Stupid Things to Do at School


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1 Bully

Bullying isn't stupid, it's mean. And believe me, there's a difference between 'stupid' and 'mean'. - PhenomentalOne

There are still many options for people to waste their time in a much more intelligent way. - Entranced98

Teasing is more fun, though. - 2cool4u

2 Pull the fire alarm

Unless there's a real fire of course. It pains me when people set them off for no reason - all that time wasted by the fire brigade coming to school for their 'prank' could be spent saving lives. - Entranced98

Like the previous person said, unless there's a real fire, you shouldn't pull it.

Then again, plenty of students will run over there and pull it anyway... - A-Silhouette

3 Poop on the ground

Who would do this? - wrests

4 Draw a thing on the whiteboard

Kids in my class do this all the time. One kid even drew something lewd on the back of another kid's shirt, and the teacher saw it but didn't realize what it really was - TwilightKitsune

Man, that thing is hillarious - RobloxBFDIPoke223

By "thing", I mean dick - PeeledBanana

5 Throw a rock at the window

I'll do that

6 Curse out a teacher

One time this kid was asked to stay in and talk to the teacher about a comment he made. He said no, walked away (before we were even dismissed) and before leaving the room, screamed, "GO F YOURSELF." He shockingly enough was only asked to apologize to the class, and got no real punishment. Bull! I got suspended for saying "gay" in class! - naFrovivuS

I've seen this happen like a dozen times, all lol but stupid and rude! - EliHbk

I actually did this in Elementary - Mcgillacuddy

That is the stupidiest thing you can do! - RobloxBFDIPoke223

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7 Make a bomb threat
8 Use someone for their smarts
9 Leave the gas taps on
10 Burn the desks on purpose

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11 Cheat on someone's test

At my school district, if you get caught cheating, you get a 0 and cannot retake the assignment/test/whatever. Might be the same for others, though. - A-Silhouette

12 Launch an airsoft assault on your class
13 Clog the toilet on purpose

In my old school... 3 or 4 years ago, a student actually blew up a toilet... - Ananya

14 Put thumbtacks on someone's seat
15 Put a tack on the teacher's chair
16 Shoot it up
17 Wear sagging pants
18 Fart

This is not a stupid thing. Everyone farts. - A-Silhouette

19 Running around naked

Who would do this? - A-Silhouette

20 Launch Fireworks
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1. Bully
2. Poop on the ground
3. Draw a thing on the whiteboard
1. Pull the fire alarm
2. Make a bomb threat
3. Bully



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