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61 Super Rejuvenation
62 Winged Kuriboh

The reason I picked this card because there are so many combos you can do with this card. when you summon this card on the field make sure you have mage power or united we stand in your so you can give it to your opponent monster then use battle mania so they are forced to attack then you win

My friends says I'm silly to have a winged kuriboh in my deck, I say it's best card

It beat the god ra and I use a certain card so ra was forced to attack

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63 Magical Scientist
64 Substitoad
65 Destiny Hero - Disc Commander
66 Card of Safe Return
67 Master of the Gaurd - Exodd

This card has 4000 definitely that is enough for even rainbow dragon I mean seriously this card is just plain awesome, the only thing I don't like is the Spinx tribute but seriously!

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68 Baby Dragon

3 star, only 1700 atk, and when you summon thousand dragon it still isn't strong

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69 Beelze of the Diabolic Dragons

My strongest card by far. Once it's on the field victory is already mine

Unless your opponent can remove it from play you have a 90% chance to win

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70 Special Call to Fiend - Duoleduo

he is awesome he cuts the attack of all other monsters on the field in half

71 Gandora the Dragon of Destruction

I have this card and I have yet to lose a duel when I pull out this beast. Not the strongest, but certainly way up there.

Not the strongest card in the game but in the top 20 for sure. Its affect is = This card can't be special summoned.During your main phase, you can pay half your life points to destroy and remove from play all other cards on the field, and this card gains 300 ATK for each card destroyed this way. Send it to the graveyard during the end phase of the turn it was summoned.
It's a very good card when you opponent has very good cards on the field and you don't.
Tell me what you think of Gandora the Dragon of Destruction

72 Malefic Paradox Dragon
73 Dragon Ruler

Sure this card is the best card ever

74 Waboku
75 Yata
76 Lightray Diabolos

This the best light Ray monster cause you can special summoned with only 5 light type in the graveyard.

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77 Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier

Banishing one card from your hand, field and graveyard, combined with a decent attack, this card is limited to one for a reason.

Just took down the Winged Dragon of Ra with this thing on YGOpro, non-targeting banishment >> Egyptian Gods.

78 Ryu-Ran

What about hundred eyes dragon?

79 Flame Wingman

This elemental beast has an epic ability that activates when it destroys a monster. It hurts the opponents' life points equal to the destroyed monsters attack points!

80 Megarock Dragon

Fill your deck with defensive rock monsters, then summon mega rock dragon by removing 10 or more rock monsters from your graveyard, and you will have a monster with 7000 atk or more. Doest not need tributes to summon so toriential tribute is useless.

I agree I like mega rock dragon to catches a lot duelest off guard

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