Top 10 Stupidest Things People are Doing Because of the Coronavirus

Me and my family went to the UK before Christmas time to see our relatives, the Coronavirus was new back then. Now we're stuck in the uk, and it's on lockdown. These are just some silly things people are doing because of the coronavirus. Remember to keep a clear head about this!
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1 Buying loads of toilet paper

Yes. This does not make much sense. Sorry to hear about you being stuck in the UK. My mum's job has involved lot's of people who are stuck in New Zealand due to travel restrictions.

This is the worst thing to do. Honestly, my family didn't buy a single roll (and we still have 2 cupboards full of the stuff- it was there when we moved in)

Don't know why hoarding on toilet paper, but come on people! Coronavirus doesn't give you diarrhea, it's a super flu.

Why do they need so much toilet paper? Is it because they're so full of crap?

2 Buying loads of disinfecting hand gel

Getting 30 bottles of hand sanitizer is NOT going to save you from Coronavirus. Just wash your hands daily, don't spend the extra money

3 Meeting up with others

Really dumb. A bunch of stupid teenagers come into the park nearby our house at night and hundreds of them drink alcohol and deface property. I know it's wrong to judge all teenagers but those guys are idiots

It's called social distancing, people. Go home.

What happened to social distance anyways?

4 Buying unsubscribed medicine without a doctor's word

I got word people stockpiling drugs, in fear of catching the Corona virus..

This can be deadlier than the coronavirus!

5 Overreacting

My friend literally said
"If Coronavirus gets any worse the scientists might have to find a way to get us to Mars!" She was not joking. And if she was she was doing a VERY good job of it

This virus kills less than the flu! I don't get what's all this drama about.

The news about the virus make people overreacting even more.

Everyone thinks the world is dying. It's so annoying!

6 Suiting up

Use a mask if it's available, but don't buy to much. it's best for sick people!

7 Going to the hospital after even a small cough or cold

This is especially bad considering that the hospitals will be extra busy so you might be delaying someone who actually needs it from getting treatment.

Just go to the general practitioner first.

8 Ignoring advice from others

Yes, these people are pretty annoying. Keep distance from other people and don't panic and you will be fine. Also wash your hands.

To socially distance

9 Being racist and assuming that all Asians have the disease

This is disgusting and really offensive. Assuming that all Asians have COVID just because China caused it is basically assuming that all people in Africa are poor because you've heard about a lot of them being poor. Seriously, there's already a crisis on hand; no need to make another.

This was a problem back in February and March here in Canada but thanks to that big goof Trump now it's a stereotype that all Americans have it!

I mean, China did start the whole coronavirus thing...but it doesn't mean we should go and attack Asian people. You can't blame every Chinese person for this because they can't help it.

Ughhhhhh this is the one thing that annoys me the most about this pandemic. This does not, and will not give us an excuse to be racist. I've seen too much racism at my school these past few months.

10 Purposely licking products in the store and claiming they have coronavirus

People are doing this? What does this have to do with the coronavirus

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? Disregarding allergies
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11 Purposely coughing on people and claiming they have the coronavirus

Stupid TikTok corona challenge. This is why I don't have this racist, stupid app even though I'm 15. I really do wish teens would stop pressuring me to download it. Is there anyone out there in my position?

I hate these people with a burning passion. They are nothing more than complete morons who have nothing to do with their lives. They have no respect for other people at all.

Unless there's a pedophile following you, don't ever do this to anyone.

Nobody likes being quarantine, but we do it to protect the human race, we don't need idiots making fun of a pandemic

12 Self isolating even if they are highly unlikely to get it

No this is a very smart thing to do, no one is highly unlikely to get it and it is better to be safe than get and and show no symptoms and accidentally give it to someone that can't survive it

13 Accusing pharmacists of hoarding medical supplies

I agree with Frostfeather. if anything, they're SUPPOSED to get as much medical supplies as they can!

They need the medical supplies guys!

14 Not following orders from authorities and governments

Yes I know it feels like the government is infringing on our rights and being what feels like Authoritarianism, but it is to protect our nation and ensure we get back to normal life again, every time you disobey you are extending the quarantine time and contributing to the fall of our economy while adding more pointless deaths

They'll listen to the celebrities rather than the authorities and I find that disrespectful.

People just don't care!

15 Overstocking

Can't really over-buy if you have not seen a single package of TP or hand sanitizer in almost 2 months.

16 Going to parties

I heard that a group of police had to break up a party and arrest the majority of the partygoers, take it seriously people this is not a joke

I didn't do this anyway.

17 Making covid-19 conspiracies
18 Copping an attitude
19 Protesting quarantine

I hate this list

20 Having more kids

As long if they keep social distances around other children who they are friends with, everything should be fine.

21 Gathering in crowds
22 Thinking it’s the end of the world
23 Only taking about the virus and nothing else
24 Buying big bottles of hand sanitizer
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