Top Ten Struggles of Being a Metalhead

Ok, these may have not happened to every metalhead. If none of these never happened to you then good for you. If these ever happened then tell me your experience.

The Top Ten

1 People thinking you're a devil worshiper

Metal isn't satanic and those people need to stop whining about it. Black Sabbath even wrote a Christian song "After Forever" which proves that they aren't satanic. - MorbidCannibalSlayer

I'm a Christian and I Love Metal. People are too quick to judge. - Stevenuniversefangirl

Everyone at school calls me this everyday - Lucretia

Yes, this list is very relatable. - Metal_Treasure

2 If you're black and listen to metal, people will call you "white"

I'm black and my mom thinks there is something wrong with me for hating rap music. I think there is something wrong with her liking modern rap music. - KianaLexi

Ever heard of a white rapper? An example: Eminem. - MorbidCannibalSlayer

I am white, so this doesn't happen to me, but it is awful. - Lucretia

3 People who make the metal community look bad

Yes, there are such metal fans but it's true for every fanbase. - Metal_Treasure

4 People will think you're depressed

I am depressed - Brobusky

No, I'm just tired from headbanging too much. - Metalhead1997

5 People will assume your favorite color is black

My favorite colour is black - Brobusky

It is but other people have lighter colored shirts. - Metalhead1997

6 You're expected to have band merchandise in order to be a true metalhead
7 People will think you only listen to Metallica

Metallica isn't the only one. - Metalhead1997

8 People going crazy when you listen to genres other than metal
9 Annoying people who claim they listen to metal, but list bands that are not metal

Oh, yes - my biggest struggle, even on this site. I think users hate when I write this comment "This isn't metal". But when people learn more about metal and what metal is, they agree with me. - Metal_Treasure

Example Avenged Sevenfold isn't Metal and yet people call them Metal they are only Metal at times but not enough to be called Metal - christangrant

10 Being asked if you are listening to the band on your shirt

I'm listening to DOOM:VS right now but I'm wearing an...and Justice For All shirt. - Metalhead1997

The Contenders

11 People saying that it's just noise.

This posses me off

12 People claiming you're emo or goth

Those are COMPLETELY separate from each other. - Metalhead1997

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