Top 10 Studo Ghibli Movies

Honestly Studio Ghibli Is Very Underrated.. Better Than Pixar!

The Top Ten

1 Grave of the Fireflies

While it might not be the face of the Ghibli Franchise, it is defiantly there finest film and defiantly there finest emotional film that breaks so many grounds when it comes to realism and heartbreak. A Masterpiece. - Drewstar


2 Spirited Away
3 Princess Mononoke

This was hard to pick. (Howl's moving castle as #5, really? ) Anyway, Princess Mononoke has some of the best damned animation I've ever seen in a film. I'd also say that it's probably the most graphic, of the Ghibli films, seeing how there is a lot of blood, and people are getting killed in brutal ways, but it's still a great movie. I really liked the design for the boars in this movie.

4 Ponyo
5 Howl's Moving Castle
6 My Neighbor Totoro

Had to vote for for this! Posted by anyahbear

So good

7 Kiki's Delivery Service
8 Whisper of the Heart

I love this film so much. I want to have kids and bring them up on films like these and Toy Story - Drewstar

9 The Secret World of Arrietty

I still ship Sho x Arrietty - Drewstar

10 Castle in the Sky

This is one of the best all time classic films ever so far, isn't it? Screw Frozen!

The Contenders

11 Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind
12 Only Yesterday
13 Porco Rosso
14 The Tale of the Princess Kaguya

Deserves to be so higher - alimarashian

15 When Marnie Was There

This is my favorite of all time. I cried a lot watching this. the main character, Anna, is such a character a girl my age can relate to. dealing with inner feelings, family issues, and a touch of sexuality is what most teens go through, so did Anna. This was such a good movie and I cried over an hour just thinking about all the events that went down in the movie. If you are america or speak English, I suggest watching this in the english dub, you may not realize but famous v/a are in most ghibli movie. Thanks for reading!

16 Pom Poko
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