10 Greatest Structures of Modern Times

Here I will tell you about the greatest structures of the modern times. (1900 - present)

The Top Ten

1 Burj Khalifa, Dubai Burj Khalifa, Dubai

I love Dubai!

It's the tallest structure ( non freestanding ) structure ever! Its one of the big reasons why Dubai is so famous. - User4873

It is beautiful
And the sunlight bounces gracefully on the tall structure, which I love about this building
The thinness and tallness obviously is also amazing - gdgg

2 The Shard, London

Its just amazing how the laser lights bounce of the massive structure. Also it's one of the tallest structures in Europe. - User4873

3 Empire State Building, New York City Empire State Building, New York City

It was the first building to surpass the Chrysler building and now the tallest building in U.S. A leaded by the Sears Tower. It's one of the most famous tourist attraction in Amarica. - User4873

4 Chrysler Building, New York City

Nicknamed the building of Steel, it is the tallest building ever made by steel. It was made in 1930. - User4873

5 'The Eggshell'

It's the tallest building that is ever round, and the only building the shape of a egg. - User4873

6 CN Tower, Toronto

It's the tallest freestanding structure, and that to in Canada! - User4873

7 Sydney Opera House, Sydney

It's a beautiful momentum to look at, it looks just like a shark in water but it's actually an Oprah house! - User4873

8 Tower Bridge, London

It was built when the London Bridge was rebuilt and shipped to Arizona. Now it's one of the most famous places to be in the WORLD! - User4873

9 Taipei 101, Taipei

It's a runner-up after the Burj Khalifa to being the tallest building. - User4873

10 Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

Very picturesque, but not even the longest bridge in san Francisco.

It's the longest bridge ever! - User4873

The Contenders

11 International Commerce Centre, Hong Kong, China
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