Stupid Reasons Why People Hate Peach


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1 Her Kidnappings are Bad

Peach is a princess and I like her but, her kidnappings are just stupid. Mario Wii she got kidnapped by a cake. Peach seriously cake is not always your friend. Then in the Wii U verision she gets taken off the balcony. Then Bowser Jr grabs her in a pipe. Nintendo does not have any good ideas anymore.

To be fair, Peach is a princess, literal royalty, and royalty often have others fight for them since they have other duties and can't risk being killed. But of course the Mario franchise hasn't made that logical because the toads are unhelpful and she doesn't have any other lines of defense if Mario isn't around. And Mario isn't even enough to prevent her from being kidnapped, shown in Super Mario Sunshine. - Rue

Because she loves Bowser

Well, excuse her for not being able to fight a GIANT TURTLE MONSTER!

Awesome list Parker. - DCfnaf

2 Her Voice is Bad

Yeah and people complain about Daisy's when it's Peach's. Her voice sucks

Have you heard of opinion? People can hate Peach if they want - hunnyqueen09

3 She's Girly

This reason is basically pointing out that you might be a sexist. Also, look at her pictures and call her ugly.
If she's ugly, then are you haters relatively supposed to be mutants? (not hating on realism, just pointing it)
She looks NOTHING like Aurora.

Aurora: Purple eyes. Peach: Blue eyes.
Aurora: Curly hair. Peach: Straighter hair.
Aurora: Doesn't have an amulet nor earrings. Peach: Does have an amulet and earrings.
Aurora: A long-sleeved dress with no gloves. Peach: A short-sleeved dress with gloves.
Aurora: No puffed up sleeves nor collar. Peach: Puffed up sleeves and collar.

Also, the only similarity they have is their colors, even though Aurora's hair is more orange. - Qryzx

I just hate her pink lousy ugly dress

Ugly character

Aurora ripoff

4 She is Weak

No, No, No. Just because she doesn't usually attack Bowser (doesn't resist him) doesn't mean she's weak.
Here's a list of Peach's magic:
*Mood Swings/Emotions (From her game of which I had no problem with)
*Heart Magic (of which increases attack power and lets her float)
*Lambs (To put foes to sleep upon impact)
*Psych Bomb (A barrage of bomb-ombs)
*Freeze Frame (traps opponents into an empty frame for 5 seconds)
*Mute Spell (Makes opponents unable to use magic)
*Comeback (Revives fallen allies)
*Status effect removal

I don't even think this is all of it. And this is just HER MAGIC, not her stats.
She strikes Bowser in the end of her game (Just because Perry is a living thing doesn't mean she wasn't the one putting that force into the strike). Oh- And Aren't I forgetting her Empress Peach form? - Qryzx

That's untrue. She's shown to be able to hold her own in spin offs like the Paper Mario series and Super Princess Peach. (And Smash Bros). The creators of Super Mario don't show her potential enough in main story Mario games in my opinion. - Rue

Because Nintendo thinks she sucks

SPP is a mediocre game with mediocre gameplay

5 She is Ugly

She has fat lips.

To Wendy fan: Aww what you look at that. You are worse than Rosalina fans plus I can bring down Wendy ALL I want. The reason why I keep irritating you is because you're irritating ParkerFang because she likes Daisy and Rosalina, the characters YOU think are Peach recolors. You don't realize that Pink Gold Peach is a recolor. Hmm funny. Call me ugly all you want, you don't know what I look like. - yunafreya648

Actually I changed my mind. I tolerate her now. You know who's really ugly? Wendy - yunafreya648

She is super ugly

6 She Replaced Pauline

She did replace Pauline but Pauline came back to the Mario DK games. After she returned Peach fans started to hate on Pauline not the other way around. So this point doesn't really count.

€� No she didn't. Did anyone even like Pauline before Peach came along? They look different, sound different, act different, and much more. - Qryzx

Because she's stealing Pauline, Daisy, Toadette, and Rosalina's roles

Um, excuse me? Daisy and Rosalina were published after Peach, Moron, and Rosalina never had Peach's role. - Qryzx

Pauline clone

7 She's a "Hoe"

Daisy and Rosalina have morals unlike her

Just shut up Wendy fan

True though see number 7 on the list

This one is true

8 She Beats Zelda and Steals Link

She didn't do that unless you're playing Super Smash Bros., but even so... Silly crossover shippers.

Lol what? - Rue

9 She Gives Birth to Koopalings

She did not give birth to the koopalings

She didn't - ParkerFang

Yep - yunafreya648

She a hoe

10 She is the worst

The only thing worth voting for here

She's the ugly duckling that will never be a beautiful swan

Nope - ParkerFang

I hate her

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11 People Prefer Her Over Daisy

That's their opinion. I like all 3 princesses. I'm tired of the Mario Princess wars. - Rue

Because they like ugly characters like her


12 She Doesn't Run Around with Guns

Can someone tell me when a Mario character ran around with guns? Oh wait I rember the answer, no Mario character ran around with guns. - Videogamesgal

When would carry a gun? Mario is a kid series, so that means no guns like call of duty.

Tell me when a mario character had a gun in any mario game. - Rue

This is Mario, not Call Of Duty - ParkerFang

13 Inferior to Daisy and Rosalina

Peach is super ditsy. Her hair looks bland her personality is bland. She's a Mary Sue. She's too perfect. She's a hoe. She's super not important. Her fans are rude towards the other girls. She doesn't even have what it takes to defeat Rosalina and Daisy.

Why Daisy is better: She can defend herself unlike Miss I can't. She's a tomboy princess instead of a stereotypical princess that we read in story books. She's much smarter and strong. Her hair is beautiful. Her voice isn't soft. She gets a lot of fanboys falling for her

Why Rosalina is better: She's got backstory. She has people to protect her and she doesn't use them like the bimbo herself. She's more unique. She's much prettier (like Daisy and not Peach). Her hair rocks. She's motherly and wise like we don't see that everyday.

Daisy and Rosalina should have their own game together. If they added Peach, I would be furious.
And also Daisy should be in Smash so she could beat everyone up. Right now in smash I'm ...more

They ain't hoes unlike ugly bimbo

She is inferior to them ^_^

14 She's Bossy
15 Rosalina steals Cloud from Tifa

When did she? She didn’t because this is final Fantasy.

Oh great *rolls eyes* - ParkerFang

16 Peach steals Cloud from Tifa

People ship Peach and Cloud together? They already have love interests in their own games! What's with dumb people shipping crossover pairings nowadays? Even though one of the worst crossover ships in my opinion will always be Fox McCloud x Cream the Rabbit, which is a terrible idea of a ship because of the huge age gap, Cream is too young, Fox already has Krystal, etc.

This is Mario, not Final fantasy - ParkerFang


17 Peach slapped Bowser

Peach slaps Bowser: People get mad.
Daisy slaps Bowser: People love her. - Qryzx

18 She's not a tough action girl

Sure, Peach is not Samus, but she still is able to kick butt whenever she isn't getting kidnapped. Play Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Princess Peach or Super Mario 3D World for example, to see proof that Peach is not always the "damsel in distress" she is in most games.

But Samus will always be better

19 Her Fans are Fools
20 She Wears Pink

Because she's those plastics from Mean girls

So what? I do too - ParkerFang

21 She dresses too modestly

She royalty. Have you noticed through time in real life, that royalty have always dressed modestly? Princess Daisy and Rosalina do the same exact thing and I don't see them get hate for it. - Rue

Because she's ugly and she knows it.

And horribly - yunafreya648

22 She's Not Obnoxiously Rude and Sarcastic
23 She doesn't fight Bowser

She can in some games, such as Smash for example...

24 She's Immature
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