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161 Number 92: Heart Earth Dragon
162 Rainbow Neos

Powerful atk & definitely. Had a very best and useful effect. Help me win many time when I'm dueling with friend. A little hard to summon...Come on duelist. Let had a fun duel.

163 T.G. Halberd Cannon

You pretty much can't lose if you bring this guy out.

Can negate monster summonings. It also packs a massive 4000/4000 Attack and Defense. With an ability like that plus that power behind it, it's one of the strongest cards to have existed.

164 Chimeratech Overdragon

One of the strongest fusion monsters. It can attack as many times as the fusion material monsters used to summon this monster. It's attack is equal to the number of fusion material monsters X 800.

165 Raigeki

Destroy all monsters your opponent controls this card is overpowwred - HaHaITROLLEDU

166 Gaia Drake, the Universal Force
167 Montage Dragon
168 Heart-Earth Dragon
169 Rite of Spirit
170 Pyramid Of Light

No... Words To explain////

171 Earthbound Immortal Ccapac Apu

This card is an unbeatable card only if you have one of the 5 legendary dragons you can destroy it otherwise this Earthbound immortal special ability is top and can stop any monster to be special summonded. Also it can stop traps and spells card from being activated.

172 Supreme Arcanite Magician
173 Number C96: Dark Storm

With the right moves you can beat anyone with this.

174 Call of the Haunted

By using call of the haunted u can bring back any card including the gods,trap, and spell cards

175 Scap-Iron Scarecrow

Trap, effect: "when an opponent's monster declares an attack,target the attacking monster negate the attack,also,after that set this card face down instead of sending it to the graveyard

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176 Sorcerer of Dark Magic

The best spell caster monster that disinter an exodia monster

177 Dododo Swordsman
178 Blue Eyes Ultimate Dark Dragon V 2 Comments
179 Messenger of Peace
180 Divine Serpent Geh

I know you can't use it and even if you are allowed it would be extremely hard to summon but infinite attack points and can only be defeated by cheat reasoning used by Yugi which is against the rules IRL. So infinite attack, can't be destroyed (as it is protected by the Orichalcos 3rd seal).

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