Top Ten Struggles of Being a Tomboy


The Top Ten

1 Some girly girls hate you

There has been a case where girly girls did not accept me for being a more tomboyish girl who didn’t want to listen to their boy bands and wear a bunch of jewelry.

Too bad no one cares what their snobby a**es think about them. - 3DG20

2 You are forced to wear feminine clothes by your parents
3 You are forced to wear makeup by your parents
4 Some people think you're a lesbian

Stop these stereotypes!

I hate this so much! I'm a tomboy and straight yet the girly girls in my school call me a dyke and a lesbian. Turns out that one of the girls who bully me is bisexual!

I am not lesbian, not all tomboys are lesbian, just because they dress boyish does not mean they are one. I am a bisexual who actually leans more towards men.

*sweats nervously* - AnonymousChick

5 Some think you hate girly girls when you don't

There is a huge difference between calling out some annoying people and hating every girly girl. Please learn it. - 3DG20

No, I don't, I love my friends unless they're meany bastard! - Crystalsnow

I don’t hate girly girls, some of my friends are and they are nice people.

6 You get mistaken for a man

Some people think I look like a boy.

My mom thinks that I have a guy's voice

My friend thinks I have the voice of a boy, and that it would be perfect for punk music. I take that as a compliment since I want to sing in a punk band, but I think my voice is a bit girly when I am singing, but when I am talking, it sounds deeper.

Again, you don’t have to be girly to not be mistaken for a man. - 3DG20

It seems tomboys would rather be men than girly girls anyway.

7 You can't wear jeans if you need to wear formal clothes

You have to wear a dress if youu have to wear formal clothes (for girls) - RoseCandyMusic

8 Some of your family want you to be girly

My Asian relatives think that since I'm born a girl, I have to act like a girly girl forever.

9 You can't walk properly if you are forced to wear high heels
10 Everyone thinks you are good at sports even if you're not

I'm actually good at sports especially in soccer but if you talk about badminton and volleyball, I'm pretty weak at them lol - Crystalsnow

I'm kind of a tomboy, but I really hate sports and I prefer playing video games and stuff like that. - PhoenixAura81

Some tomboys probably relate to this - RoseCandyMusic

The thing with sports is, I am not good at them, not because I hate playing it or because I don’t have the energy. I have both, the thing is rather that I don’t have the organized, quick thinking skills for sports. I sometimes would break a rule for not doing a step right, there is just so much rules to sports and you have to do it quickly. I am not the organized kind of person or the quickest thinker. I am more into free sports like skating, a sport that isn’t very organized, I never skated, but I feel like I would be decent at it since it’s not organized, and I have the energy for it.

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