Top Ten Stupidest Animated Movies of All Time


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21 Mars of Destruction
22 The Nut Job
23 Doogal

This one sucked, bad voice acting, wasted talent and too many pop culture references (Disney, Harry Potter, Thomas the Tank Engine), I've heard the original UK film, The Magic Roundabout is far superior. - SailorSedna

Laugh out loud funny... that they think so.

24 Elf Bowling: The Movie

Elf cancer. - AlphaQ

This movie is lame.

More like "Elf Bullying the Poop".

25 Bolivar el Heroe (2003)
26 Ratatoing

Oh no... this movie is a cheap ripoff of Ratatouille...

Ripoff of Ratatouille which is too cheap like your house. Jk. But Really this sucks. - AlphaQ

27 Tappy Toes
28 Little Princess School

Stupid rip off of Disney princess

Y'know how much I cringed at this.

"They all go to princess school to learn how to be B E A U T I F U L"

29 The Secret of NIMH 2 - Timmy to the Rescue

A total bastardization of the original. While the original managed to be gritty and horrific while still maintaining a little bit of whimsy, TSON2 is what I imagine would happen if you fed a troll doll unicorn meat and a vial of glitter. It was produced without the help of Don Bluth, and it really shows.

I'm ashamed to admit I liked this a bit as a kid but I can't believe I even did. This film has all the problems with any bad animated film: horrible animation and character designs, annoying songs, a bad story that butchers the story of both the original film and book and the plot twist was dumb. Ugh...Robert C. O'Brien is rolling in his grave and Don Bluth would be enraged.

I see this as non-canon to the original Secret of NIMH - SailorSedna

Timmy Timmy Timmy Turner... - AlphaQ

30 A Car's Life

A stupid rip-off of Cars that was only made to trick grandmas into thinking it's the real film. It's also worth mentioning that all the characters in the movie are terrible and the voice acting is very, VERY ANNOYING!

31 The Little Panda Fighter

Stop ripping off good films like kung fu panda

Why isn't it higher?
$8 rip off of Kung Fu Panda

32 The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie!

UGH!, Awkward acting and exhausting brightly colored.

I showed you the T.V. show on my Top 10 Worst Cartoons Ever.

33 The Last Airbender

Um, this isn't animated, it's live action with horrible CGI. Still sucks though. - SailorSedna

Ain't animated but cheap butt far. 2/10 - AlphaQ

One of the reasons I don't watch Nickalodeon any more.

lol, this got l as than 5 percent rotten tomatoes for its ratings

34 Cars 2
35 Happily N'Ever After
36 Happily N'Ever After 2: Snow White

This horrible film got a sequel? Oh God... - SailorSedna

37 Donald in Mathmagic Land
38 City of Rott
39 Dead Fury
40 Mars Needs Moms
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