Stupid Things to Do at School

The Top Ten Stupid Things to Do at School

1 Bully

Isn't school technically slavery since were not getting paid and we are forced to do work.

Not really a great idea I got bullied and still gets bullied for being autistic

Lol what is this list - PeeledBanana

I get bullied a lot due to my awkwardness. - Cyri

2 Pull the fire alarm

Some kid did this at my school right after lunch one day, we just coming back in from recess then the fire alarm went off, I would never pull the fire alarm unless there was a real fire - trains45

I would not do it but I have seen and heard about so many people doing it

Unless there's a real fire of course. It pains me when people set them off for no reason - all that time wasted by the fire brigade coming to school for their 'prank' could be spent saving lives. - Entranced98

There was a serial alarm puller in my old school. It sucked. - Cyri

3 Poop on the ground

Who would do this? - wrests

Somebody actually did this at my school, not even joking. - DarkBoi-X

Imagine doing this. Gross! - Userguy44

Someone did it in my class and it STANK.

4 Make a bomb threat

Back in primary nobody did that but there was one kid who brought a match and tried to set the school on fire so he wouldn't have to go there anymore. Of course, he got caught. - Dovewing303

This is indeed the best thing you could possibly do in a school setting

I've seen someone do that - Manlypants

That would be kind of funny

5 Throw a rock at the window

Yes tell them that you hate school on the rock,just tape paper to the rock throw it at the window and have a nice day

You're only playing rock paper scissors

I'll do that

6 Draw a thing on the whiteboard

Series or parallel circuit? Is that stupid if a Physics teacher tells you do draw one of them - iliekpiez

I done this before I don't think there nothing wrong with this, unless it was inappropriate - trains45

Kids in my class do this all the time. One kid even drew something lewd on the back of another kid's shirt, and the teacher saw it but didn't realize what it really was - TwilightKitsune

I didn't draw something, I erased part of it and made it better - Cyri

7 Curse out a teacher

There was this kid who did that and called the teacher sexist just because the kid got an answer wrong. It actually made me look up from my book. - Cyri

Happens all the time in my time one boy tried to fight a teacher..

One time this kid was asked to stay in and talk to the teacher about a comment he made. He said no, walked away (before we were even dismissed) and before leaving the room, screamed, "GO F YOURSELF." He shockingly enough was only asked to apologize to the class, and got no real punishment. Bull! I got suspended for saying "gay" in class!

I've seen this happen like a dozen times, all lol but stupid and rude! - EliHbk

8 Leave the gas taps on

Err what is one put if it can gas the school than it counts

9 Burn the desks on purpose

This is a great idea, highly recommend

10 Launch an airsoft assault on your class

Yaas so perfect to make my class hate me more -mr.laster

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11 Use someone for their smarts

Always do this

good idea

12 Cheat on someone's test

At my school district, if you get caught cheating, you get a 0 and cannot retake the assignment/test/whatever. Might be the same for others, though. - A-Silhouette

I've never done that I'm an angel - Luckys

Very fun guaranteed 100/100 if you sit near a nerd

13 Clog the toilet on purpose

Imagine using school toilets - iliekpiez

In my old school... 3 or 4 years ago, a student actually blew up a toilet... - Ananya

Blew up a toilet! hahaa

14 Put thumbtacks on someone's seat

I have always been scared of this happening to me.

15 Shoot it up

All the other kids with the pumped up kicks better run out run my gun

Yup tried this done that, very fun. Now only a life sentence later we could do it again! No biggy though. Might just sneak in some bombs into the prison.

100% recomended I would do this every day if there where still people left in the school after the first time

I agree 100% valid option

16 Put a tack on the teacher's chair
17 Launch fireworks

Baby your a fire work, come on show em what your worth make them go AH AH AH

Sounds good


18 Randomly call people a hoe

I did that before

The truth hurts


19 Dress in an banana costume and scream at your principal

I would be doing this

I should do this. - RiverVibeZ

that's random...


20 Change every computer's language to arabic



21 Running around naked

Who would do this? - A-Silhouette

because why not

22 Randomly ask people to marry you

I sent one of my friends to do this. it did not go as I planned though. he (yes he is a guy) got a couple of boyfriends that day...

23 Chop a gluestick with a ruler and throw it at your teacher

My teacher almost ate the glue

-Your Bff

24 When somebody raises their hand, high five them

L love all of them

25 Drop a glue stick on the floor upside-down

Done that many times. - RiverVibeZ

26 Light the garbage can on fire

Kids do this a lot

27 Slap your teacher's butt
28 Ask your teacher if they are gay

Last year I had a female teacher who dated another female. She kept it very hidden, but we all knew.

They would be like:no but your mom is

This would be cool to do. - Userguy44

29 Search up porn on the teachers laptop and show the teacher

I'd search it up click on a video, and make it seem like she was watching it. She'd get fired haha stupid Mrs. Jarratt - Luckys

I should do this

My fave is threesoms

30 Have sex with your sister

Is this list on crank! - CatLeena14

Is this list on crack! - CatLeena14


Incest. - RiverVibeZ

31 Follow one of your classmates with a knife

Hello Jonny

Hell yeah!

32 Take a piss in the garbage can

Then swim in it.

33 Eat crackers and let your teacher have some

I have crackers right now and I might 10:40

works 100%

34 Drink milk in class

My high school special ed teacher actually made the class do this once

Already did that lol didn't get in trouble lol

35 Smell your teacher's butt

What!?!?!? - CatLeena14

yes pleass

36 Vlog on your teacher's phone

That would be dumb

37 Scream for no real reason and spin your hand around.

My friend did this and in one week we got 70+ views on YouTube

38 On the first day of school, swap names with someone and see how long they call you that name for

Isn't this more of an experiment?

39 Wear sagging pants

doing it

40 Fart

This is not a stupid thing. Everyone farts. - A-Silhouette

41 Bring a weird animal

Bring a dog that look like lady gaga. - CatLeena14

42 Dance battle
43 Makeout with your teacher
44 Key a teacher's car

You will have to pay for the car damage's after you key their car

45 Scream at people's faces
46 Draw on the teacher’s eraser and throw the eraser at them
47 Swear at the principal

Who doesn’t do this? - Userguy44

48 Rage on assembly for no reason
49 Cook in the middle of the playground

Ha! that would be funny - CatLeena14

50 Punch a teacher
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