Top 10 Stupid Things Americans Believe In

Here in the USA, we believe in a lot of stupid crap. So here it is, the Top 10 stuff we believe is to be either real, or good.

The Top Ten

1 "British" is an accent

I am guessing you are American then. by the way this dude is not saying everyone in America believes this, they are saying that it is a general thought of the stereotypeed American.

2 Homosexuals are weak

Well! I'm sooorrry if I offended anyone today! *walks away saying "wow"*

3 Scientology
4 George Bush was a good president


I looked on a list of Top Ten Americans he was #6. George W. Bush sealed with a lot as president. 9/11 and other things killed the economy and brought the U. S into deep debt.

It seems more and more brain dead morons are being elected president and vice president in the case of Dick Cheney.

You said well keyson. You really said wisely. - Kiteretsunu

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5 Christianity

What george said was really stupid

Do you not like people?

Why. Just why is this on the list this is the most common religion guys! Whoever voted for this is either an athiest or a heartless person

It is impossible to rightly govern the world without God and the Bible. - George Washington

You calling George Washington Stupid?

6 All of England speak the same

Everyone in America thinks British people speak like the Queen. I'm British and I speak NOTHING LIKE HER.

7 Republicans are good people

Republicans worry about people's safety and threats to the U.S. unlike Democrats/Liberals that are more concerned about abortion and equal rights. Abortion kills the baby slowly and painfully, now I do think abortion is an issue, but we need to worry about threats to the U.S. and strengthening the boarder but liberals don't care do they no they think were invincible. The Democrats elected the dumbass we got for a president. Now they are complaining WAY TO GO. Obama is into Progressivism and that is basically Communism in disguise. Republicans are America's last hope.

8 is accurate

Some of it

9 America wins every war

Umm... Vietnam war everybody?

10 Mexico is full of maids

The Contenders

11 Obama is a Muslim

OBAMA IS A Muslim!

12 Eurasia is full of bad guys
13 Guns solve problems
14 "Cup of coffee sometime" is still a good chat up line
15 Illuminati

You forgot this One.

16 Metal is screaming and satanic
17 Shrooms are bad for you
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