Top Ten Stupid Questions People Ask YouTube Gamers

When you meet someone while playing Minecraft or other games, don't ask these following questions.

The Top Ten

1 Are you recording?

They aren't always recording. They have an actual life other than their job. - Dragonlindy

What do you think!? There YouTube gamers, of course there recording! - SuperHyperman

3 words. THEY. WON'T. RESPOND.

(most of the time)

They have a life people - EpicJake

2 Will you check out my channel?

They don't have time to go check out everyones channel and most of the time you have bad content or steal content (not being yourself) - SuperHyperman

3 Will you be playing Call of Duty?

I'm not saying that it should be banned but because its an overplayed game, I don't think they're going to care about it - SuperHyperman

It shouldn't be banned. But pretty stupid - EpicJake

4 Could you block that person?

They're not going to block someone over your command, they'll only do it by their own choice. - SuperHyperman

5 Could I record with you?

1. Get skype 2. Ask them or 3. Never! They don't know you and for that reason they're not going to record with you, imagine them playing people they don't know and you're just going to spend the time talking to them about how much you love they're videos. Don't idolise YouTubers mate! - SuperHyperman

6 Will you show your face?

I'll admit I sometimes get curious what they look like but the thing I do is wait and then the time comes. - SuperHyperman

That's so annoying

7 Will you add me?

It's so annoying seeing the stupid people who ask that question in the comments section of YouTube or when they are in the same lobby. It's not going to happen. Their friends list is full. - Dragonlindy

These are the console or who have one gamers. Why don't you get up and do it yourself and besides, there friend list is full and don't tell them to delete people because they're the ones that understand more to the gamers thatn you, there not robots they're people - SuperHyperman

And yes, I know this item is supposed to be on social media.

Tends to happen on PopularMMOs. Begging won't help you get into the fansion, as they keep it fair.

8 Shall we team up?

If they do, that will lead up to trains of fans asking them and following them were ever they go. - SuperHyperman

9 Can you play a different game?
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