Top Ten Stupid Excuses for Why a Game Is Bad

Are you tired of those irritating people who judge you for not playing Call of Duty or Minecraft? I feel that pain, too, so here are the stupidest excuses that these people have come up with to justify why they think that brilliant, unique game that you play is so bad.

The Top Ten

1 There's No Guns, So How Is It Even A Game?

So what if there are no guns? A lot of games do, I know, but another large amount don't.

HYPOCRISY. Wanna know a REEALLYYY hated game? Shadow the Hedgehog. What is the reason for it being hated? Guns. Wow. These people are ' hypocrites.

2 It's Old, No-one Wants To Play It Anymore

Hmm... let me think of great classics from before last decade...

- Sonic Adventure
- Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time
- Super Mario 64
I could go on...

3 It's For Babies

I've heard a lot of people say that Pokemon is stupid, for losers or for babies. That's ridiculous, you must have taken one look at their mascot Pikachu and hated it. There are cute Pokemon, but there are awesome Pokemon as well. It's a huge strategic game, which has charming puzzles and lovable characters. How is it for babies? - BlazikenBro

Almost all of these excuses for why games are bad everyone use for one game, Call Of Duty. I mean really Call of Duty is one of the most overhated games of ALL TAIME, at first the insults were good NOW however they are just flat out Stupidiotically dumb

4 It's On A Nintendo Console, So Go Cry Back To Your Wii
5 No-one's Ever Heard Of It
6 Boo-Hoo, The Graphics Are Terrible

I get that one a lot. These people never learned that graphics don't make the game; gameplay does. When they see cell shaded graphics on say "Wind Waker", "No More Heroes", and "Skyward Sword", they b*tched about it! I know it comes from people's preferences and opinions, but if I was them, I'd rather not post any rants about the dang graphics by not doing anything, but to only be thankful! That's what these people should have done!

7 I've Played It Before, It's S*** (Clearly A Lie)
8 It Looks SO Boring!
9 Bad Graphics
10 It's Got Bad Online

The Contenders

11 The Ending Sucks

But if the rest of the game was fun then why should you rely on how the game ends to be make or break for how good it is?
If the best reason you have to hate a game is something as trivial as the ending there's something seriously wrong with you.

12 I Could Beat You At It Anytime, It's Easy!
13 It Is Free
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