Top 10 Stupid Reasons to Like Waluigi

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1 Because of the Memes that He Has
2 Because He's Skinny

He's crippled and looks like he has anorexia - Randomator

3 Because of Voice

Not really a stupid reason. Many of his fans find that his funny voice makes him a whole lot more entertaining! It really wouldn't suit him to be speaking like Liam Neeson... - Entranced98

4 Because He Screams "Wa!"
5 Because He's Selfish
6 For Hating on Characters Like Wario, Daisy Etc.

Because Daisy is better than Waluigi - ParkerFang

Even though Wario is the reason Why Waluigi exists dumbasses! - Randomator

7 Because of His Quotes
8 People Saying "He's Underrated"

I agree with this one. Underrated, overrated, who cares? What matters is who he is as a character, not the extent he's represented by the media. - Entranced98

He's filler trash

Overrated filler - Randomator

9 Because He Didn't Make It Into Smash Bros as an Actual Fighter
10 Because He's Original

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11 Because He Didn't Make It Into Mario Kart 7
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