in the game;says me

op trap

49 Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon

It is op because it can be used in every dragon deck and I use it to make my Slifer invincible. In a sense, it is even better than Slifer

I love it what if I fused it together with my blue eyes white dragon.

50 Grapha, Dragon Lord of Dark World

He's so easy to summon,2700 ATK plus if discarded you get to destroy a card. By far the best card

51 Fire King High Avatar Garunix

I have this deck

^ and the Circle of the Fire Kings, Onslaught of the Fire Kings, Fire King Avatar barong, Fire King Avatar Kirin/ THE FIRE KING CANN'T GET BEAT!

52 Makyura the Destructor
53 Last Turn
54 Exchange of Spirit
55 Exodia the Forbidden One

Duude he's baller he can have put to infinite attack the only downside is no defense XI

Fourth best easily can take down any card but the Egyptian god cardds

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56 Thousand-Eyes Restrict

This card is a automatic tournament winner that's why it's banned it's so powerful it will literally make your cry!

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57 Elemental Hero Magma Neos

He gains 300 attack points for every cards on the field, plus an extra 500 from neos space and equip spells also give 300 extra atk. In the final episode of GX Jaden would have won with this if yugi did not have magic cylinder. But a flaw is that when shuffled into the extra deck by its own effect every card on the field is shuffled into the deck even yours and you can not set or summon any more cause its you end phase so have a contact out for a deck using this card.

This card is my favorite it gains 400 atk every card on the field but it go back to the fusion deck

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58 Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV8

If you can get this card out on the field, your opponent can no longer use spell cards, that basically takes away one of there only chances to destroy it, and if you have a Jinzo or Royal Decree out on the field, you opponent can't activate trap cards either, oh and I almost forgot to mention this but... 3000 ATTACK

I own it in my deck and it is so OP one hit moves!

59 Rainbow Dragon

It's very strong if you have crystal beast deck it's hard to get him out but he will destroy even the god cards when he is out you can add his power by 1000 for each of the crystal beasts you still have out are sacrificed

I think this card should be in the top 10 because once he's summoned he's stronger than the Egyptian gods and armityle

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60 Necrovalley
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