Top Ten Struggles of Being in Band

Fellow Band Geeks, you know what we're going through. Some of these may be specific to certain instruments.

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1 Nobody gives credit to your section

I play clarinet, and you can hardly hear us, even when we're supposed to have the main part! Also, in my school district, barely anyone chooses to play clarinet, so we'll end up with like, 20 flute, saz, and trumpet players, and 6 clarinet players, including me. Yeah.

I play the alto saxophone, and everyone else in my section plays too loud, but I play a good volume. Everyone thinks the alto saxophones are bad.

I play low brass (euphonium), so I don't get much credit. I'm sure the percussionists agree with me. - PianoQueen

I’m not in a band, but I’ve noticed how people only ever give credit to the lead singer most of the time and act like the other members don’t exist. It’s really annoying. - 3DG20

2 Beginners joining

When they start out on a new instrument, they sound like a bus being crashed by dying elephants. This was true to everyone when they start. (Listen to our fifth graders at the beginning of the year and you'll agree.) - PianoQueen

3 Extremely high notes

Eb scale, I'm looking at you. If you play brass, please don't faint. - PianoQueen

4 Crazy fingering


This isn't really a problem for me, because I only have three valves, so mostly wood winds have to deal with this. - PianoQueen

5 Instruments are expensive

The school provides me with one because they have one, so I only had to pay for mine when I played trumpet. - PianoQueen

Mine school owns instruments that are expensive one reason I play tuba - lbelle0527

6 Measures of rest

There is one piece where I open with 8 MEASURES OF REST! - PianoQueen

7 A few of the people in band have no idea what they're doing
8 Your instrument is very common

The flute is the most common.

This is why I choose tuba only two proportioned up if you count me - lbelle0527

When I played trumpet, I dealt with this. - PianoQueen

9 The trumpets play so loud that you can't hear any other section, including your own

Then the trumpets complain that you can't hear the tubas. And when the teacher ask us to play alone they say we are too quite. I am sorry you blast and there is six of us and twenty of you - lbelle0527

Update had a concert, and tubas had a important part and my band has 60-70 people and only three tubas and we had an important part but every one else drowned us out so no one could hear us and the person recording us was right next to the tubas - lbelle0527

I play tuba there are only five of of us and about twenty trumpets - lbelle0527

10 You're the only one in your section

This is my current situation, so I have to practice with Bass Clarinet, Tuba, Trombone, and Tenor Sax. - PianoQueen

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11 People play something wrong repeatedly, but you don't want to correct them and sound rude
12 You have braces

Well, if you play brass, all I can say is good luck. - PianoQueen

13 There is a shortage of less common instruments

What happened was our old euphonist switched to tuba, because we needed a tubist. And a euphonium player was needed so now I play euphonium. - PianoQueen

14 Some people pretend dynamics do not exist, and they just play loud the whole time
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1. Nobody gives credit to your section
2. Instruments are expensive
3. A few of the people in band have no idea what they're doing
1. Nobody gives credit to your section
2. Extremely high notes
3. Beginners joining


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