Top Ten Studio Killers Songs

The electro pop group Studio Killers are definitely some of the best bands of their kind with their fabulous animated music videos, their unusual themes of their songs, the cool characters and the catchy rhythm. The iconic trans female singer chubby cherry, bipolar bear, Dyna mink and Goldie foxx are all so lovable and amazing so we need to give Studio Killers some more attention.

The Top Ten

1 Eros and Apollo

This is the song that made them extra famous. Be sure to check out the music video. - JelloLife

2 Jenny

A fancy song about Cherry being in love with her bff Jenny. - JelloLife

3 Ode To The Bouncer

Bouncer, hey bouncer,
Bouncer, bounce bounce bouncer
I just gotta dance right now, it's critical
Bouncer, bouncer

Ooh, bouncer, empowered and aroused
I see it in your trousers
And in the way you browse her
Look she's in!

A song about Cherry having problems getting into a dance pub because the Guard only lets the girls that he thinks are sexy. This song sure is catchy as hell. - JelloLife

4 All Men Are Pigs
5 Grande Finale
6 Friday Night Gurus
7 In Tokyo
8 When We Were Lovers
9 Funky at Heart
10 Who Is in Your Heart Now?
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