Top Ten Strongest Yu-Gi-Oh! Characters

The Top Ten

1 Yugi Moto

Naturally Yugi would be first but to be fair, Jaden would've beaten him in the last episode of GX if they didn't cut out before the duel ended...

Seto Kaiba really should have "adopted" a new strategy if he was going to defeat yugi

Three Egyptian god cards, dark magician and dark magician girl

Yugi beat Atem so really Atem loses here, and he beat kaiba which is why in the future he is still king of games in GX

2 Jaden Yuki

Strong deck that works together, Elemental Hero

Strongest deck and let yugi win to have fun

Elemental hero and neo spacian

3 Seto Kaiba

Probably the most relevant character in every Yu-Gi-Oh spinoff, and not just Duel Monsters (on and off-scren). His actions (like his creation of Duel Disks and Duel Academy) led up to the events happening in every spin off.

Blue eyes white dragon

Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon!

4 Yusei Fudo

Probably the most tactical player in the franchise, yusei often beats his opponent preparing an unique and interesting setup.

Tecnaly he is almost nothing without ultimate cross sence

5 Mai Valentine Mai Valentine, known as Mai Kujaku in the manga and Japanese anime, is a recurring and supporting character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga and anime.

I like mai cause she is cool, beautiful, and kind

6 Aster Phoenix

One of the best duelists in the world alongside Yugi and Kaiba.

His destiny heroe's are incredible, and he only lost if his opponents were very lucky.

7 Jack Atlas
8 Akiza Izinski
9 Tea Gardner
10 Alexis Rhodes

The Contenders

11 Zane Truesdale

He was the only one who jaden could never beat in the Anime. AND in the manga, he fueled against Chazz and won without taking A SINGLE POINT OF DAMAGE! HELL KAISER FOREVER

12 Jesse Anderson

Crystal beasts and rainbow dragon

13 Yubel

She is still undefeated.

14 Crow Hogan

I gotta say, this dude is pretty strong. He’s also a pretty funny character, and he’s one of the MANY reasons why I enjoy 5D’s.

15 Yuma Tsukumo

Why does everyone hate him? I actually like him

Thumbs up for putting him on the list.

He probly is aculy fist because the nubers can only be defeted by other nubers

16 Yuya Sakaki

Looking at what he is able to do over the course of the series, he is easily one of the best duelists in the franchise. Being able to summon out multiple monsters with ease would be able to possibly beat even yugi or kaiba.

17 Chazz Princeton
18 Joey Wheeler Joseph "Joey" Wheeler is one of the main characters in Yu-Gi-Oh! known as Katsuya Jonouchi in the Manga and Japanese version and friend of Yugi Moto, Tea and Tristian, Joey started off as a bully along with Tristian who picked on Yugi at one point he threw a piece of the Millennium Puzzle into a pool more.
19 Marik Ishtar
20 Z-One

Since his timelords cannot be destroyed, many duelists in the franchise don't have an out against his monsters. In addition, his handtraps often surprise his opponent.

21 Dartz
22 Kite Tenjo

Kite is an overpowered character who beat Yuma

Kite is still unbeatable

23 Yusaku Fujiki

During the last duel of the anime, he consistently brought out 2 boss monsters during every single turn, put his opponent into targeting and attacking locks, get's out negations, would've beaten his opponent during every turn if he didn't have an answer, and still kept enough resources to built up another board if his current is broken. In addition, he has shown an incredible knowledge of rulings and tactics which makes outsmarting him very difficult. He is way better than any other yugioh protagonist shown yet.

24 Zorc
25 Pegasus

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