The Winged Dragon of Ra


I found some time ago that the Winged Dragon of Ra has both sphere and Phoenix abilities are a powerful combo. What I found was that Ra along in the normal TCG is lean OK but throw in one sphere and one immortal Phoenix and the game changes all together. Not only do these three forms antagonize with one and other but all three combined are so devastating it stupid. The way to go in that area is to get the Immortal Phoenix into the grave, summon the Sphere Mode, and Finally Summon Ra. If Ra should be destroyed Ra's Phoenix will come out a decimate the entire field if you choose but if you choose you can send the phoenix to the grave and get out the sphere mode again and repeat. If the Sphere mode is used Ra gets 4000 ATK & DEF points.

Winged dragon of Ra is the weakest god card and among the worst cards in all of Yugioh. You have to pay life points until a single bit of damage can kill you, otherwise it has zero attack. It's not immune to anything, so it's way too easy to take off the field. And its second effect has you pay life points, but how are you going to pay life points when you only have 100 left?!

The winged dragon of raw is good but if you have infinite cards and Slifer the sky dragon sliders power is limit less you can do that with the winged dragon of raw but you have to pay life points to determine his power I would rather sacrifice cards then life points

The Winged Dragon of Ra is so powerful that in the anime effects Ra is untouchable by all kinds of card effects and Ra can attack all Monsters once each and then attack your opponent Directly ending the duel completely. The Winged Dragon of Ra is actually so powerful in the anime that not even Slifer and Obelisk combined can defeat Ra.

RA is a super strong card which can be easily found in his own booster pack. This card is also some kind of machine which is so powerful that gives your opponent fear when you summon this legendary card this is really a dangerous card to duel against with and if you have the gold sarcophagus you can easily get him...

The Winged Dragon of Ra is the ultimate beast. He is absolutely unbeatable when he is in his phoenix mode. His power in infinite when in that mode. Plus he has many special abilities like sacrificing your monsters points directly to him and sacrificing your life points to his attack points.

If you pay 1000 life points to activate Ra third and most powerful ability. Ra becomes phoenix his atk and def becomes zero until end of that turn but :

1. He is completely unaffected by magic, trap and monsters effects and he can't be destroyed by battle

2. He destroys all monsters on the field. This effect works on any divine monster.

So he can't be destroyed and he can destroy every monster on the field with this effect.

Have you people ever even seen the winged dragon of ra card or just watched the anime. Because the winged dragon of ra doesn't gain the attack points of the monsters sacrificed in the card game just in the anime.

Can easily destroy both Obelisk, AND Slifer. Give up 1000 life points and destroy Slifer instantly, and sacrifice 6900 out of your 7000 life points to give RA 6900 attack, which can easily destroy Obelisk!

I agree that the winged dragon of raw is the most powerful card in the game but I've heard when you fuse all 3 Egyptian god cards and then you can summon the creator of light card. There is a 1% chance of getting the creator of light

The winged Dragon of Ra. Slifer the sky Dragon and Obelisk the tormentor Belongs to Yugi

I do agree he is the most powerful of all

It is an over powered card and I love his effect and it is simple to get him out with cards like tiki curse and tiki soul and I have one other monster in 2 turns he is out for me

He is actually one of the weakest, because if you have 8000, and his effect makes you lose Life Points for the monsters ark points, you reduce your life points to 100, he has 7900, enough to beat any card, and your opponent activates final flame, you lose the duel. so it is weak in my opinion.

The SWORDSMAN FROM A DISTANT LAND because even though it is weak it can destroy any monster foolish enough to cross it in the end it could destroy THE WINGED DRAGON OF RA

Always wanted this card. I had all the parts to exodia and slifer and obelisk. I remember my cousin giving me lots of good cards but 1. that was ra

If you sacrifice the two other god cards and another strong card you can make the winged dragon of ra unstoppable! ( I have all three god cards

The winged dragon of ra is the most unstoppable card ever, 1 his attack can be 8000 and2 he can make his defense into 8000 or lower

The most powerful cart is actually The Great Leviathan from the original yugioh whos attack and defenses points are an infinity symbol. The card specifically says if you have this card is on the field, you can't lose the duel, and you can also discard your hand and deck to the graveyard while it's in play to automatically win the game.

Great in the anime, but not practical at all in real life. He has the potential for very high ATK, but it's very volatile, and you'll be left near dead afterwards. Seeing as how Ra has no form of self-protection against card effects, this leaves you extremely vulnerable. Your other option is to leave him at a pitiful 0 ATK and DEF in exchange for a 1000 LP monster removal. Not terrible...if he didn't require 3 tributes to summon. You can't even special summon him, unlike the other two. Sphere and Phoenix forms might make things interesting, but by himself, Ra is the worst of the God cards and pretty mediocre in general.

This card is super powerful it may be easy to be beat in its first version but its second is powerful and its effect is really crazy

This card can really do some deep damage and that's why it is the strongest card in the history of yu-gi-oh.

In the show Marik said that this is the strongest card of all duel monsters and he know a lot he is a tomb keeper so he would know.

Ra is unbeatable nobody can defeat that card but I think that Exodia has a massive chance against Ra.

Well if you just defend and wait until you draw him he's unbeatable... so yeah, that's a good thing I guess