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1 Spirited Away

Hey, come on! Spirited Away? 5th place?! This movie is awesome! All the Studio Ghibli movies are incredible, but I think that Spirited Away should be, at least, in the Top 3...

Possibly one of my favourite movie of all time. It's uniqueness, beautiful scenery, thrilling plot and mystifying characters all tie into something that brought me into the world of Studio Ghibli. It's truly unforgettable, and it's something I will hold close to my heart as a masterpiece.

Beautiful, heartfelt, and entertaining.

I love this movie

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2 Princess Mononoke

This movie is truly incredible. - moonwolf

Personally I feel the darker tone of Princess Mononoke is more appealing than Spirited Away's feeling. There's something missing in Spirited Away that stops me connecting to it.

I actually think I love Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke equally but I chose this one since I thought this one had a more epic story. - DrewtheGamer98

San's the reason I love this movie.

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3 Howl's Moving Castle

I saw this movie once when I was around 7. I pretty much forgot about it until about a year ago when I was having these nostalgic memories of the film for some odd reason, but couldn't remember the name. So I went on Google and searched up whatever I could remember in hopes of finding the name of the movie. Took me a few tries and then finally, I found it! I watched it and memories of my first time watching this masterpiece came back to me and it was just as beautiful as I remembered. It made me laugh, smile, long for someone, and cry. No other movie has ever made so many emotions come out of me. And the ending was so beautiful! This will forever be my favorite movie of all time and hold a special place in my heart. - Supernatural

This movie is my favorite movie of all time. Every time I watch it I feel happy. Though there may be one or two plot holes, I feel like this is one of the best Studio Ghibli movies, and honestly I think it's underrated..

Breathe-taking music, beautiful visuals, so much emotion behind every aspect. One of the greatest films of all time, and I don't even watch anime.

Howl's moving castle is one of those movies I truly liked, but didn't yet understand completely when I was young. Now being young adult I discovered all the Ghibli films again, which I have always loved but which now hit me straight to my heart. This movie absolutely belongs to my all time favourites and I love it so much. Beautiful story, AMAZING MUSIC and characters <3 Along with Spirited away, Kiki's delivery service, Totoro and The cat returns it's my most memorable and loved Ghibli movie. And Sophie & Howl truly belong together.

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4 Kiki's Delivery Service

My favorite ever. It's just such a nice story and I love the scenery. The ending kinda leaves you hanging with how Kiki cannot understand her cat anymore, but it's so so amazing.

Never watched a movie that got me this involved and engaged about the simple aspects of life, such as baking a cake.

Beautiful film, Studio Ghibli make absolute classics - HollyRolo

sssoo cute

5 My Neighbor Totoro

Totoro is the mascot for studio ghibli and this movie is a masterpiece

This movie might be one of the best movies of all time. A heartwarming classic that is great no matter your age. Watched it many times, and enjoyed every time I watched.

This is a heartwarming story and is great to watch when you have nothing to do.

My first Ghibli film. So much magical nostalgia.

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6 Castle in the Sky

The characters and relationships are absolutely amazing, the setting is captivating, and the plot is an epic story that absolutely NEVER gets old! This beautiful Ghibli classic deserves so much higher

This was my childhood. I loved (and still do) this movie. The plot is very unique and you'll want to keep watching once you've started! - ameiicchi

One of Studios Ghibli's most heartwarming films. Deserves to be in the top 5 at least

This film has always been my favorite, and I think it’s because I love how it was simply an adventure in the sky, and all of the characters are like able in there own way. It’s also a fairly underrated movie, with other movies like Spirited Away being slightly more popular.

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7 Ponyo

Ponyo was my first Ghibli film, and to this day it's still my favorite. It shows that love doesn't have to be romantic to be strong.

As much as I like Spirited Away and Howl's Moving Castle, honestly this one is my favorite.

This was my first Ghibli movie. Its really good. - UnlawfulMatron

Love it!

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8 Grave of the Fireflies

This is the saddest and the best movie ever! Vote up people! It deserves to be on number 1! - abhishah901

One of the most tragic movie that I have ever seen, and I've seen Schindler's List several times. In my opinion, one of the best, if not the best animated movie ever.

Oh god I watched this at 1:00 Am how am I going to explain the sobbing

Take that, Frozen! You're nothing but a screw up movie anyway!

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9 The Wind Rises

This movie feels like a poem - such a beautiful tale that loosely blends history with thoughtful narrative. A hauntingly beautiful message - one of my favorites!

I LOVED this movie! It was a true master piece. It was a bit sad but I have to say this was such a great film. The end was a little confusing though. Over all 4 stars and a thumbs up! :D

Don't know it

10 When Marnie Was There

I just watched this movie an hour ago and it was wonderful! The characters are great and the art is beautiful. And anna is probably the most relatable character I've seen in an anime (at least for me...). Plus, it almost made me cry, which is really hard for a movie to do. Watch it! - Random Internet Person

I have no idea that this is at 16, I think it should be in the top 10 because I cried at this 5 times in the movie its was that good and sad

This movie definitely one of the most beautiful films made by Ghibli, or possibly of any animated films

Why isn't this in the top 5? love this film probably my favourite.. it has more of a realistic plot and a more relatable one, as a 12 year old girl I loved the film.. haven't seen a film like this in a while love it! recommend it to everyone!

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11 Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind

This film set a standard for Ghibli and anime movies in general. And in many ways, Miyazaki hasn't quite surpassed it. It handles it's theme's far more effectively than any of his other movies, and has what is arguably his best protagonist he's ever made. This film deserves so much more praise.

This movie is really, really cool. I don't know what else to say, but... You should watch it.

All your bacon will be burned - CerealGuy

Nausicaä is the first Ghibli film and in my opinion the most underrated by far. The film hits hard and the care put into it conveys it's message far stronger than any other Ghibli film to date, though it may be less lighthearted, it makes up for it with the more deliberate storytelling and perfect pacing. The main character also happens to be the best lead of all of them.
This film still blows modern films out of the water, I definitely think any Ghibli fan that misses this is missing out.

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12 Whisper of the Heart

This is one of the most realistic coming of age movies I've ever seen. Also the love story in this film is one I truly felt something for. You know a movie like this is good when a 18 year old boy such as my self likes this movie more than an action like princess mononoke. I don't only like this movie, it's my personal favorite Japanese animated movie. By the way, those who think studio ghibli is actually Disney should shut up and do a little research. because its not. Disney does the English dub and that's is it. Even though the Disney dubs are very good, that doesn't mean they made the movie. sorry for going off track. I love whisper of the heart. I even have a diorama of the baron.

This was one of my big favorites it deserves to be number 1!

This is a realistic love story that still has the studio ghibli fantasy vibe


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13 The Secret World of Arrietty

My personal favorite.

This is a great movie

Hey it's best It should at least be in 3rd position BLOW!

14 Tales From Earthsea

I am so confused as to why this is here.

This was a great movie. I really enjoyed watching this. I did actually remember it being better but glad to see it made top ten

Don't know this one

Why is this here...

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15 The Cat Returns

This movie is the best, it should definitely be higher than 15. I've watched tons of Studio Ghibli movies and this one was by far my favorite. It's funny, has a great story, and it contains tons of cats. All these things cause it to be a great movie.

This is such an enjoyable movie. The plot, the characters, the animation (the fat cat lol! ) It's not a deep movie with a social message, but it's so much fun!

I've seen the trailer but not the movie

The part where Haru pronounces Muta's name like 'Moo-ta' was hilarious!

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16 The Tale of the Princess Kaguya

I'm sad to see this movie rank so low because it's my personal favorite! I know many people have yet to actually watch it though. Everything about this movie is just so lovely, and It's, in my opinion, one of the most visually unique and beautiful animated films of all time! I don't know what it is about this movie but it was the only Ghibli movie to really hit me emotionally.

I cry every time.

So beautiful.

This is very underrated... It's morals are as good as the ones in Spirited Away. It shows you that true happiness is not money or wealth but love and joy.

The ending really made me cry because- ok, I'm not going to spoil it. But this is way too underrated. - Silverfroststorm

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17 From Up On Poppy Hill

I love this movie! Very realistic and shows a beautiful love story. The entire movie you are thinking one thing that is frustrating (don't want to spoil it) but then it gets better! I think it's so low because people don't wait till the end? Or maybe it's the low key incesty stuff. But it's a beautifully sad story. Loved it very much. Definitely in my top three along with Castle in the Sky and Spirited Away.

Cutest Movie Ever!


When I watched Tales of Earthsea, I was extremely disappointed. So I was worried when we watched From Up on Poppy Hill. Instead fo being terrible, it was my favorite movie of all time.
Shun and Umi, as well as Mzimura, are some of the Studio Ghibli's greatest characters. The story is wonderful, and I truly think it is Studio Ghibli's greatest.
I also love Princess Kaguya, Howl's Moving Castle, Secret World of Arietty, Castle in the Sky, Spirited Away, or anything by Miyazaki. Princess MOnoke, however was disappointing; I found Monoke to be extremely annoying.

18 Porco Rosso

Its such a great movie I like the slow past and the nicely done settings

Miyazaki's "favorite" of his films..and for good reason. Porco Rosso is a Han Solo-like character, a pilot who is a likable scoundrel.

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19 Only Yesterday

I Disagree this movie touched me in so many ways. It was that feeling that I could connect to the difficulties of a being a child.

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20 Ocean Waves

I believe why this one is down here is because no gets to see it. Come on disney make a dub for this.

This is not even Studio Ghibli

Simple sweet and beautiful


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