Studio Albums You'd Like to See Bands Play In Full at a Live Set

As playing albums in full live has become more popular amongst bands with recent full performances of Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory and The Offspring's Smash this raises the question? What other albums from bands do you want to hear played live in full?

The Top Ten

1 American Idiot - Green Day

It'd be great. They already did Dookie in 2013 so this would be the next step. All the songs from this album would have a theatrical feel to them and hearing a live incarnation of Homecoming again would be something to write home about.

2 Powerslave - Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden generally do long sets so it'd be good to hear one of their albums in full. I think Powerslave would be the choice though as there are songs that have not yet been played live but a lot of the fans want E.G. Flash of the Blade.

3 Meteora - Linkin Park

Hybrid Theory is done so Meteora can come next.

4 Master of Puppets - Metallica
5 Appetite for Destruction - Guns N Roses

Wouldn't be too hard as they play most of this album live anyways.

6 Fallen - Evanescence
7 Absolution - Muse

They previously did Origin of Symmetry, so next step is to fully play this album.

8 Keep the Faith - Bon Jovi

A lot of these songs would sound great live, plus any opportunity to play Dry County live is one that should be taken.

9 Riot! - Paramore

This is the album that made them who they are, plus it's not too long so you could fit in plenty more songs afterwards.

10 Avenged Sevenfold - Avenged Sevenfold

The Contenders

11 Rubber Soul - The Beatles
12 Nevermind - Nirvana
13 Fever - Bullet for My Valentine

It would be epic to see all these songs in one set.

14 A Flash Flood of Colour - Enter Shikari
15 Indestructible - Disturbed

If they did this we'd finally get to hear songs like 'Deceiver', 'The Curse' and 'Facade' which have at this point never been played live.

16 All the Rage!! - Blood on the Dance Floor
17 Epic - Blood on the Dance Floor
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