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101 Zubaba General

This can get really strong quickly in warrior deck

102 Darklord Desire
103 Stardust Warrior

Can defeat most monsters, after all, you can negate any summon in the first place.

I like star dust warrior is strong his effect is great he is as strong as the blue eyes Wight Dragon and when I got my first deck he helped me win my first fue duels

104 Horus The Black Flame Dragon Lv 6
105 Number 32: Shark Drake V 2 Comments
106 Gagaga Magician

Effect: Declare a level from 1-8, this card becomes that level until the end phase.

V 1 Comment
107 Torrential Tribute

Even if they manage to bring out the creator god of light this trap card can be used when any monster is summoned and destroys ALL monsters on the field

Its just the same because this card only can be activated when a montser summon. not when a monster would be summon. because when god of light already summoned. no matter what the one who summon it will win the duel instantly

108 Exodia Necross

This card is awesome when you have all the pieces of exodia in the graveyard

109 Sphinx Teleia

Has a great defense at 3000 that is a keeper

A great defense at 3000

110 Barbaroid, the Ultimate Battle Machine

It can Attack 2 times a turn.

V 1 Comment
111 Andro Sphinx
112 Zorc Necrophades V 1 Comment
113 White Night Dragon

This card is a lethal card compared to many cause it destroys spells and traps that target it and you can destroy your on spell to make it as the target of an attack instead

This Card is OP! 3000 atk just like blue eyes, but has a amazing eff. can't be effect by traps or spell and you can send to the grave ti with the attack of your opponent's monster to it.

At 3,000 ATK and 2,500 definitely its just as strong as Blue Eyes plus its affect negates spells and trap cards

114 Skill Drain

Stops almost every deck out there in current meta cold, Also the only card if out on the field first can negate venomminga the snake diety. You can go on an on about this card or that when the fact is Skill drain takes all your monsters effects even Jinzo's if out first and shuts them down.

V 1 Comment
115 Victory Dragon

Banned yes I know, but the only card in duel monsters that not only will win you the game but wins you the match. which is why it will forever be banned in tounrys.

116 Earthbound Immortals

I got all of them, I won 5 duels in a row

117 Shooting Star Dragon V 3 Comments
118 Swords of Revealing Lights

It's so good the person can't attack for 3 turns.

119 Vennominaga The Deity of Poisonous Snakes

Seriously? This is a top 10 card.

Gains 500 atk for each reptile tipe monster in your grave! THIS CARD IN UNAFFECTED AND CANNOT BE TARGET BY OTHER EFFECTS! This card can revives itself if destroied by battle. by removing a reptile from The graveyard and if this card inflicts damage 3 times, you win The duel

A bit hard to bring out, but past 7 reptiles in the grave (8 if you include the one to be destroyed vennominon), and the opponent has to deal with at least 4000 attak monster, that's immune to effects. so only choice, battle...

120 Odd-Eyes Dragon

Can take out blue eyes ultimate Dragon with one attack

Has 2500 atk and has the same effect as Flame Wingman

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