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81 Timaeus the Knight of Destiny

How is this card so low it's nearly unstoppable. The card that can destroy it with out dieing is the wicked avatar and one it dies you can bring back Critias and use mirror force or something when it gets attacked.

Yes guys this is not an anime only card, he has been printed as a real card alongside all the buddies. Here is the effect:

Fusion Materials: "Legendary Knight Timaeus" + "Legendary Knight Critias" + "Legendary Knight Hermos"
Must be Special Summoned (from your Extra Deck) by sending the above cards you control to the Graveyard, and cannot be Special Summoned by other ways. (You do not use "Polymerization".) This card is unaffected by other cards' effects. Once per battle, if this card attacks or is attacked, during damage calculation (in either player's turn): You can make this card's ATK and definitely become equal to the ATK of the monster on the field with the highest ATK (your choice, if tied). When this card is destroyed by battle: You can Special Summon 3 "Legendary Knight" monsters from your hand, Deck, and/or Graveyard, ignoring their Summoning conditions.

The 3 legendary knights that are the fusion materials are spell cards whose name counts as the name of ...more

Is powerful.

82 Yata
83 Gaia the Fierce Knight

Also one of my best (See dark magician)

84 Master of Oz
85 Number 88: Gimmick Puppet of Leo

Once you put 3 destiny counters on it you win the duel.

86 Malefic Truth Dragon

I have that card and won a state tournament

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87 Number C39: Utopia Ray

I gave him a zexal weapon and he got 4400 attack

Start losing on purpose then win really easily.

It could turn to c39utopiavictory by using Astro card


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88 Cyber End Dragon

This Monster is a beast! Just read its effect: If this card attacks a defense position monster inflict piercing battle damage to your opponent. That combined with a massive 4000 Atk/ 2800 definitely it makes it one of the strongest cards in the game! Speaking about attack strength using Power Bond or Limiter Removal you can boost its attack up to 8000-16000 and beyond! Plus it's extremely easy to summon because of Cyber Dragon Nova's effect or the effect cards Cyber Repair Plant, Cyber Network or Cybernetic Fusion Support. And if you run a decent cyber deck then you should be drawing into the cards you need for th Otk, I suggest a 40 card minimum deck.

This card should be much higher on this ranking it packs 4000 attack and if the opposing monster has less than 2800 defense it inflicts the damage to life points. It rocks!

At 8000 atk very strong

89 Number Ci1000: Numerronius Numerronia

It's attack is AMAZING. I mean, it has an incredible 100,000 attack and defense points. And the god cards are useless against it. the god of yugioh!

5 Level 13 monsters
Cannot be destroyed by battle except with "Number" monsters. When a "Number C1000: Numerronius" you control is destroyed: You can Xyz Summon this card from your Extra Deck, by using it as the Xyz Material. This card cannot be destroyed by card effects. This card cannot attack. Your opponent cannot target other monsters for an attack. During your opponent's End Phase, if your opponent did not declare an attack this turn, you win the Duel. When an opponent's monster declares an attack: You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card; negate that attack, and if you do, gain Life Points equal to that monster's ATK. WOW.

Its has 100000 Atk

90 Pot of Greed

Why ban pot of greed? It helps the game go faster and get the cards you need. This should be in the top ten spell cards

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91 Fire Princess
92 Blue Eyes White Dragon's 3 Body Connection

Why have so many blue eyes dragons though

Requires wicked chain and 3 blue eyes but 4500 atk and 8 attacks per turn is well worth it - HaHaITROLLEDU

4500 ATK and can attack 8 times a turn. - HaHaITROLLEDU

93 Hero Kid

He is Cool and He is one of my favorite heroes

94 Number 11: Big Eye
95 Marshmallon V 1 Comment
96 Schwarzschild Limit Dragon V 1 Comment
97 Number 39: Utopia

It has a upgrade duh! It is utopia Ray

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98 The Seal of Orichalcos

Field Spell:
All monsters you control gain 500 attack. once per turn this card cannot be destroyed by card effects. While you control 2 or more face up attack position monsters, your opponent cannot target your monster (s) with the lowest attack for an attack. When this card is activated Destroy All special summoned monsters you control. You cannot special summon monsters from your extra deck. you can only activate one the seal of orichalcos per duel.

Sick Field Card?

This card is pretty sweet minus the fact you can't summon any monsters from your extra deck but your opponent can.

99 Number C88: Gimmick Puppet Disaster Leo

The god card in number.

Very good for a control deck

100 Ancient Crimson Ape
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