Top Ten Stupid Reasons People Use to Hate Certain Cartoons

Cartoons can be a great thing, you love them or hate them, but these have little/no argument behind them for reasons.

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1 It's a Ripoff of Ren and Stimpy (Rocko's Modern Life)

I have never understood how it could be a ripoff of Ren and Stimpy. - Turkeyasylum

This is a completely retarded reason to hate this show. I understand how it could be a KNOCK-off in some ways, but it is NOT (NOT! ) a complete ripoff by any means. In fact, the show's creator didn't even see R&S until RML was actually well into production. - xandermartin98

Rocko and R&S don't have anything in common except the innuendos!

2 The Fanbase Sucks (My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic)

I haven't seen this before, but I can say that a show can't be hated because of its fanbase. - Turkeyasylum

Little 6 year old girls search "My Little Pony" on Google and all they get is Pony Porn (from the male fanbase! ) - tent2

Thank you! For once, someone hasn't judged it because he hasn't even seen the show yet. Nice job for being reasonable! - MusicalPony

This reason is stupid. I'm not a fan of the show, but really? Hating something just because of the fanbase? It is not the show's fault that the fan base is the way it is.

3 It's a Ripoff of Regular Show (Fanboy and Chum Chum)

I'm pretty sure Fanboy and Chum Chum came out first, although I agree the show isn't good at all. - Turkeyasylum

Fanboy and Chum Chum came out first.

This item is inaccurate. First of all, Fanboy and Chum Chum came out first, second of all they have nothing in common.

Remembers it's "Stupid reasons people sue to hate certain cartoons"

Not "Why I think this show sucks" - tent2

Fanboy and Chum Chum isn't a rip off of Regular Show but it still sucks. - cosmo

4 Gir Is Overrated (Invader Zim)

This is ONE character, and you are talking of the entire show. - Turkeyasylum

Always remember, GIR was the Turkey all along.

That is so dumb.

5 It Got Cancelled (Family Guy)

So,the Cleveland show was a great replacement for it

Family Guy got canceled? AW YEAH! *We Are The Champions plays in background* - RiverClanRocks

It got cancelled, why?

Again, has nothing to with the content of the show. - Turkeyasylum

6 It's Overrated (Adventure Time)

People may disagree with me but I think Adventure Time is a good show. - cosmo

It is overrated but that's not a reason to hate it unless the fan has don something to you - MrQuaz680

I agree, and I really cannot fond what exactly is so good about AT. It seems just so stupid.

Overrated does not mean bad. - SamuiNeko

7 It's a Kid's Show (Gravity Falls)

Gravity Falls is the only good thing on Disney! - Minecraftcrazy530

One episode. That's all I request! Preferably a somewhat newer one, and tell me it's a kids show! - keycha1n

Really, this reason for half of the cartoons out there.

It's a good show though. It's the only good show on Disney in my opinion. - Imreallyboredrightnow

8 It's a Mario/Zelda Ripoff (Adventure Time)

I don't care whether it's a rip off or not,i love it. i'll always love marceline infinitely and even more

Who wouldn't want an actual good show about the two games though? - sdgeek2003

Not Mario but yes Zelda

That argument is way overused on this site.

9 The Show is Too Long (The Simpsons)

Do you mean a half hour is too long? Or that over 500 episodes is too long? If anything, it is a crowning achievement that it is the longest cartoon, not a reason people should hate the show. - SlimVeggie

This show is awesome you brat

The Today Show is longer, and no one complains about it being too long. - thisisspata

Well, this show has been around a long time.

10 It's Inappropriate (Ren and Stimpy)

Watch Stimpy's Pregnant and Naked Beach Party. It was so offensive when you could see this guy's privates wobble as he was running (So offensive to us Dudes.)

Oh, please. It's not inappropriate. Just because the girl had a bikini on doesn't mean that.

Well, it was intended to be an adult cartoon...

Say that to breadwinners

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11 It's Repetitive (Phineas and Ferb)

Yeah, I'm sure you enjoy watching the coyote get killed trying to catch the road runner 50 times in one animated short, don't you?

I know it is repetitive, but the show has other things that many newer shows are missing today. - Turkeyasylum

And? The show was once good, until around 2010. That's when it really went downhill. - Minecraftcrazy530

I like this show but it could be less repetitive. - RiverClanRocks

12 The Fanbase Sucks (Steven Universe)

The fanbase shouldn't effect the original product in any way. This is said for any original, even Undertale.

Porn is even worse. - DynastiSugarPop

13 Clyde's Nose Bleeds Every Time He Sees Lori (The Loud House)
14 It Has Swear Words In It (South Park)

Come on your better than that guys

Really?! Come on people, get over it!

It's mainly because the guys who complain about it are just immature. - thisisspata

Thisisspata the people who watch South Park are immature.

15 It's Inappropriate (Total Drama)

This show is tame cmpared to South Park or The Simpsons, but I see where they are coming from. - Turkeyasylum

Actually, its not really for kids. More of a T.V.-14 rating (uncensored version on Netflix)

16 It Tries Way Too Hard to Be Edgy (Rocko's Modern Life)

This is definitely true, but still a stupid reason. - xandermartin98

17 It's Violent (Tom and Jerry)
18 Ash Never Ages (Pokémon)

Pokemon is not the only series that have characters that don't age. Look at Simpsons, Family Guy, Mickey Mouse/Donald Duck series (most of them featured the characters in the same age), Looney Tunes (same reason as the Mouse/Duck franchise), Shin-Chan, Doraemon etc. I'm always wondering why some fans cares about Ash aging? What about other characters like Misty, Brock, Gary, Professor Oak, Tracey, May, Max etc? I still like the anime without having the characters aging. - Nectaria

In The Simpsons, the family actually haves birthdays in separate episodes, though their appearances don't change at all. - tent2

Coma theory is that in stupid reasons?

Ever heard of the coma theory?

19 It Isn't "Adult" Enough (Rocko's Modern Life)

Have these people even watched the series (especially Season One)? - xandermartin98

20 The Network Over Promotes It (Teen Titans Go!)

There are valid reasons to hate Teen Titans Go. This is not one of them.

That is hating on Cartoon Network, not TTG - 445956

21 The Animation Is Bad (Clarence)

Actually the animation is bad. - cosmo

That May Be True. But That Doesn't Mean The Show Is Bad It's Just The Animation.

Bad animation isn't really a stupid reason.
The animation for The three friends and Jerry Invader Zim, and Mega Babies were very poor and cancelled I wonder why.

22 The Fanbase Sucks (Pokémon)

The Pokemon Fanbase isn't that bad but there are still some fans around there who are not rude or mean fans. The only things that bugs me in this fandom is that some fans only prefer the games and the Adventures manga over the anime, other mangas, cards and other merchandise. They think that the games and the Adventures manga are the only good things in this Franchise but that's not true. The anime is not a bad series and they still make new good episodes. There are other manga series that aren't Adventures like The Electric Tale of Pikachu, Magical Pokemon Journey, Diamond and Pearl Adventure! Etc. - Nectaria

Everything which is famous has a fanbase consisting of NORMAL people. And NORMAL people consist of both nice ones and rude ones. - Kiteretsunu

I love Pokemon and I'm not one of those annoying fans who verbally kill you if you don't like Generation 1. - RiverClanRocks

Pokemon iS ThE 2Nd GReatEsT ViDeo gAme frANcHisE oF aLl TimE afTeR ThE LegENd oF Zelda!

23 Poof and Sparky (Fairly Odd Parents)

I tolerate Poof and Sparky, I despise the idea bringing Chloe in.

24 Chris Thorndyke Sucks (Sonic X)

Honestly, I get so sick of hearing about how much people hate this kid! I get that he whines and cries, fine! Just STFU and watch the rest of the show! It's a bloomin' cartoon, not a religion! If you don't like it, go watch something else! I'm not his biggest fan, but I don't hate him. There's much more dislikable cartoon characters in this world like Patrick Star. - Scorpio

25 It's A Girls' Show (The Powerpuff Girls)

Even though it appeals to both guys and girls because they fight crime but I think the people who say this haven't watched an episode - Milkshake

26 It Has Two Gay Dads (The Loud House)
27 It's Overrated (Pokémon)

I don't care if the Pokemon Franchise is overrated but it's one of the best series that exists. - Nectaria

Yes! Most Of The Time The Show Can Be Overrated, But Sometimes It Can Also Be Underrated.

Actually it get's a lot of hate where I live. - MrQuaz680

28 It Teaches Kids to Argue (Arthur)

It does not! - DynastiSugarPop

29 It's Four Furries (Rocko's Modern Life)

This right here is just downright offensive. - xandermartin98

30 The Title is Stupid (The Adventures of Super Mario Bros 3)

I don't get why people would complain a show about the name.

at least try seeing one chapter is what I would tell to them. - tent2

31 They Got Rid of Brock and Misty (Pokémon)

Brock and Misty were actually good characters,unlike many of Ash's other friends.I don't get why they left.

32 It's Dark and Scary (Gravity Falls)

Well mom, it's not exactly Sophia the first or the wiggles (both of those shows blew).

That's why it's awesome

33 Frank Welker is the voice of Garfield (The Garfield Show)
34 Starfire Dyed Her Hair Pink (Teen Titans Go!)
35 It Had an Episode Called 40%, 40%, 20% (Teen Titans Go!)
36 Australians Suck (Rocko's Modern Life)

This item is just downright racist.

37 The Art Style Sucks (Rocko's Modern Life)
38 It Isn't As Popular and Successful As Other Nicktoons Like SpongeBob (Rocko's Modern Life)
39 Al is Annoying (Futurama)

I agree, but he was only in one episode. - RalphBob

40 Dora Is a Girl (Dora the Explorer)

This item is sexist.

41 Too Many New Characters (Pokémon)
42 4kids Version Sucks! (One Piece)

When will you learn 4kids ruins every anime it touches? It does!

No It Doesn't. You're Just Some Whiny Basement Dweller who only watches Anime for Adult Material. - DStar

43 The Plot Sucks (Beyblade Metal Series)
44 Max Sucks! (Pokémon: Advanced Generation)
45 It's Unfunny (We Bare Bears)

Wanna know WHY? Because it's not MEANT to be funny! Wow!

46 It's a Rip-Off (Johnny Test)

Have these people ever heard of the term "parody" before? Also, just because you reference something doesn't mean you're ripping it off. By that logic, Dexter's Laboratory is a rip-off of Speed Racer because of "Mock 5", Tom and Jerry because of "Mom and Jerry", Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory because of "Golden Diskette", Little Shop of Horrors because of the end of "You Vegeta-Believe It", Marvel because of the Justice Friends, and every anime with giant robots ever because of "Last But Not Beast".

47 Their Heads Are Shaped Weird (Phineas and Ferb)

O.K., admittedly, it is a little creepy when Phineas is looking straight at the audience, but that hardly ever happens.
More importantly, it's a cartoon. If they looked normal, they'd be accused of looking too plain.

48 It's confusing (Adventure Time)
49 Samurai Jack Had a Reboot, Which It's Bad (Samurai Jack)
50 It's Unoriginal Trash And Overrated (Miraculous Ladybug)
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