Top Ten Stupidest Animated Movies of All Time


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1 Dorbees: Making Decisions

Stupid AND hideous

2 Foodfight

How is this not number one?

This is horrible...

3 Gaither's Pond Series: The Great Divide
4 Thumb Wars/Thumbtanic

Turns out that they have about five of these movies. - RalphBob

I've never seen this before, but that kid's face makes me cringe ;-; - Littledemon

This thing looks dumb from the poster - zxm

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5 Cricket on the Hearth
6 Norm of the North

This should be #1, considering the stupid concept and the fact the movie makers had to write all the positive reviews on IMDB. - SailorSedna

7 Rapsittie Street Kids: Believe in Santa
8 Where the Dead Go to Die
9 Boys of Valor
10 Ice Age: Collision Course

The Contenders

11 Frozen
12 Boo, Zino and the Snurks

The UK DVD cover says "From the writers of A Bug's Life & Hercules.


This movie might caught by Disney.

Jambareeqi touched this. :D - The Ultimate Daredevil, who finds this to be one of the ugliest things in the universe

13 Escape from Planet Earth
14 Down and Dirty Duck
15 Ivan the Incredible
16 Home on the Range
17 Sausage Party

I watched this movie with my girlfriend in theaters. I picked it and I did not know there was gonna be crude sex or should I say food porn at the end, SPOILERS. It's the most #1 inappropriate movie of all time and probably history. I like Seth rogen, James Franco, and Jonah hill and their friends, they're funny but I don't like sexual/weird/cringy/gross movies. It was embarrassing to watch with my girlfriend.

The most disturbing animated movie of 2016

18 Goat Story
19 Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs Evil

Lame sequel to a great film. - SailorSedna

20 Elf Bowling: The Movie

This movie is lame.

More like "Elf Bullying the Poop".

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1. Foodfight
2. Norm of the North
3. Where the Dead Go to Die
1. Dorbees: Making Decisions
2. Gaither's Pond Series: The Great Divide
3. Cricket on the Hearth



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