Best Student Oganizations of Bangladesh

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1 Bangladesh Islami Chittarashibir

It is The largest student association of Islamic Movement of not only Bangladesh, also of Asia Continent!

They are the best of all other organization both in morally and dedication on their self and country and own culture in Bangladesh

Islami Chattrashibir is the largest students organization in Bangladesh. They are unique ideological organization and they always working for student problem. Their all activities are in fabour of students interest but they always terrified by others student organization in Bangladesh. So many innocent Shibir leaders and workers are sacrificed their life for Islam and country.

The greatest and most educated Bengali association ever.

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2 Bangladesh Islami Chatrashibir

They are good depend on only allah. and don't get their head down without allah.

Bangladesh Islami chatrashibir world chantry is the vest..

Best organization in the world ever...

The best student political organization in Bangladesh

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3 Bagladesh Jatiotabadi Chittodol

An ideal student organisation of Bangladesh. who is founder of our great leader Shahid president Ziaur Rahman. Education, Unity, Progress is this organisation Idea and helping to establish BNP for Bangladeshi Nationalism by the democracy.

To show alaways education together

We proud of * chatrodol # we have a great history. We can't forget niru/ bablu/raton/Elias/k. Kabir.

4 Bangladesh Chatrolige

I like Bangladesh Islami satro shibir.
This party not same BCL & BCD

5 Shibir

Bangladesh Islami chatro shibir is the only a organization for the students they train them for the way of Islam.

Bangladesh Islami Satro Shibir,

Chattar shibir is the best oranaigation in Bangladesh.

6 Hefajote Islam Bangladesh
7 Dhaka College Debating Society

Leading debating society of our country.

8 Dhaka University Central Students' Union (DUCSU)
9 Destiny Group
10 Bangladesh Student Federation

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11 Narsingdi Zilla Students Association, University of Chittagong
12 Bangladesh Chhatra League
13 Ashulia Thana Student's Union
14 Islami Shasantantra Chhatra Andolan

I support this

A larg student organization of bangladesh

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