Top Ten Most Stupid Things Younger Siblings Actually Do


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1 They are happy when you are in trouble

Countless times. :/ - IcetailofWishClan

When I get in trouble for nothing my cousins would taunt me and say “HA HA that’s what you get/deserve! ”

2 They steal stuff and ignore you if you ask them to give it back
3 They like to bother you
4 They are whiny

My sister gets mad, covers her ears, and makes countless annoying noises when I eat. Yes, you read that right, when I EAT. I may chew loud, but my brother and mom chew loud too, and I don't act like a spoiled toddler when they eat! And neither does my sister! How come she's fine when others chew loud but not with me?! - NikBrusk

5 They follow you about when your friend comes round
6 They don't respect opinions
7 They steal your food every time your back is turned

I got Oreos with my own money a few months back, and when I left the room for a moment, my 7 year old sister STOLE them! :I - IcetailofWishClan

8 They go into your room
9 They lick you
10 They pretend that they are the boss of you

My brother thinks he is in charge of me and all my siblings when he is ten. Annnoying brat, - Lucretia

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11 They like Teen Titans Go
12 They cry for no reason

Same as Number 4. She doesn't literally cry, but her whining is so pathetic and idiotic she might as well be crying! - NikBrusk

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13 They don't leave you alone
14 They act 'cool' with your friends
15 They back talk your parents and get away with it
16 They easily get mad
17 They are afraid of common things
18 They always have to annoy you
19 They try to overpower you
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