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121 Final Countdown

It is the best card because in the 20th turn after its activeation you win.

122 Level Up
123 Number C92: Heart-Earth Chaos Dragon

When you see this card you think this is a weak card but when you read its effect it is so powerful

124 Golden Homunculus

He gains 300 attack and definitely for each removed from play monster. I'm not saying he is the strongest just should be considered for the list...

125 Mine Mole
126 Gogogo Golem

1nce per turn he can be made unstoppable without you having to do anything! Sick or what!

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127 Tornado

Okay it's not a monster card but so what if your opponent has a lot of spell cards on his side you can use tornado to flip them all up and destroy one.

128 Susa Soldier
129 Remove Trap

Can remove a trap.

130 Gold Sarcophagus
131 Wattaildragon

Sick it has the power of a number card.

132 Number 96: Dark Mist

My favourite card, but extremely easy to beat with card effect

Once per battle, during either player's turn, when an attack is declared involving this card and an opponent's monster: You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card; halve the ATK of the opponent's monster, and if you do, this card gains that same amount of ATK

133 Gagaga Girl
134 Gagaga Child

Has a cool effect

135 Darklord Asmodeus
136 ZW - Unicorn Spear

You can equip this to utopia ray & he gains 1900 atk also he stops all effects best card for utopia

137 Road Warrior

I have won 7 duels with this baby! Woo

138 Majestic Star Dragon

This card has 3800 ATM which is a whole lot! Also it can negate the effect of 1 card per turn. This card can be tributes to destroy all of your opponents cards. The negate effect plus the tribute effect makes for a good combo because your opponent can't negate the tribute.

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139 Golden Dragon
140 Devious NightMare
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